• Children have rights

    Think about it - does it seem fair that the future of the world, which will be managed by the children, is being decided on (and abused by some) by the adults? No - this is just pressurizing the younger population into living in a world whose laws they did not get the chance to decide upon, but to which they MUST obey. To me, that sounds dangerously-close to slavery.

  • YES they should be allowed to vote

    In my personal opinion, yes. I think we should lower the voting age to 16, as we are voting for their future yet they are not even given a say so in such. They deserve at least to have a say in their future, shouldn't they? (These are just to reach min)

  • Depends on the child

    It actually depends on the children. Some brilliant children must be allowed because some of them have a mind that can handle these things like a grown up. There are actually some children who think more logically than grown ups. . . . . . . . . . .

  • Not a chance.

    They don't know enough yet. The voting age is 18 for a reason. As for that "equal rights" argument, I say BULL FEATHERS! Only adults have equal rights. Children have human rights and that's about it. They have the right to life, Safety, And a good home. That's really all they need.

  • Children do not know what they are doing

    In my opinion, they should not. This would lead to a epidemic of uninformed votes, as children cannot fully comprehend the complexity of politics. Saying that "adults shouldn't vote for the future of children while they can't vote themselves" is a slippery slope that leads to the question of where does it stop? Why at 16? Why at 10? When does it become acceptable to allow people to have a vote to determine their "future?" Of course, it should be different for minors in the military, as they have proper perspective and are deemed old enough to die for their country.

  • Children are typically not legally accountable for their actions

    Until they turn 18 a parent is often held liable for the conduct of their children. For example, only under rare circumstances are children charged as adults for crimes like murder, unless they are black, then it happens a bit more often. Because those black kids should know better than white kids to not commit a crime.

    Anyway,unless a child is legally emancipated from their parents and supporting themselves financially (not relying on the government for financial support to survive) then they shouldn't vote.

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