Should children be allowed to own and use cell phones?

  • Technology should benefit all, Including children.

    However, They should not bring cell phones to school, Because they can be distracted. At home, Parents can supervise their children using cellphones. For example, Parents can allow children to have access to their phone for three or four hours on the weekend. So children have a chance to explore the real modern world that they are living in. After all, Technology should benefit all humans, Including children.

  • I am supporting NO

    No, Because if they are under the age and they do not know how to write their own updates they can actually sent their own personal updates to other people which they do not who they are. Sometimes people like to rob children to pretend that the kid is his/her kid and they can kidnap them too.

  • Yes kids should have their own phone

    Because they can call or contact when they need to, they can be responsible, they can socialize, and when they start doing more school work they need to research more, and if they have a phone it will all be easier. Also, when they are bored they can play games!

  • Children should have cell phones

    Why is this? Children should be able to have cell phones because it could be helpful for their education. What do I mean? Well, children can access online videos, using YouTube. People should not worry so much about what their child is watching, since there are many solutions to this; such as the YouTube Kids app, Restriction mode, or just straight up checking their viewing history every so often. If they aren't doing things they should be doing, then take it away. But, as I was saying, they can access educational videos, such as help with the alphabet, math, language arts, or even hobbies, such as music (piano, guitar, ukulele, recorder, etc.) If they want a bit of entertainment now and then, such as video games, you should let them (unless you're a very strict parent or someone who doesn't want their kid playing video games). Just monitor your child, like every parent should be doing.

  • Good because wht if you don't have a computer/tablet/ipad/tablet

    We need things we need a move on!What if we don't have a computer/tablet/laptop what would they do?! Or if you needed to call someone what would you do?If you had a internet homework like I do and you don't have any thing to use what would you do?! Hope you made the right descisicion

  • Children should be allowed to own and use a cell phone

    Firstly, in case of an emergency when they are out with their friends or something, they can call their parents or the police. Secondly, as they grow older, school homework has to be completed with research, and if you are working on whatever available electronic , how will the kid do their research? On their own phone they will be able to do it. Lastly, It will teach your child responsibility and it will keep them entertained when you are doing something important.

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  • Yes they should

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  • Yes they should

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  • Yes they should

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  • Jews are bad

    I believe that phones are bad and that children shouldnt be able to have them. Back in my day i survived with out my phone. Also we used to beat the blacks with sticks. I hate cell phones personally, i think kids shouldnt want nor need a phone. They could use that money for college.

  • Cell phones shouldn't be allowed

    Having cell phones allow kids to make it easier to lie about where they are and make it easier to cheat on other people, on test, and in live in general. It also makes it easier to look up things that they couldn't at home and get away with it.

  • Cell phones are bad!

    Cell phone usage for children is not a great idea. If the previous generations of children survived without having a cell phone, then children nowadays can too. A parent should know where their child is at all times and you do not need a cell phone to know that. Plus, that money is better spent on college.

  • Kids don't need a mobile phone because parents will always know where they are.

    For this I'm taking about children from the ages eight and thirteen, and it isn't really likely that a child that is ten years old will go out shopping with their friends on their own without parental supervision. Therefor, I really, firmly,definitely believe that children should not have a mobile phone.

  • Children should not be allowed to own cell phones.

    There are plenty of mobile games available in cell phones that the children can simply download those games through play store using the Internet. As we all know, children are playful and they love to play games. This causes them to easily get addicted with mobile games once they have their own cell phones. Eventually, they will be distracted from their studies and their examination results sure will show declination.

  • They should not be allowed to use cell phones

    Children should be growing up experiencing the world through their eyes. Not a small screen. They need to develop their brains with hands-on problems and the help and growth of parents. Not to mention, Them having an addiction, Developing social problems, Short attention span, Anxiety and fear, And many more.

  • I was a child too

    I was one of the first people in my group of friends that had a phone. Yes, It was helpful in case I needed transportation from school because we got out earlier than expected, Because I could just call my mom to pick me up, But the school also had a phone for those purposes. I remember being more distracted with my phone, Than I would be with homework. I used to spend more than 3 hours talking with my friends, And phone-pranking people we knew. Smartphones weren't in the market back in the day, But now with bullying and not enough monitoring from the parents, I think there's not a big use for kids to have phones.

  • I strongly disagree

    I believe children might drop it and break it or they might loose the phone and It cost a lot of money .So I believe kids should not play with the phones so much as well as adults more than a half adults use phones.So this is for everyone phone can damage your eyesight so I believe children should not use phones

  • SAY NO TO CELL PHONES (for under-aged kids)!

    When your a child and you have a phone, it is scientifically proven that you are less able to have the skill to have a full on conversation and look the listener in the eyes. Also, children cheat on homework by using google and calculators and they don't actually learn anything from it they just move on. These days if you were stranded on an island without a phone, you would be hopeless.

  • Not at all

    It depends on the way they use it but many of the children may waste their time playing games in the phones thats bad for the with a lot of entertainment at their fingertips why will a child think of going oustide???So i say mobile phones should not be given to children......

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muktisoman92 says2018-01-22T08:50:29.493
I don't Think so.

Because firstly Parents are too smart they will do the settings on mobile like by mistake if their child opens something which should not it will not open so actually its safe.

Secondly, Viacom18 has helps us from children using mobile for something good in it.

They can learn, do some activities , see some cartoons, play games,etc.

Which can improve their English or Mind, rather than be waste of time.

So you can visit Voot.Com or for it