• yes

    children should be allowed because their opinion would be voiced the country should be shown through a child's eye. many children will take it seriously and will like the idea that they are impacting their country in their on ways. people should take it more seriously that children impact people more than they think.

  • I'm eleven and my opinion matters!

    I understand that most children don't have a lot of life experience and don't know a lot about politics. However, some of us DO know about politics and feel very strongly about our beliefs. I feel that it isn't fair that we don't have a say in who runs our country. We have to live here, we are owned by our parents and our opinions don't matter. The phrase, "children should be seen, not heard" is also extremely offensive to me. Maybe shut up and listen to people younger than you? Most adults think that what children think is nonsense and doesn't matter. What if a child actually had a great idea? You wouldn't know unless you listened. Respect your YOUNGERS as well as your elders. I probably sound like an idiot right now but I just had to get that out..

  • Kids should be able to vote with restrictions

    While it is true that some kids will only vote for the one their friends vote for, and only some will vote for good reasons, the exact same is true for adults. Also, while kids are are given many responsibilities that adults have, such as paying tax for the things they bought and to care for their younger family members (through in their case it would be their younger siblings rather than their kids) but they have none of the rights

  • Children Should Vote

    Children should be allowed to vote under certain circumstances. There should be a sheet that children need to fill out saying why they voted for the candidate. There should also be an age limit, say around 10-13 for the minimum age. If children do vote, they should have at least have paid attention to the candidate's campaign.

  • Yes, because burdens should come with benefits.

    Children are people who are expected to follow laws, pay taxes, and endure punishments just as adults are. Although the punishments for not abiding by laws may not always be as severe for children as for adults, the fact that they are subject to these same guidelines means they should have a say in them. Everyone has heard of "No taxation without representation". Children are taxed everyday when they buy clothes at the mall or ice cream at a store. Adults are taxed, and generally more than children due to also having an income tax, but at least those 18 and over have a say in how much they are taxed and what the government spends the money on. Children should definitely have a voice in this matter, and could be a contributing reason to one reason we have extensive funds going to healthcare but not toward schools. The ones who need and are forced to go to school, children, are not given a voice in government which could allow them to receive more funding. Meanwhile, the elderly (having voting power) show up to vote at higher rates than any other group which is the primary cause for the biggest block of American government expenditures going toward Social Security. Medicare also draws in some of the most funding out of any program. I'm not saying that every child will show up to vote to send more money to schools, but allowing them the opportunity to do so will not hurt. Many adults argue that children are too immature to vote seriously, but I figure that the majority of children who do not care about voting legitimately will just not show up to vote at all. Just as adults are given the freedom to NOT vote, children should be given the freedom to vote. Who has the authority to determine what is a "bad" vote, when everyone is supposed to be "equal"? Maybe allowing children to vote will catalyze more adults to show up to the voting booth to cancel out children's "bad votes". Not giving any group of people a voice in government allows their desires and needs to be oppressed. When concerning the law, if a child is allowed to be tried as an adult, that means the Court is saying that the child was acting with the responsibility of an adult; but when it comes to the voting booth, these same person is suddenly assumed to not be capable of making responsible decisions. That is giving the children the responsibilities of being an adult but withholding the rewards that come with adulthood. Children should have a say in what laws they must follow and the officials who govern them. Everyone's opinion should count.

  • Taxation without representation

    How Is this taxation without representation, we are taxed every day when we have to go to school no matter how much we don't want to. This is stupid, I'm 13 and I can't even decide how my life goes, we are citizens of the United States of America, we deserve the rights given to ALL U.S. Citizens. That goes to say, there are some people my age who have no clue how to form their own opinion, so maybe add a test that someone has to pass to vote, but we are entitled to the rights given to us by the constitution. This all considered, I may be one of the few, but out of the few dozen people my age who I know well, at least 3 of them (not including myself) could reason as well, if not better than most adults. Is it the truth that this is taxation without representation or is the constitution dead.


