Should children be allowed to work in dog shelters?

  • I love dogs

    I love dogs more than anything and want to work at a dog shelter and help them but I cant I'm only 12. Dogs love and understand i have been able to pet dog that don't like to be around people without being unhappy. Most human beings don't care for dogs and treat them like rags. I believe dogs need love and proper care. In the end children who are nice caring and cometed to taking care of a dog should be able to work at an animal shelter

  • Yes, but not young children.

    Children should be allowed to work in shelters, but only over a certain age - ie. Ten years. Younger children do not generally understand dog body language (most adults don't too) and could easily get bitten. I believe that when they work with animals, children can become a lot calmer and more compassionate.

  • Children Can Learn To Help Others

    I think children should be allowed to work in dog shelters, to some extent. Generally, when I think of someone working at a dog shelter, I more often than not assume that person is volunteering. I think volunteering at a dog shelter would be a great thing for children to participate in.

  • Children should not be allowed to work in dog shelters.

    Children should not be allowed to work in dog shelters because they are dangerous. If dogs bite children, they could be seriously hurt. Taking care of stray dogs is a difficult job. Kids would probably just be interested in playing with the dogs, and they wouldn to be productive members of the staff.

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