• What does age have to do with being an adult?

    Since when do the two come together? The definition for adult has to do with physical descriptions as being fully grown and developed or mental descriptions as being mature and sensible. However, it has come to my attention, and I'm sure everyone else's, that you could find a middle aged "adult" to not qualify as being mature or medical conditions causing him/her to not be fully grown and developed. If maturity and development are to be the defining terms then how is it that we must wait to a certain age to be seen as an adult when we could very well have those qualities at any given age. It has come to my attention that some parents simply want us to make irrational descisions from the lack of experience fearing that we'll make a mistake. However mistakes will be made regardless of age. Taking responsibility for the mistake made at that time is something adults are said to do so why is it that we are not allowed the opportunity to learn from anything? I understand parents live in fear for their child but what if they're underestimating them, sometimes without even being given reason to undermine them. You, as parents or guardians, should know first hand of maturity and responsibility of the young adult, so while they're being at question of a big decision why do you doubt them? "It's not that I don't trust you, I just don't trust what's out there" only works for so long. Everywhere they're at they could be in immense danger, no matter the age, allow them to explore with an open mind, caution and your everlasting support not your fear.
    Also, realize age is simply but a number. In different counties the age to drive, marry, drink, smoke, be considered adult, ect are all different and are always being changed. So why does a number dignify the maturity, experience and or realizations of our lives actions. You may be the guardian or parent but when it comes down to it, it's our life. Instead of imposing or forbidding any big descisions or choices that you believe adults should only make why not help us look into situation with an open mind not a ignorant closed mind. We are forced to make the biggest choice in our lives, the job we want to do for the rest of our days, however we're not allowed to otherwise think for our own? SOME of us are more matured to be considered an adult than many already considered an adult simply through age, despite our efforts in showing our responsibility, knowledge and overall actions in the matter.
    Sorry if this is kind of everywhere but you get the message, this is for every "kid" tired of trying to prove themselves and getting no recognition.

  • Because it's unfair

    I know from experience, my mother has been coddling me for years since I'm an only child, most people I tried to talk to said oh you're just a 16 year old, stop growing up too fast. It's not a matter of growing up too fast, it's a matter of how unhappy the teenager is being where he/she is with their parent, how much they beg to get out of there. I was set to move out, was stable enough to hold me while I looked for another job, and it was something to make me happier. Live my own life, all most 16 year olds want these days. Parents coddle their children too much, you need to give your kid some space and trust them, as well as respect their decision. I know it's hard to let your kid move to another state or even down the street, but you need to. If you don't, you'll end up like how I still am towards my mother. I feel almost no love for her and don't really want to even have a conversation with her now. 16 year olds should be considered adults, it saves the mother-daughter father-daughter relationship, as well as makes many, many teens out there I know are thinking that, "I want to get out of here!" thought right now.

  • Yes, I think that adult age sould be lowered to 16

    The adult age should be lowered to 16
    I. Introduction
    My subject is about adult age. The definition of an adult in a legal concept is a person who has attained the age of majority and is therefore regarded as independent, self-sufficient, and responsible.
    And the question is: is a 16-years teenager independent, self-sufficient and responsible?
    During this speech I will prove to you that a 16-years teenager is sufficiently mature to vote and to drive. That’s why I decided to make a speech about that.
    II. Argumentation
    1. We’ll begin by looking at what is done in another country. Let’s see how United Kingdom does: over there, you can work legally full time at 16. It means that you are independent because with your salary you can pay your own flat and your food. You do not absolutely need your family for that.
    2. Another way to become adult is to become responsible, the following example proves that a teenager of 16 years takes his responsibilities: You can be legally in possession of tobacco products at 16 years old. As tobacco is dangerous to health, if you can get it you are responsible because you have the choice to endanger your health or not.
    3. Nearer us, in France, at the age of 16, we’re at high school. And we are expecting to know what studies and what job we want to do in the future, it’s a self-sufficient sign that the adults give us.
    III. Conclusion
    As a conclusion, we can definitely state that the adult age should be lowered to 16. Whether we want it or not, it’s the society who wants us to be adults by giving us the right to earn our life, to own tobacco and to know what we want to do.

  • Because everybody is fully grown by 16

    Everybody has fully grown physically at 16 and in most places in the world they can have sex at 16 as well. Also in the UK at 16 you can work legally full time and you can also be legally in possession of tobacco products. This is why 16 year olds should be considered young adults.

  • It depends on how you look at it...

    I think you become an adult at whatever age you finally grow up. It could be 16 or it could be 25. Its whenever you decide to mature and take on your own responsibilities. You choose when you become an adult. But most don't fully take on responsibilities until their in their 20's

  • Stop coddling kids

    Maybe take a look at other countries around the world, ones with true hardship, and you can see that children mature and 'have to' become adults to adjust to their surroundings. I strongly believe that young adults -- and that's what these 'children' are, young adults -- should become independent much younger than what they are in western societies. The essence of the problem with young adults in western culture is they are so ill-equipped to deal with real life problems. Why must parents coddle their kids so much? You need to take a step back and let them flounder for a while. If they're really going under, help them. But overall I believe if we went back to the basics, looked at humans from the perspective that we are animals, then we'd all be much better off.

