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  • The Psychological State of Children Will worsen

    Having your six-year-old watch Saw with you, Or Alien, Or It? That is not responsible parenting. Your child cannot process it (no matter how advanced you think they are, They're not - they cannot process it, It's that simple. ) It's unfair to put that pressure on them to watch something that they actually, In their heart, Don't want to watch, Just because you want to watch it.

    It's also unfair on other children because your child then brings that violent imagery and misogynistic and violent language to school. Where all the other children are. And all these kids have parents who are trying their best to navigate what media is safe for their kids and what isn't.

    A few weeks ago my nephew stopped being able to go to sleep easily at night. He needed a night light. He needed my sister to lie with him, Sometimes for up to two hours, As he jumped at every noise. He became afraid to go to the toilet at night. He stopped walking the dog because he'd have to walk past sewer drains.

    Eventually, Things got so bad his dad started sleeping next to him to calm him when he woke screaming. School drop offs became a nightmare.

    Children are extremely naive people especially after watching a horror movie so please think about yourself or your children before you start the movie.

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