• If not we would talk like this

    I killified miselfs 5 times cuz i had 3 mutch homworks i had 2 wright 4 esseys an spend time away from my wii box 720 so yah we don't knead to have homwork.
    This is exactly how we would sound if we didn't have homework, we would be walking around talking like a bunch of uneducated hicks. Plus why is this just about children? I am 17 and don't consider myself to be a child any more.

  • Children should be given homework

    Children should be given homework. This is because of the fact that much of the child's education is intended to be a preparation for adulthood in which they will likely have work to do at home. Giving children homework will serve as an ideal preparation for adulthood and should occur.

  • I think so

    I think that homework is an important part of school and learning. The teachers are required to teach the kids so much stuff and there is often not enough time to cover everything in class. It is good for kids to have homework to practice outside of school and prepare them for classroom education. I also think that kids are already in school so much and that homework should be limited to a certain amount.

  • Homework Is Important

    I believe children should be given homework. Children may not like homework, my child doesn't even like school, but I believe it really helps the remember the material they go over in class. I think homework is important because learning needs to continue outside of the classroom as well. Homework is also great for developing responsibility.

  • Children should be given homework.

    Children should be given an reasonable amount of homework because it is essential for their education. Although no one likes to do homework, it is necessary in order for students to master the subjects students are studying in school. Without homework, kids might forget everything they have learned and they wont be able to prepare for future classes.

  • Homework reinforces work done in school

    Yes. Homework can help those that need more practice in the areas of study. It can also enhance the learning experience by reinforcing what the student learned during the school year. Not to mention those that are not doing well are able to make up some credit by completing homework.

  • Homework is NOT a waste of time.

    It is preparing us for our future. Millions of jobs require work to do after wards and this is necessary. We need to be prepared for this. Also, we aren't saying we need lots of homework, just enough to keep us on track. Homework helps you understand what you are learning better.

  • Yes they should.

    Think about one day when you learned a very hard subject and most people don't get it. Your most likely going to get homework for better understanding. That is one of the main reasons kids and teenagers should, just not everyday of their lives, that is way to much. H

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  • Their shouldn't be homework for kids nor teenagers.

    Why? Well because it reduces time with family, it stresses them out, some even self harm because either its to hard for them or they don't have enough time to do it and get a bad grade, also some students don't have access to Internet which makes it hard for them to complete the task. One more thing, some parents don't have the ability to help their children when they need help.

  • No homework for us

    Homework is busy work. Many teachers take a one-size-fits-all approach, and their assignments are rarely appropriate for the student’s specific needs.
    Homework stresses the family. Over 90 percent of American children say their parents are involved with their homework, according to a study by the Indiana University and Purdue University schools of education.
    Homework squeezes out play. Unstructured play aids the development of academic and social skills.

  • Homework should not be given to children.

    Homework greatly reduces the amount of time for children to connect with other aspects of life such as sport or family activities. Homework is putting too much stress on the children and is stopping learning from being fun. If homework was no longer given, the students would feel better about completing the work in the designated time of a school day.

  • They should not have homework

    Because there is enough squeezed into them during the day and they have lives outside of school too you know. Also when they get home they are tired of school and some are just tired when they get home and it doesn't help that they get up at 6-7:00 in the morning just to catch the bus if they do take the bus in the morning. The teachers have enough time during the school day to let the students get the assignments done and if not then its the teachers fault because they didn't organize for what to get to do in the amount of time they have to teach.

  • That's not fair

    Children do not need homework.Students work hard enough in class.We spend all day listening to teachers instead of having fun,teachers don't have homework except grading are homework.Sometimes if you don't do homework there is a consequence like detention, but what if you don't understand,it just isn't fair to me,thank you

  • Homework give me a break

    Kids shouldn't have to do homework after they have already had 6 or maybe even 7 hours of homework.Kids shouldn't have to have teachers give them more work just because they want to.Kids would always be having to get stressed out when they say "time to get to my homework "so if you don't want homework then let teachers give you a break

  • Stress Level Raised

    No way. It is most likely to cause a major stress level upon a student.
    For example: say you were finally finished your essay. Phew! Then you realize that you were so worried about the essay you forgot about your test! You stay up until 11 pm studying! Then you come in the class all tired. Then your teacher asks why you're not listening and although you don't mean to you snap at her. Homework is stressful.

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