Should children be forced into a religion?

Asked by: MattyB
  • Parental rights are paramount

    If the parent decides to raise their children in a religion it is a choice of the parent. The parents also chooses what the child should wear what the child will eat what kind of education a child will get and the like . If Parent believes in a particular religion and refuses to teach that to their child than they are bad parents, for withholding good from the children. Christians are commanded by God to teach their children Christianity which cannot be forced on anyone you have to choose to except God for yourself. Nevertheless since Christianity is the only true religion you should teach that to your kids because it is true. If atheist want to teach lives to the children and send them to hell I guess that's their prerogative seeing they do retain parental rights .

  • No, but they can be teached.

    Children should not be FORCED to have a certain religion, but it is ok for their parents to TEACH them a religion, or even just simple atheism. We have the right to follow whatever religion we want to, whether that is Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, or even the absence of religion, Atheism.

  • Child deserve to have their rights as well

    A child should have the right to live their life without being forced into a religion. They should have the right to choose their religion when they're older so they understand everything before deciding. A child has a right to choose what they believe and why without being judged to forced to think differently

  • Children have the right to think

    Forcing a child into beliefs is like saying that they can't think for themselves until they turn 18, 21, or whatever your personal preference on the age in which a child becomes an adult. Children have the right to think on their own, and while a parent has the right to speak to the child about their religion, they should also introduce them to beliefs in opposing deities, or lack thereof. Children should be exposed to religion, and be allowed to either follow the beliefs of their parents or choose their own path in life.

    A child isn't their parent, a child is their own independent being.

  • No they shouldn't

    I am religious yes, but children shouldn't be forced into it. We live in a free country, though it would be great if more people believed in God but nobody should be forced to do anything. I will teach them, and state my opinion. But nobody, not even children should be forced to believe in something they might not want to. I live in a family where if you want to go to church then go to church, if you don't then don't. Your choice, and NOBODY should hate someone because of their choice. It drives me crazy when people do that.

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