Should children be educated about molestation in elementary school?

  • In school in whatever grade should be taught about molestation.

    How can we indorse this sensitive subject to the school boards. Kids don’t have an understanding of what is happening to them when their molested. The perpetrator has these young children believe it’s theur fault, that’s why they don’t speak up. I’m sad for those who been molested, they live a trouble life especially if they never had any support. Let’s try to help these young children. I pray that all schools in the universe will adopt this method.

  • When given the knowlege they can identify if molestation is happening

    Yes. Children should understand what molestation is so that if it is happening they are better able to recognize it. Some children do not say anything because they do know that is wrong. The lesson should be tailored for the age group and a professional should teach it. I think that it would go a long way in preventing child molestation.

  • Yes it should

    It should because I remember that I was molested and my dad blamed me for it and I was molested by a teacher also and he blame me because he was a teacher and my mom wanted him to go and let me tell the police what happen and he didn't let me so the teacher molested me in-till the school year was over

  • Every child needs to be taught to be careful.

    There is more child molesting going on than reported. Every child needs to be taught at an early age on what to be on the alert for, and how to avoid it. Even very young children need to be trained to watch out for strangers.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • If the subject is handled with appropriate sensitivity, it is beneficial for children to learn about it.

    As much as I wish it were not necessary, children must be taught what is
    and is not acceptable behavior, when it comes to adults. They also need a trusted person to talk to when such issues arise, and a teacher could
    be that person.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • I feel that children should be educated about molestation in elementary school, so that they are made aware of what it is and that it is wrong.

    Many children become victims of molestation because a trusted adult tells them that it is good and they just believe them. I feel that children in elementary school should have something basic taught to them in school, just so that they know enough that, if this is happening to them, they will realize that this is wrong, and that they should report it.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Molestation is a terrible thing.

    Children of all ages, races, backgrounds, and ethnicities are at risk for molestation. It is very important for these kids to understand and know about the potential dangers of the real world and that not all attention they are getting from and adult, friend, co-worker, student, parent, guardian, etc.

  • Yes

    Children need to be educated on this issue and some parents simply do not know how or refuse to educate their children which can cause them to become easier prey for molesters. It should be taught to every child so that they are more aware of the potential dangers.

  • Young children are still learning what is and is not acceptable in society. They should be taught every aspect of that.

    I was molested as a child and part of the reason why it took me so long to tell anyone was because I wasn't sure if what was going on was wrong. Most child molesters are telling children things such as, "this is how we show love." Education will not only make a child ready incase the situation occurs but it will surely make those you commit the act think twice. They prey on children who look weak or who they think will keep quiet. If its regularly taught to stand up in those situations, I feel this will happen less often.

  • Parents should be teaching this to their children.

    Allow me to clarify. Children should learn about molestation while they are young. However, schools should not be the ones to teach this to children. Parents should be teaching this. The fact is that parents should be in charge of their children's education. They will be best able to share with their child what they feel the child should know if they are doing the teaching, and children will be most receptive and take it more seriously if it comes from someone close to them.

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