Should children be allowed to use internet?

Asked by: Lahari
  • Yes is appropriate

    Internet has a huge amount of Information. Children can get useful facts for their projects, Researches and homework. Children are getting a lot of help from internet for their academic works. However, Parents had better do a restriction of adults websites on their children's devices. In that way, All of children should be allowed to use internet

  • Maybe yes ..

    It will depend on the way they use it.Internet might be useful to know manty things for even our project works but many children may misuse it .They may keep on using internet for unnessesary things.They may waste time and give up reading.Internet might be useful if children use in in a correct way.

  • No, please stop

    I don't actually need to make an argument when this person has over 10 million subscribers and is able to show a video of someone who committed suicide, taser a dead rat, and run around disrespecting an entire countries culture is able to influence the generation of kids ages 10-14.

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