  • Yes they are.

    They should be able to be responsible for certain actions that are undertaken, however, they are still reliant on their parents. It really does depend on what type of sixteen year old you're looking at, some are much more mature than others. With the mature ones, it puts them on a similar level to adults and much beyond their peers, even without making large decisions that an adult would. Should it be said that the first time you make a large decision is the first time you truly become an adult? If they are still children, why are they allowed to have children of their own?

  • I know completely from experience.

    I know completely from experience, due to the fact that when my sister was 14, she had her own apartment, the one that she still has now, and she is more successful, more responsible, and more understanding than my parents, whose ages are 45 and 40.

  • They should be sentanced for their crimes

    I think that if a sixteen year old "child" is so immature that he decides to commit a crime with the hopes to make some sort of statement he should by all means be sentenced or trialed. Because they believe that they are mature enough to speak for their age group than they should be given the same treatment a 20 or 30 year old would

  • Screw everybody who's voted.

    YES, from personal experience. Most children were independent at thirteen throughout history. It's scientifically impossible for them to be incapable of making their own mistakes and dealing with the consequences. Maturity and wisdom comes from experience, not from coddling and holding down kids until they are at traditional marriage age.

  • Why can't kids be kids again

    16 year old technacally is a kid. Putting thr law majority to 16 is a little harsh. Let them enjoy childhood they still need time to be kids. Its sad to see society falling down. 16 year olds don't need to pay taxes or get married let them be kids they can date but not get married. Only boyfriend and girlfriend. Let kids be kids again

  • No

    Their brains haven't fully developed. They still don't completely understand the consequences of things they do. They do not yet have experience in life to really be considered an adult. Yes, lots of teenagers are as smart as adults, but that doesn't mean they have as much of an understanding for their actions as adults should. Most teens can be very independent, but that just makes them ahead of their peers, not adults.

  • Not at all

    In my context a 16 year old is not fully matured.His mental strength is not fully developed and he or she is not able to take good decisions.We can also say that when a person turns 18 he or she graduates from the school and is also a bit experienced .

  • They still need parents

    I know from experience. My mum told me that I should get my own life away from her now that I'm an 'adult'. I'm sixteen, and I can tell you that while I'm legally allowed to do many things without parental consent, I still need and want my mum. I don't feel like an adult.

  • they are still kids

    they will not deal with their consequences, they haven't enough experiences to take responsible decisions.
    even they cannot get married because they are not mature enough to take care of their babies. they still need someone to take care of them. also, they didn't finish high school, they can not work and spend on their family

  • No son adultos...y menos los varones

    A los 16 son adultos y hasta muchos de los delitos son pensados y cometidos sin pensar en las concecuencias y muchos lo hacen como travesuras, no hablo de todos los ninos ni de todos los hechos y menos los de paises de origen. No los creo adultos para ser procesados como tales, ni estar adultos en los presidios, de adultos. Segun el caso, creo que deben de ser enviados a reformatorios del tipo militar, diciplina y educacion...militar. no convertirlos en militares ni policias pero si educarlos en oficios y trabajando para su propia manuntencion, y aclaro en dependencia del delito.
    Ahora bien...En otras culturas y epocas anteriores....el hombre era adulto cuando sufria su primer orgasmo y la mujer es adulta con su 1ra edad es...relativa.pues si son adultos pra procrear son adultos para todo lo demas.

  • No.

    They are not fully matured. They should be considered adults when they graduate college. They are still kids. They havent had enough experience to call themselves ''Adults''. They dont have jobs, nor solid education. They havent moved out of their parents roof yet. This is just plain right silly. They are KIDS. Minors..

  • There are crucial areas of the brain that are not developed fully at the age of sixteen; therefore there is no way that a sixteen year old should be considered an adult.

    In addition to the fact that the brain is still developing, a sixteen year old is also lacking in sufficient life experiences and education to be considered an adult. While many sixteen year olds may exhibit maturity and behave responsibly, they are still in need of guidance and education from adults.

    Posted by: UtterDon
  • Very few 16-year olds have the maturity to make wise decisions and effectively run their lives.

    The average 16-year old does not yet possess the ability to make wise decisions about their life. It's not their fault, but their brains have not matured to the point where they can assess their choices and behavior with respect to the long term consequences they will produce. This does not usually happen until a few years later.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • Children at the age of 16 are not responsible enough, and they should not be considered adults.

    I don't think children at the age of 16 should be considered adults, for various reasons. They still have to grow up, and their maturity level is low for most of them. I think 18 should be the minimum age, and that should never change, because it will only bring more chaos into the world.

    Posted by: EvenDon84

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grantmatthew036 says2020-03-11T05:59:19.467
16-year-olds can't buy guns, Serve in the military, Vote, Be held responsible for contracts or loans, Drive without limitations, Be tried as adults, Sit on a jury, Marry without permission, Can't gamble, Can't buy alcohol or tobacco, In some states they can't legally consent to sex, Not allowed to buy Rated M video games or purchase Rated R movie tickets. They're minors. Period.

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