Should children be allowed to play risky contact sports like American football?

  • Absolutely and entirely.

    The concept of children in organized collision based sport is to learn how to appropriately use their body in a safe and effective manner. If you teach an 80 lb child to tackle or body check properly, they;re far less likely to be injured than if you attempt to teach a 200 lb 18 year old to hit for the first time. By the time athletes get to be bigger, stronger and faster, we as coaches and administrators want them to have a solid foundation of experience through proper teaching. Can you imagine watching highschool football players learning to tackle at age 16? They need to play a sport in an organized manner to be prepared for the risks inherent with being an athlete at a high level.

  • Yes and no.

    They should be allowed to play the sport that requires contact like football, but rather than actually having kids tackle each other make it so that the kids do touch football instead, or flag football. That way they can learn the ins and outs of the sport but are not put at risk.

  • Yes, children should be allowed to play contact sports.

    Some people think contact sports are dangerous, but we cannot hide our children from everything that presents a possible risk. Some children do get hurt in sports, but the vast majority of children who play sports will not have any long-lasting injury. Many other things are dangerous as well, such as riding in a car, but we cannot ban everything that is dangerous.

  • Yes Sports are good

    Kids need to be able to have a childhood and as kids, we are going to get hurt no matter what. My first concussion wasnΒ΄t on the basketball court or the volleyball court, It was in my school gym where I just fell. Kids need to experience sports because they can help build a self-esteem and make them feel like they matter because in sports you do matter because you don just let your coach down you let all your teammates down

  • Kids should be allowed to play contact sports.

    Kids need to learn at a young age all of the things they will need later in sports: how to tackle, how to take a tackle, what rules there are in the game, etc. Team sports also provide benefits like teamwork, work ethic, and lots of other valuable skills for life and not just sports. These kids won't know how to prevent concussions later if they don't learn young. When they're young they should still be taught about concussions, symptoms, treatment, etc

  • Yes for sure

    Kids should absolutely be allowed to play ball because it gets you out of the house, kids have become extremely obese in the last few years because of technology. And when you come home from school do your hw early what are u gonna do sit on the couch munching on some Doritos noooooo your gonna take your time and truck some kids over and show who the real team is. It gets you so much exercise its unreal and it makes u slightly more popular if u wanna be and it also gives u school benefits. If you play all the way up until college you can get a partial scholarship which means you don't have to pay an arm a leg and a head to go to school. You also could get drafted into an NFL team making you millions and millions of dollars. And that right there ladys and gentle womens is why you should man up and play some football or other sports.

  • I say yes

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  • Death by ball

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  • Playing contact sports

    No because I think it is dumb because if you were a mother and or father would you like your kid to get brain damage?Think about it just think about it people!!!! ! !1 I dont think that anybody would want their kid to get an Concussiond Am I wrong Or Am i right

  • Some contact sports are fine, but not American Football

    The difference between American football and, for instance, Rugby (which incidentally is a far more popular sport worldwide), is that in American football, head collisions are literally part of the game. Not only are they allowed, they are encouraged and in many circumstances, they are the best way to win. I'm all for encouraging kids to take risks and experiment, but there is a sensible degree of risk which football is outside of.

  • No it is to dangerous

    Children are still growing and they can be injured easier than what adults can. If you want your child to be injured and sick all the time, sure let them play contact sports. No child of any age should play contact sport. It stupid and shouldn't be allowed. I hate to say this but its true.

  • Children should not be allowed to play risky contact sports like American football.

    Contact sports are dangerous and children are not mature enough to play them. It has been shown that being repeatedly hit and tackled in football can lead to brain damage. Children should not be subjected to such activities. If people want to engage in dangerous behaviors, they must be adults.

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