• Is this even a question?

    While the opinion itself is somewhat taken out of context, I do believe that parents should bring up their children as they see fit, shaping their worldview as they will, and, when they're older and can fully understand what they believe and why they believe it, then they need no more shaping. I remember hearing a story about two men, both with gardens. They're examining both, and one is flawless and orderly, the other is dry and chaotic. The first man asks the other why his garden is so disorderly. He replies that he wanted it to let it grow on its own, and structure itself. This is similar to child-rearing, because, when young, children are basically empty shells waiting to be filled with the world around them. It's a parent's job to ensure that their child will behave appropriately, and will obviously teach them to accept what they believe. With this structure of knowledge in place, the child develops the capacity to learn why they believe what they believe. Young children are irrational by nature, and require structure, not explanation.

  • Depends on reasons and maturity of the child

    Parents who practice a religion would likely involve their children in any religious activity that they would practice. At first, the child would believe it's a normal part of life, but upon contact with other non-believing children, they will feel pressure to stop following their rituals, so as to fit in with the majority of kids who don't practice a religion. A child, if well educated in his religion, may choose to adhere for a while, but they may eventually succumb to peer pressure and cease practicing their rituals. That, coupled with the fact that schools mostly only teach the theory of evolution as being the correct theory, can make a child doubt his religion. If following the religion is actually in their best interests (eg: making them a better person), it's worthwhile to keep on practicing it, and it will help if the child feels a sense of enjoyment in doing so.

    Next, the maturity of the child is also a factor to consider. If a young child tells his parents that he no longer wants to keep on practicing their rituals, it's likely because they were coerced into doing so by one of their peers. It's not a well thought-out or informed decision. It's one taken by someone else who doesn't share the same beliefs, and who wishes that the child in question does. However, if the child is mature enough to take such a decision, and presents good reasons why he chooses to take such a course of action, he or she should be allowed to pursue such a path. Otherwise, if again practicing their parent's religion is in their best interests, then it would be beneficial for them to do so, and their parents should make sure of that.

  • Yes, up until they're old enough to decide for themselves.

    As children are growing up, they are under the care and guidance of their parents. They are also under their parents' rules. However, once children reach the age of eighteen, they're legal adults and can start making their own decisions. At that point, they can choose whether or not to follow the religion they were raised under.

  • The Lord did not give parents authority to coerce their child/children to follow their (the parents') religion

    I was born Catholic. I used to love it. But the thing is, God told me that I was breaking the Commandments. Sure, I wasn't perfect but I asked "How?". He revealed to me that I was following something that wiuld lead me to my damnation. So he told me to go to the SDA Church and follow the beliefs as listed in Scripture. And that's when I was called out of Babylon, or the Catholic Church. But my parents dissapprove of it. They start calling me demonic and abuse me. Just because I did not want to go to Church they called me a "sinner who is headed for hell". I can't tolerate this religious persecution. I pray to God everyday that he will give me the opportunity to "flee to the mountains" away from society and religious persecution. I've been thinking of going full, ot almost if not full, vegan because God told me so. My parents thought I was crazy and forced me to eat meat. They said I would die. Now they think I'm possesed by a demon or Lucifer just cause of what God told me to do. I told them Jesus told me to do these things and they said "Even if God told you to do this pointless shit don't do it. Follow what the Pope says and you'll be "happier" in life." They want me to be happy. I understand that. I pove the, but they abuse me and force me to be Catholic. That will make me feel worse. I told them "the End is at hand and true happiness lies in God" but nope. They said "You think this shit which will only guide you into desth and jail. You're so unhappy all because of what God told you and this pointless piece of shit." "I'm not unhappy. You just think that cause you aren't in my shoes" I said in my mind. Now I'm abused for not following the Catholic faith and in school, they sold Bibles and I bought one for ten bucks. My first Bible was taken away from me by my parents obviously and if they find out I have a second they'll kill me. "The Bible is shit, you can't believe everything in it. You can believe whatever Pope Francis says and what the Catholic Church says. The Bible's just shit that'll make you burn in hell for eternity." say my parents. I don't believe in eternal hell fire because God is not a cruel person. And I don't believe the Catholic Church because it's plain evil and pagan. My parents don't know I think this but if they do I'm dead. I am happy to run away from my parents and have God guide me to a safe place where I'm free from them. I'll try to save up money to run away so I'll tell you guys if I am succesful. May Jesus help you if you are suffering my fate.

