Should children be allowed to study their subjects of choice from the age of 12

Asked by: zohanvega
  • Yes they should

    I'm 12 and already know what career I want. I even took a test for recommenced careers for me (for fun) and it was at the top of the list. And I really want this job. So why should I waste my time with computers and science. Neither mean anything to my career. But history,reading,and math should be taught. Anything else should be the students choice.

    Just in case your wondering why those should be mandatory. History-so we don't repeat mistakes.
    Reading-every job requires reading.
    Math-no all but the kind that will help us in life.

  • Why shouldn't we teach them what they want to learn?

    Isn't it easier to learn something when you want to learn it? If so, why shouldn't we teach them? They are smarter then you may think. It would make sense if we could at least offer something. If we can teach them earlier the better they will be at what we're teaching them. Then, we will be able to teach them more, which is what we should want. 12 may seem young but many of them know what they want to do. If I could have done this, I would have.

  • 12 year olds are smarter and more independent than you think

    12 year olds are smart. They are independent like adults, except they are forced into a place where they hate and do not belong. Most 12 year olds are able to decide what job they truly want as they have had interests in that job since they were little. There should be special schools after you hit 12 that teaches specifically the subjects you have to learn to do to do that job. Then you learn to do the job.

  • Not necessarily 12, but earlier than current should at least be an option.

    Maybe you'd need parental consent, but the fact of the matter is, there are a few wasted years. For NZ, that's Year 8-10. I'm sure that those years are wasted in America too. I'm also sure some parents would like the opportunity to get their child taught the areas that child is good at and/or enjoys. And the students themselves- I know for a fact that if I'd been asked in Year 8 if I wanted to specialize in a few subjects of my choice, I would have taken the offer. I can't say for sure if this would be true in many other cases, but the option being there would be great.

  • Children must take their subjects of interest

    It is important because pushing so much knowledge at that age leads to no knowledge. Any membrane can absorb a certain type of material not just any thing. It is important for a child understand a particular type subject so that in future he can excel better at that particular subject.

  • 12 year old kids can not make such a big decision at such a young age

    At 12 kids are just starting to get more mature but most still change their mind very day one day they want to be in the army the next they want to be a Olympic athlete the point is they would choose something and within the next week they would get bored and want to learn something else they are too naive at 12 to make a well educated decision

  • 12 years old is too young, and some subjects need to be taught.

    At 12 years old you are only in grade 7. I think they should have some say in what they want to learn, but it's important that they are still taught basic knowledge about the world regardless. I understand letting them decide if they want to take art instead of music or gym, but we definitely can't have people deciding they don't want to learn basic skills at 12 years old. Having kids around who cant read. Write, or do math at a middle school level would be a complete failure of the education system.

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