    Yes kids should be able to vote! There are adults who can't even read or write but are able to vote because of there age. You saying kids can't vote is like saying black people can't vote because of their color, that's like saying girls can't vote because of their gender. Kids should not be judged on there age but because of their knowledge. There are kids who have went to college but can't vote, like Kai Cavalin who enrolled in college at age eight or Michael Kearney who graduated from high school at SIX and got his bachelor's degree at age 10. Those SMART kids could not vote because of their age! Why can you tell me? Look all I'm trying to say is kids are smart and are humans with souls that have the rights to be able to !VOTE!

  • Give children a vote

    Every day children like me are affected by the new laws and regulations that the government expects us to abide by, and if we break these laws we are treated as adults would be. We have to get an education, but we cannot affect what the education will give us, we cannot even choose what our subjects are until high school. Most adults would say we are "not intelligent enough" and "too easily influenced", but then again, so are you. Adults are susceptible to bribery and blackmail, peer pressure and prejudice, and some children are smarter than adults, all this is is age discrimination. It's like stopping people from having a vote just because they are a girl or because of the pigment of their skin, you're going back to your old ways. At least give us a CHANCE to vote, you don't even have to count it, just let us get the feeling that we're doing something to help our country. We kids want to make a brighter future for our nation, but we aren't even getting the chance to do that, you're stopping us from helping our country to go forward. I'm not saying children are perfect, but adults aren't either, everyone has their flaws, I see people talking of children not knowing much about politics so they wouldn't give a good vote, but who is to decide what a good or bad vote is? You can't decide what I do or don't like, I don't believe in god, but do I tell people that they shouldn't? NO! So why do you think you can tell us what we believe in? Who are you to tell ME that my ideas are unreasonable, and for people that think bribery would affect a child's voting, no one honourable would bribe children into voting for them, they wouldn't DESERVE a vote

  • I am a 11 year old!

    We should be allowed to vote because the plaque that has our general human rights on it says anyone who has lived in Canada, in this case Calgary for at least 6 months has rights to democratic voting. I have stayed in Calgary for about 7 years. Yeah, 7 years! It's not fair that we don't get to vote!
    We can be smarter than a doctor! I think that since that plaque has no age for voting written on it so we should have a right to vote!

  • Kids should vote

    Kids should be able to vote. I'm 11 and I think kids should vote. The majority of my class in I.S. 383 says kids should have a right to vote. I think my teacher, Ms. Vazquez, thinks kids should vote. If kids vote, there could be a kid president one day! I'm sticking to my case. I rest my case.

  • Children's brains aren't fully developed.

    To vote, one needs to register by selectining a political party. If children were to select a party, the wouldn't understand what political partys are, and they would screw up Democrat/Rubublican state counts. Children could randomly press a button on the ballet, just guessing, and could screw the enire election.

  • No responsibility to vote

    Children that are around 7 years old would vote for whatever their mother would vote for and should have their own rights when they are 18 years old. They also would have voted for the most better looking, funnier etc. 18 is at least the best age to vote at

  • They are easily bribed

    They are going to vote the person whoever is prettier or if someone says got for this guy and then I will give you a chocolate bar. That is not going to be fair for the opposition. If that works, every child in the world will be given chocolate bars before the election.

  • Candidate A likes...

    Candidate A likes Waffles...... But candidate B likes ice cream

    So I'm going to vote for candidate B!
    Just watch shows like my kids do.. (Nick News.. What an abomination.. Good for giving info to the kids.... But theres too much "What would you do if you had been president?")

    Whether its elementary or grade school.... I dont think half the population is educated or intelligent enough to REALLY cast a vote for something they REALLY stand behind.. So how could someone who is 16?... 14?... Hell 8?

    Kids ...Adolescents.. Young adults... They all have one thing in common ... They dont take certain aspects into account......

    Once again.... The reason I wouldnt allow kids the ability to vote is mainly their ability to "Take sides" immediately although some children are exempt (Just like some kids graduate college at 16 years old) from that claim...