  • Children have the right to choose.

    As someone who has grown up being forced to practice the same religion as my parents, I can say that it has only damaged my relationship with them. I can't agree and am opposed to many of their beliefs, but because they have forced me to continue practicing their religion, it has created a rift in our relationship, and even caused me to resent them.

  • Mormonism teachings justify child abuse

    I am forced to attend a Mormon church because my parents are of this horrible faith. It is horrible because i am forced to go. It takes away my freedom of religion. I hate them because of this. They have locked me outside of their home, because i stated I didn't want to go. They responded by telling me if I wasn't Mormon I wasn't there daughter. They also believe rapists are justified if the person rape wears an outfit that shows their shoulders. I am miserable.

  • Children shouldn't be forced into a religion

    Religion is a person's right, irrespective of age. Parents have no right to force their religion upon their children, as their children are different people and will most probably have their own beliefs. Parents may choose to expose their children to the religion which they follow, but they most certainly do not have the right to force it upon them. My parents are methodist christians and forced me to go to church ever since i can remember. It made me hate christianity and caused a lot of conflict between us.

  • Children have the right to decide what they believe.

    As I have personally experienced, parents who force their religion on their children do not produce good results the majority of the time. Due to parents forcing their religion on me, I lost my job that was very important for me in supporting myself-at 16 years old, when I was graduating from school and needed the money for university the next year. Due to the religion being forced on me I felt hopeless regarding any future that may be successful and bring me freedom from my over controlling parents. I fell into a deep depression that took years to combat and am still attempting to move on in the future and from the abuse inflicted on me both mentally, physically, and as a result of that-from another child-sexual abuse. Dont be overbearing and try to gorce religion on your children unless your aim is to drive your children away and possibly jeapordise their future.

  • It is against most religious teachings

    No religion in history preaches that people must be forced into a religion. In Christianity (as I am Christian) the Apostles could have just left Jesus and got on with their lives, Jesus would not have said that they had to. Religious texts take into account free will when talking about people who convert, and and they are always given a choice, due to religion being a serious commitment (like marriage or having children) and that it should not be taken lightly.

  • All Ages have the Right to Religious Freedom

    No person should be forced to follow someone elses faith if they do not believe in its teachings themselves. This applies to children and their parents too. Kids are usually brought into the faith from birth however, and when growing up, if they don't actually believe the faith, most wont do anything. If kids were able to grow up with no religion until they can form beliefs, it would get rid of this problem. Once they do understand beliefs they should be able to follow their own religion, if any. However it can be a problem getting your children to different masses/rituals than your own. It still is not a good enough reason to pressure your kids into your faith from birth however.

  • What about the deity?

    I'm not a religious believer myself but surely if the child grew up in a religious family, he/her would see why their parents believe in the deity/deities, the parents should teach their children about it but definitely leave it up to the child to decide, without a kids freedom and rights, he will grow up in a close environment not able to think and experience life outside of religion

  • Forcing children to follow a certain belief system is terrible

    Parents should share what they believe, but not expect the child to adhere to their beliefs as well. Children should be given options because forcing them will just make matters worse. It will not only make them doubt themselves but to feel pressure to act, and be a certain way when they know in their hearts that that is not who they are. I'm speaking from experience since my parents forced me to be in the Mormon church since I was born. I never felt comfortable with following their belief system, and it actually made me fall into a deep depression because I felt I had no rights.

  • Should not force then to

    A kid should be able to choose there religion no matter what when its a right. It will just make the kid go against the religiou more and if they want to seek or find god then they should have tue freedom and right to do so not force it down there throat.

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