• Yes children must definitely be allowed to use text talk in keeping with the technology bloom across the globe.

    With increasing technology usage all over the world not allowing texting to children would be isolating them with an indispensible thing.Children now a days are intelligent nd tech savvy and such an act would only make them more attracted to texting as something which is prohibited always seem attractive.What parents need to do is keep certain tabs on children such as the time allowed for chatting as well as they should be made aware of the harms of chatting with a stranger.Technology comes with its pros and cons nd the need of the hour is not to avoid it but use it with a pragmatic approach.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I do not believe children should be allowed to use text talk. This can be dangerous because it is hard to regulate who they are communicating with. It can also lead to texting addictions, and cause the child to text while walking and endanger themselves. It can also lead to poor spelling.

  • Children should not be allowed to use text talk.

    Texting is a big waste of time for kids who are in school. They should be focused on their school work instead of chatting with friends on their phones. If they do need to communicate, they should do it face to face. Texting is too impersonal, and it makes communication less sincere.

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