    Most people pay attention to the pres. Election on Hype alone... Kids arent immune to that either ... But generally if you ask an adult (giving them information on two candidates) and asking them to chose one in a 15 minute time frame (after reading about both) you will at least get an answer at 15 minutes..... Remember just make it maybe 1 or two pictures of the candidate and text (information

    Try that with a kid..... See how fast they ask if they can go home now... See how often they get distracted......And see how long it takes them to decide on who they would vote in

    Offer adults and kids the same exact test as i stated above...... But add in clearly above each candidate.. "Likes Pepperoni Pizza"over one and "Plays Video Games" over the other

    Watch how fast they give an answer ... .. I have a strong feeling they will answer the 2nd test with the bold letters much easier......

    Whilst an adult taking the 2nd style test would either ignore the "Added" information... Or find it odd.. But certainly the decisions will largely be done the same.. In the same amount of time....

    While kids will have wildly different answers looking at the test group and control group

    Anyway.. Its a rant.. I know

  • Letting kids vote is absolutely insane

    And this is coming from a kid. Kids don't know what the hell is going on and are too susceptible to peer pressure. I couldn't follow up with politics even if my life depended on it. And to those idiots who are saying it's like being racist: you're an idiot. Kids eventually become adults. Black people don't eventually become white. This argument is stupider than the argument about kids getting money to attend school.

  • 18 is a Good Age

    At the age of 18, men and women can die for their country by joining the military. At that time, Americans should also be allowed to vote. Children, no matter how mature they are, shouldn't be allowed to affect policies until they are well-educated and are prepared to be working members of society. I might argue for 16-year-olds voting since they can work, but that would be it.

  • No They Shouldn't

    Children are too young to be able to form reasonable opinions on important issues. They would most likely vote for reasons that are not satisfactory. While adults do the same, they have the reasonable expectation of voting for the right reasons. Children don't have the life experience and reasoning skills to be able to make informed decisions.

  • Just no no

    When I was a kid, I couldn't even understand what those politicians where even saying. Like lots of people said above me, kids cannot vote. If you ask a lot of kids about politics, most of them would either say, "What's politics?" or "I kinda don't care about it." I wouldn't vote if I was not interested in the topic or if I didn't know enough about it. Kids can vote for a favorite game to play or what kind of food they should have at a party, due to that not being a life changing choice. But, voting for big life changing things, like a new president or a new law is life changing.A child does not have the ability to understand the incomes of something life changing, due to them not really carding in the fist place.

  • They are Children!

    Children aren't nearly mature enough to vote. They aren't educated enough about voting and it's effects to society, and shouldn't have a say because that won't effect them directly. They're vote's could be influenced by so many things for example friends and parents, they're vote probably wouldn't be my own. I am a teenager and I think at age eighteen you should be allowed to vote, but no earlier.

  • They are young

    When they are children they are too young to vote and are not ready to take up such a responsibility. They have other things to worry about and if all adults don't vote...What makes you think all kids will vote. Kids are not even old enough to understand enough about voting. They will vote for the candidate that offers the most

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Anonymous says2013-05-21T11:06:21.043
Off course kids should be able to vote because of their everyday living
Anonymous says2013-07-02T06:50:23.027
Children should have the right to vote. Voting is when a group of people choose whether to do or not to do something. In New Zealand, a election for a Prime Minister happens every three years. People of the age of 18 or above have the right to vote. Kate Sheppard gained the right for women to vote so why can't children? People think that children are immature and mischievous but in fact they actually understand lots about the world. Children should have the right to vote!
amy2292 says2017-10-12T17:21:19.497
Yes. Children should be allowed to vote! Firstly, children are underestimated, they are sometimes misheard. I hate that being 11 years old myself. Why can't we be like adults? I disagree about children driving but I agree about voting! I mean come on, it's only a little vote. It is seriously not going to cause the world harm! Adults get so upset when it comes to this. I have read one saying "no children shouldn't be allowed to vote because they could vote for a really bad president/prime minister." I got annoyed with that because, now that I'm in high school, I know about politics. Also it's a prime minister/president, adults. Also children have feelings too. I read when a child didn't want Trump. And cried his eyes out when it was him. I personally felt sorry for both. I'm not a trump lover but I'm not a trump hater, because I'm from England. So yeah. Just felt like getting it out. I hope you understood. Thanks