Should children be allowed to give informed consent?

Asked by: zhijieyl
  • Children are capable of providing informed consent.

    I agree that parents should have responsibility over their children. However, Children should also be allowed to make their personal decisions. An evidence is that according to my research, Children as young as five may know how to handle medical treatments as they know which conditions they have and what kind of treatment they need to get.

    Parental consent often will prevent the laws from serving the children's best interests. Also, In areas wherein parental consents serve no protective purpose and potentially curb children's development, Freedom and even protection, Parental consents should be avoided.

  • Absolutely not. . . Jeff

    They kids bro, That ain't no good, Children cannot give consent because they are naive and are uncertain of what's best for them. That's why they have parents in order to guide them through childhood and teach them right from wrong. Children should not be allowed to give informed consent you f***ing pedophile.

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