Should children be given homework for over the weekend?

  • How I exercised my mind this weekend

    I don't see why not. Of course kids have homework during the week, but they also have study halls, don't they? I went to high school, as I am sure many people here did, and we actually did a lot of work during study hall. Not only that, but I also played sports and had a job in my high school years and somehow STILL found time to get my homework done, and that without the internet to help me. I have recently taken extra college courses on line with all kinds of homework, studies and teamwork that had to be accomplished at odd hours - while still attending to the job and household chores like cooking and cleaning. I would suggest that our children get used to this sort of workload for their futures. So a little homeowrk over a weekend is not a big deal.

  • Welcome to the real world

    In this real world, life is hard and not everything is easy.That's why Schools are created to educate people in order to maintain an organized society which fufills the dreams of many citizens of this country.Kids are barely struggling with the taste of the real world, that's why homework was innovated to help practice them becoming more productive and organized so they can deal with the responsibility of an Adult.Furthermore, anyone who says no I can see your perspective but we must keep in mind, Education is a tool that can be used to change the world.With homework stretching our brains and time, we can consult the basic fundamentals of learning or experience in our world.

  • For the Bants

    Well. Homework is important. It's not because I wan't to be the first one to say 'yes' or anything. But I truly believe we should rob the futures of children by giving them valuable pieces of paper to do pointless work on, you know?

    Who would rather play FIFA, or play on-line with their wonderful friends and family? I know I sure don't. What is better than wasting away in a dark room wondering what to do with your life?

    In conclusion, homework is a good thing. It improves your intelligence, drags you away from having a good and happy social life. Pure, pure, bliss.

  • It is pointless

    Yeah, sure, they will be well-educated, but most children at young ages, will have some sort of after school activities. Like sports, crafts, tutors, or maybe just going on a short vacation. For me, homework can be very stressful, and whenever school work interferes with soccer, it is always a huge rush to get in all done in time.

  • Nope it's a waste of time

    To much homework is given already during the week what do we need homework over the weekend for. The weekend is supposed to be a time when kids get to hang out together and have fun. Not be stressed out homework or even have to think about school. Yes its supposed to make us smarter and everything but a study from Stanford said that kids tat get to much homework tend to blow through it and just do it for the points not retaining anything that they just wrote down

  • Too much stress!

    WHY DO PEOPLE GIVE US HOMEWORK!? Seriously! Its takes away all the @#$%ing time away! Kids want to spend time playing games or they want to sleep! NO homework! Its also too stressful! Bad for you mental health! Time to waste space! BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! YES THE END

  • They should not

    If you give children homework over the weekend they won't have time to do more stuff with their friends and they won't be very active because they have to stay in and work on homework instead of playing outside and be active because they have homework to do witch is not fun.

  • Kids spend enough time as it is throughout the week with homework

    As a high school senior I probably spend up to a good 8 hours of homework each night. I start school at 7:30 each day and end at 2:10. From 3-9 I go to work in order to get money and help support myself financially(car, phone). I then spend the rest of the night up until probably 2-3 am doing homework. Now please tell me how being packed with all this homework and studying is going to affect me if i don't do school work for two days out of the seven days... Kids need a break to regain their energy and just have fun and not have to worry about missing family saturday night hangout because they have to do homework! NOT HAVING HOMEWORK OVER THE WEEKEND DOES NOT MEAN WE WILL FORGET EVERYTHING WE LEARNED THAT WEEK!!

  • I hate it.

    I'm doing an essay right now (which I should probably be finishing rather than complaining about it) and it is way too stressful. Homework in general is too stressful and many times I have to stay up until late at night (or early the next morning depending on how you view it) trying to finish it.
    This is also partially due to being in an AP class (which I did not choose to be in.)
    If the American school system was set up properly then they wouldn't feel the need to overwhelm students with homework and they could do much better than they are now. Some people are even proposing they extend school days and give students more work!

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