Should children be expelled for playing guns at school?

  • Kids should be

    Kids are young and should not playing with the malicious weapons they should be expelled from the school district immediately kids who play with guns can lead up to shooting up schools or robbing banks its the type of influence kids are getting these days as a parent I don't let my son play any violent or gore games.

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  • Children should not be expelled for playing guns at school.

    Children should not be expelled from school for simply pretending to play with guns. Although kids shouldn't play these kinds of games, they should receive a much more lenient punishment. First, they could receive a warning, or they could get detention. Expulsion is a drastic punishment and it should not be given out lightly.

  • Students should not be expelled for playing guns at school.

    Students should not be expelled for playing guns at school. Schools are really taking it too far when they think a simple playground game is something to expel a student for. That would be like taking the game, cops and robbers away just because we do not want our students to grow up to be robbers.

  • Playing guns is normal for children.

    Expelling children for playing guns at school is little more than an attempt at stopping a bleeding artery by picking a clean area to wrap a bandage. Playing guns by be a reflection but it is not the reason for street violence and is not a contributor. The older generation called it, "Cowboys and Indians." In today's climate it would probably be considered politically incorrect to play but very few, if any, of those children who played grew up to hunt and kill real Indians.

  • No children should not be expelled for playing guns at school

    No, children be expelled for playing guns at school should not happen. Playing guns is not hurting anyone and has been a playful activity for children for decades. This attitude of expelling a child for harmless play seems like it would ultimately be much more damaging for the child than the actual play itself.

  • No, they should be told not to.

    No, children should not be expelled for playing guns at school, because they are just children. They do not know what they are doing. Children should just be told not to play guns at school, and it should be left at that. Children who play guns are not doing anything that we didn't do 20 years ago.

  • No they shouldn't

    All kids play guns. Whether we like it or not. Kids love to pretend play. Pretend play with guns is totally normal. It will not make a kid grow up and be a violent sociopath. All pretend gun play does is allow a kid to be his or herself. Kids need a little freedom to play how they wish to play.

  • How on earth do you even stop them?

    We have been working to get it in our 4 year old's head that he can't play guns at school, yet we have gotten two e-mails in 2 weeks saying he's playing guns. No amount of punishment stops him and I feel bad for punishing him for using his imagination. He knows not to touch real weapons but doesn't understand why his finger is a problem. He doesn't get to watch violent shows but even Looney Toons uses them, and kids at after school daycare play guns. I can't shelter him from the world to keep him from pointing his finger and saying pow.

  • Seriously why why

    Picture this to 5 year old boys using paper guns that don't shoot getting hauled of to the principals office for just playing a game. It is a stupid rule. First it is super extreme playing (notice I said playing) guns is totally fine as long as the child does not get hurt. If you can't shelter children and expelling is super extreme.

  • Such a stupid rule these days

    Sandy Hook was incredibly tragic. I cried when I found out. However, punishing students for using their imagination is harmful to them on SO many levels

    You're limiting what a child thinks, which will affect them negatively later on in life. It's PRETEND. Not letting a child express their innocence and imagination is just plain wrong

  • No, expelling kids won't take care of the problem.

    If kids are playing shooting games at school, such as cops and robbers or cowboys, expelling them seems excessive. It would be better for schools to call in experts about guns and teach them about the dangers of guns, and also tell them that this type of play won't be tolerated at school. But expelling them is a bit harsh.

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