Should children be allowed to have computers in their rooms?

  • My name is jeff

    As a teen i need my pc in my room so plesse let me hv it in my room

    For real now
    My parents think screens cause permanent damage to the eyes because i wear glasses bla bla bla bla bla bla bla la bla bla fuck that shit

  • Has anyone ever heard of privacy?

    It really depends on the age of the kid. 11 years+ is fine. I mean, would you like your boss at work staring at what you're doing for hours? Of course not! As long as kids don't go on it at nights it's fine. Many people say that the light can damage their eyes. The lights in a computer monitor is LED and guess what people, most modern light fittings are LED!

  • Kids should have computers

    Lets say you have a kid that cant make friends that well.You should give him or her a mic and computer for them to take to people their age.Also kids could play on it for about 20minutes and get off for a while this was a reason kids should have computers.

  • Yes, of course they should.

    Children often use the computer for homework and other school-related purposes. And maybe that main computer in the living room may be a little bit to noisy for them. Children deserve to have computers in their bedroom. If you want you may use monitoring software but i see no need.

  • Good for homework

    Many kids nowadays have to use the computer for homework and a lot of kids find this room a much better, quieter and easier place to do homework, also I think that as long as they are doing well in school it should not matter how they choose to spend their free time.

  • Yes, They Should Have Access

    Parents can install net nanny software on their children's computers and have a way to control what they view on the Internet. This, like so many other issues, is more of a question of good parental oversight. Just because a kid has a computer doesn't mean parents are going to give them free reign.

  • Yes, They have to have access!

    It will enable kids to do homework and other school work in a quite and comfortable environment, Making it easier for them to concentrate. Almost every child nowadays has a computer and having a computer in the bedroom is an excellent way for a child to do school work. We don’t just play games all the time, We do do work.

  • Yes, They must

    Parents think that they always play games, Well, That's not true. Children need to do school homework as well. It's not like your teacher doesn't ask you to do a biological study about someone. Parents need to think more, Monitoring the computer also doesn't help. My parents use Microsoft Family, To block websites such as this website right here. Www. Debate. Org. This is unfair and has to stop.

  • Children shuld not have computers in their bedroom

    Children should not have a computer in their bedroom because its bad for your eyesight and over time you might require glasses and you might also become adicted and that is really bad!
    So that's why i strongly believe children should not have a computer in their bedroom for their health!

  • No, children should not have computers in their rooms.

    While it would certainly be impossible to impose legal restrictions on children having computers in their rooms, parents should think twice before allowing them to do so. Having a computer in one's room is like having access to the entire world. Would a parent leave their doors unlocked and allow random strangers into their home? Probably not, yet putting an unmonitored computer in a child's room is doing exactly that.

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