• They definitely should.

    When you watch old movies, you will notice that the children are better behaved. This is not because of the acting, but because it is what children were like back then. Why is it like this? Because parents disciplined their children better. Now, they don't do it as much, which makes kids ignore their parents or deliberately disobey them. This needs to stop. Discipline needs to get better and stricter.

  • Children Act Spoiled

    Children act so spoiled and entitled now days. Even at my age of 14 years old, I see this daily and can't stand when a kid is acting poorly or like a "brat". That child should learn how to behave correctly the same way I did, with a belt and backhand.

  • Yes we should

    Yes, people are afraid to tell their kids no or to tell them to calm down for fear they might crush the child's spirit. But we people are not porcelain or china we will not break if disciplined and it is folly to not disipline your child, because if you don't stop their behavioral problems now those problems will expand and do the child no favors in the real world.

  • Laziness & Government Care

    Children today are spoiled they can do whatever they want when they want it. That gives them the mental picture that they will be spoiled all there life, and when their parents don't spoil them the children look to the government to take care of them. The government does not have the amount of money needed to take care of these people.

  • Yes they should

    Children of this age must be disciplined better because of how it will affect their future. And If children are the future, their behavior will affect the future outcomes of the world. Poor disciplined children grow up to have poor boundaries which leads to bad design making, and immature reasoning.

  • Children indeed do need disipline

    If you dont disipline your child they will walk all over you. When i was younger my older brother ended up a juvenile deliqent. He never got disiplined growing up. Our grandmother gave us whatever we wanted. She gave my brother more than the rest not only because she refused to disipline but because was afraid of him. He hit her very much, aand i guess she had enough and called the police.

  • Children should be disciplined better for better behavior.

    I have seen many children talk bad about their parents in school and everywhere else except their home. They have said things like "Oh my parents are so mean because they won't let me play my video games and make me do my homework for school." No. Children should realize what their parents are doing for them and what they had to do just to take care of them. Moms and Dads around the world have been working hard for them just to make their children happy. My mom and dad had supplied me with things that i need and want throughout my life before, while my dad gained a low salary on working (climbing poles to fix telephone lines). Children should be disciplined better to know why they should respect not only their parents but others also.

  • No, more discipline will have the opposite effect

    A child rearing method can cause more problems than there were to begin with. Some forms of discipline can even damage the IQ of a child, effectively making it harder for them to learn new things. This method of control works by making sure that they fear you. Methods such as spanking make them think that if they mess up, do something wrong, or do anything that you do not approve of, they will be physically injured. Imagine if a police officer pulled you over, made you bend down and pull your pants down, so they could reptile hit you with a spoon? I imagine you would treat it as molestation and have them immediately fired and punished. But if you are under the age of eighteen, this is completely okay if executed by your parents. Children should actually be talked to, so that they can explain why they do bad things, not phisically punished.

  • No this is a backwards approach

    Parents are the child's first teachers, this is where the disciplined needs to be applied first. Most parents are either to lazy or ignorant to the facts of proper child rearing. Giving your child attention will always be a better teaching approach then discipline. Because children learn from example. So parents get off your backside, turn off the tv and get involved with your kids.

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