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  • Pets remove stress

    If you are stressed and you need company, pets do that for you! Pets will keep you away from all that stress. And some kids don't have the responsibility, but they might be more responsible for their pets if you tell them a certain punishment for not being responsible. Thank you for hearing out my statement.

  • As a kid

    Https://www.Healthline.Com/health/best-pets-for-kids#birds says Birds can be excellent pets. But owning a bird is more demanding than caring for a tortoise or fish. Some birds are highly intelligent. Others are very social. All birds require almost daily attention.
    The relatively inexpensive parakeet may be a good starter for kids who haven’t raised birds before. More expensive (and more intelligent) birds like cockatiels and cockatoos also make great pets, but they may need more attention than parakeets or canaries.
    This is a wonderful pet parrot, native to Australia. It is a smaller parrot, so is often referred to as the general term “parakeet” by Americans. The budgerigar, or budgie, makes a great pet for older children. A younger child may accidentally injure the bird if he or she is not gentle. The budgie’s cage can fit in the kid’s bedroom. It can be a great best friend if the child takes the time to tame it and interact with it. Its volume level is low, although it can chatter quite a bit, and some even talk. It will need veterinary care, so don’t adopt one if you are unwilling to take it to the vet. It needs daily food, water and cage changing. It needs some fresh vegetables intertwined around its cage bars. Toys are a must. It will need daily one-on-one time and should have a play gym to spend out-of-cage time on. If the child is not willing to tame the budgie and spend a lot of time with it, then I would stick with a finch or canary. An untamed budgie is not fun for the child or the budgie. The budgie can live up to 15 years, so you need to plan on taking care of the budgie if the child goes to college.

    And problemparrots.Co.Uk/parrot-types/budgies says Budgies are quieter than many other bird species. Although some budgie owners are known to express how loud they can be so for this we will give the budgie a 3 for noise level. Behaviour: Curiosity & Playing - Every budgie has its own unique personality, but all budgies are naturally curious and playful little birds.

    And Cost Of Pet Budgies. The average cost of a budgie is between $10 and $35 (expect to pay a lot more for a show bird), depending on whether you buy it from a breeder or a pet store. They are inexpensive to feed. Puse the cage and water and food that is a cheap bird is in between 50 and 100 bucks and most people get there birds for 500 buck so this is like a bird on SALE.

  • YES it helps people

    Pets are not just another family member they are amazing for me I don't know what it is like not having a pet because I always have had a dog, also I don't know if I would want to know how it feels. Dogs reduces stress and families with them have more outside time and less doctor visits.

  • They help with health

    Animals can help you with your health and they help you go to less doctor visits and i have allergies and i went to my friends house who has cats and dogs no more allergies so get pets guys it will help ~ sad 5th grade student with no pet

  • Yes kids do need pets

    Kids need to be trusted if you don't trust kids they won't trust you. Kids can be more responsible if they have some thing to attend to daily. Some kids might feel lonely when they have nothing to do so the pet could comfort the child. Kids are more likely to attend to the pet then the adult.
    (P.S.Im 11 years old)

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  • Kids are responsible!!!!

    I think that kids should be able to have pets because most kids are able to show their parents that they are responsible enough to have a pet and that they would take care of them and when kids are younger than 5 they don't have as much school or homework to do therefore they would have more time to play and take care of their pet another reason is that having a pet takes away some people's allergies.

  • It is very healthy

    My friend once had a dog, and he had no allergies. But when his dog died, his allergies came back. So his parents got him another dog, and
    he didn't have allergies anymore.I had allergies, but when I went to my cousin's house that has cats, my allergies went away.

  • Too much responsibility

    Some kids just aren't ready to have a pet also many families in poverty can,t afford to have a pet.There are many pros and cons but i agree with the other side.I think people shouldn't get pets because of the reasons I have listed above.Some people may not agree but I'm for no

  • They will forget to care for them

    I had 2 dogs when I was 7 and I never took care of them because I depended on my brothers to feed them, wash them,and groom them . All I did was play with them until I moved . I had to feed them, and wash them. I don't think they will be responsible enough to care for them . Pets also cost a lot of money . I got my dogs for free from my uncle.

    -Bria G.

  • I think children should not own a pet(s).

    For one, i had a goldfish and i never took care of it it died along with the four other ones that died. Also most children have better things to do or are to busy and un-responcible. I conclusion DON"T GIVE YOUR CHILDREN THE RESPONCIBILTY OF TAKING CARE OF A LIVING THING WITH FEELINGS AND FREE WILL!

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  • No time .

    Yes they may help with kids they have disability's but i am talking about kids that don't have any. Kids are not responsible enough to take care of them on there own they would most likely forget about the pet and forget to feed it and die that would just be depressing for the kid they would also not have time because of school and after school activitys

  • Not enough responsability

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  • Pets are an excessive amount of money.

    Children today should NOT own a pet because they are stating to become too expensive. Today pets cost the same or even more then you daily groceries at any shop. If you were to buy more then one pet you are loosing valuable money, imagine what you could do with the money you spend on pets. You could go on a small holiday or enroll your child in sports. That is why I strongly believe that children should NOT own a pet.

  • They might hurt the dogs

    I say this because my neighbors dog just had puppies and the neighbor kids keep picking them up and their just a couple hours old. Then one of the kids said that one of the puppies are going to die, I asked their mother and she said none of them were going to die. Then later that day one of the puppies dies and that makes me feel that my 6 year old neighbor murdered the newborn puppy!!!!:0 am I next:0

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