Should children be allowed to leave school and go into full-time employment?

Asked by: RenoAlexander
  • Yes they should.

    Who is one man or woman to say when you are or aren't old enough to do anything? Who is one man or woman to supplant a child's parents?

    Passing laws that forbid children from working is simply the government holding a gun to the parent's head and saying "do this, or else."

    You have no right to tell someone what they can or cannot do. If parents or the children for that matter want to work, then there is no reason they shouldn't be allowed to.

  • Why wouldn't you? It's pathetic that they aren't already allowed.

    While I don't think every child should be able to, I do think that, probably around twelve, they should be allowed. Not every student would leave school anyhow. Given the option, I think that many would choose to continue their education. What makes an adult automatically better than a child or a teenager? The fact that society has placed them in seniority simply because they've been alive longer? I've met many people still in high school that were smarter and more capable than many out of high school

  • Not every case is the same.

    I do agree that for most people, a high school education is completely necessary and needed. However, not all kids share this need. Let's face it, High school in no longer sued to teach kids life skills, it's a gateway towards college. Middle School is much the same. The most important skills learned in high school and middle school are social skills, this comes from experience in life and not schooling itself. Basically, if I child has a setup that works out for him like for example, if he becomes an entertainer. High school won't teach him the skills he needs to prosper in that career. I wish they would teach you how to market and finance yourself, or balance a check book, but they don't. Also, in this new era, we have google, and almost every book written in the past century or two at our fingertips. I personally have never used a high school taught skill unless it was an elective class (theatre arts, creative writing) Everything else was simply useless or something I had learned how to do already. But I am only sixteen, so can someone older tell me how many high school skills they used in their life that had nothing to do with an elective or a skill that you can avoid using by picking a different career. (i.E AP Chemistry, many people learn crucial skills here if they work in that field, for those who don't work in that field well, may not use these skills very often)

  • Absolutely! It's shameful this is not an option

    Some people simply cannot benefit from formal education and you are committing a profound injustice by wasting years of their life forcing them to sit behind a desk and letting the words of some incompetent bureaucrat drift in one ear and out the other. Let these people work, develop marketable skills and not waste years of their life satisfying your psychic demand that 'everyone be educated'.

  • No they shouldn't

    Children should definitely not be allowed to leave school and go in to full time employment. Children should be children and be allowed to act there age, they should not be allowed to go straight in to full time working. Most people spend most of their lives working for money. A childhood is something to remember! Children do not have the experience and mental side of being able to work. If you went in to any school i bet you 100% that there would be at least one boy or girl that would not follow the rules and would disrupt the class. If you let that child then take on a full time job they would disobey and not do the job properly.
    Also children do not need the money! That is why the parents work and the children enjoy their childhood whilst they have it. The parents need the money to be able to afford things such as food, games, holidays ect... But you should not see a child paying for a whole weeks worth of food or booking a holiday to France. They should be round there friends houses or at the park enjoying their life before they have to start working full time! I bet that whoever is reading this will have at least one favorite childhood memory and will most likely remember that forever. But if children start to work full time, in the future they will not be able to look back at the moments and think 'i had a wonderful childhood' they would be saying 'I worked in a bank' or something like that. THAT IS NOT HOW A CHILD SHOULD LIVE THEIR LIFE.

  • Um that's child labor

    Aight to all those people who said yes, y'all are supporting child labor which is strictly prohibited by the international Human Rights laws set out by the UN. Now, let's say there was no such law that bans child labor. Lets say you had a kid and let's say your family is pretty poor. Many families especially in many undeveloped parts of world would probably send their kids to work in factories, fields, etc. Sure, you might be receiving some immediate financial benefits but never a long-term benefit. If you decide to send your kid to a school and go through education, he is more likely to get into a better paid job. Sure at first, it may be financially hard but in the end you get a great sum of money that your kid has earned.

    Plus, education is not just about sitting in a classroom doing calculus that you think will never help in life. Elementary, middle and high school education makes sure you get to touch a wide variety of subjects and get a feel for each of em. So later, in college you get to choose what you really want to study. The two most dangerous things in society are 1)not getting educated and 2)being ignorant (even if you're real smart). But that's a whole different longer story. In short, education gives you the ability to think critically and basically makes you a more complete human with brain. And let's be real if you had a kid and he told you "dad, imma screw school and just go become a factory worker" you'd probably tell him to get his ass back on his desk and finish his homework before going to bed.

  • Children are defined as incapable of full autonomy.

    The very concept of childhood exists because humans below a certain age are not considered able to make informed decisions in certain matters. Which matters they are allowed to decide on is usually regulated by law in civilized nations, and by social conventions or parental authority in less civilized nations. Leaving school is a choice of profound consequences over a very long timeframe and thus very unsuitable to let children decide on. Children ought to have more autonomy in general, but not in matters where it is counterproductive or harmful.

  • Because i said so

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  • Do not leave school

    Children should get a full education. If a child wants to get work they should aim for a part time job. Why would they need a full-time job it is not like they need the money any way. Plus if they leave then then will not get a full education.

  • Finishing school should be mandatory

    We need to force students to stay in school. Dropping out at any age should never be allowed. We need to make education tougher. There is nothing more damaging to a society than an uneducated populace. Those who are acting out should be forced into a military reform school. In addition, we need to make college mandatory.

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