Should children be forced to take ADHD medication?

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  • Why would anyone say yes?

    The basic process of taking pretty much any medication is not taking it if you feel bad, and then telling your doctor/parents. There is no reason that ADD/ADHD should be treated like insanity. The prescription Concentration meds in particular is known for trial-and-error because of people reacting in so many different ways to them.

  • No no no.

    Some of this medication that they are making the ADHD children make them very sleepy and they can't concentrate in school! They should be able to see how everything works out without their medication. I don't think that it is fair if they have to take it. It basically labels you. If the medication does things to you (side affects) then you shouldn't have to take it. It's ridiculous of how many people say "Go take your meds" and things like that.

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