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  • Mobile phone is bad

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  • Children should not have phones

    Children have a higher chance of breaking and or losing their phones. They could spend money on games if you hook up a pay-pal or something else. If they use it in school and you'll have to pick it up your self or even pay for it. Most people say as an excuse "what if there's an emergency? " Well they shouldn't have an emergency and the kids might mute the phone. Definitely not.

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeees! Yes yes

    Give it to them give it give it because. . . . . . . They’ll get bullyed for not having a phone and not being good at games oh and im a 7 year old with a ipad so there my five year ole sis has one too my 1. 5 year old cosin soon will have on so there (the idiots)

  • Yes going with the new technology I believe that-

    Children nowadays have become more advanced as compared to their parents due to this more and more students demand for mobile phones to stay in contact. Children should be allowed mobile phones in school because in such a situation where the children are sick or hurt they can call up their parents and inform them. We can locate our children from mobile phones so that we can see if they are concentrating on their lessons and active in school. If any child is absent during school premises he or she can easily contact his or her friend by calling or either chatting on What app. In school children can develop their knowledge by downloading notes, sharing past papers and watching useful videos. A student having mobile phone means that the student has everything. It works as an alarm clock early in the morning, you can put notes and schedules on the reminder. You don't need to calculate as long as you have a mobile phone. You can take a snapshot and using power point you can make lecture slides. If you have any doubt you can Google it and get the correct answer, information or definition. In addition to that they can review what was done in class using their devices. Using a smart phone you can save the various events and dates in the schools academic year. During lunch breaks the students can entertain themselves by watching movies via listening songs. A mobile phone of a school student works as a adviser, guider, instructor , teacher and director. All in all during this era of modern technology students tend to have Mobile phones.

  • They should have freedom

    Every child should have mobile phones because now a days technology is becoming more and without cell phone no one can live. Now a days in every home we see so many mobiles. If they give some work in school we have to check everything in cell phones. So every child need mobile phones.

  • Mobile phones should be given

    In cause of emergency you have to have a method of contacting your parents.Develop your knowledge by downloading notes , past papers and watching useful videos.Children can have a good connectivity with his parents,friends and loved ones.Good or bad it depends on how you use it.That's what I think. Thanks

  • Technological entertainment is debilitating to a child's growing sense of identity.

    People tend to develop their personal identity through accomplishments and lack thereof. If a child is given a cell phone, they will spend all of their time scrolling through meaningless posts and playing tunnel-vision-inducing games rather than trying to develop their talents. Instead of learning more about themselves and their capabilities, they develop nothing through this habit save for impatience. Without this sense of identity, it is difficult to have a sense of ambition or initiative, especially if every day an individual receives results from the click of a button. Without identity or initiative, it is easy to fall into laziness and depression. The child may also become incredibly dependent on the phone, and feel a lost sense of self when it is not with them, because of how much time and energy they spend with it. How might they begin to become an individual when they are dependent on viewing the next post or gif that pops up on their feed, as if it shows them who they are and how they should live their life? It may be a tad serious to think about for a child, but this habit will stick with them their whole life. With momentary entertainment at their fingertips, why would a child ever want to go outside? Obesity will become an even bigger issue, which will contribute to laziness, apathy, and depression, when the child has developed a habit of pulling out their phone every time they are bored instead of honing their talents or playing outside. It will also contribute to problems with proper social interaction, since oftentimes the child will depend on texting to communicate and will thus not train themselves efficiently in that matter. Don't get me wrong; technology has loads of benefits. However, especially with how addictive we all know technology can be, it is not a good idea to give a child a cell phone before they have begun to develop themselves as an individual.

  • Danger unsafe distractive from studies

    If students are given a cell phone they would just text each other add in appropriate pictures. They also are distracted from studies. If they bring cell phones in school and they have kept an alarm and it rings suddenly in the classroom it can cause a lot of problem in the class

  • No children can't be given mobile phones

    It can spoiled their eyes. A mobile can spoil the children's hand writing. We should not let them to play games in the mobile phones. We should not give money for children to buy video or ordinary games. For only contacting we should give mobile phones for them. For messaging also we can give.

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  • By : Green Panther

    WE ONLY GOT CELL PHONES WHJEN WE WERE 20 YEARS OLD THIS THAT 13 YEARS HAVE CELL PHONE IS REALLY A WASTE OF MONEY and is really not needed but really I am green Panther and Why do you even need cell phones at such a young age so noooooooo?

  • Honestly no way

    Because cell phones are ruining the children. There is barely face to face socialising these days. I'm not talking about the social life I'm talking about the way they use the cell phone. Children are not aware that using Internet is very dangerous. There is many social issues like cyber bullying hacking and so on which will affect not only the child but his/her family to

  • "Children" should not be allowed to use Mobile Phones.

    Mobile phones are a distraction from the real world, preventing children from interacting with those around them. Mobile phones are open to abuse, offering activities which are very inappropriate for children. There are possible long-term health risks from using mobile phonesUntil science can prove mobile phones are completely safe for young people to use, they should not be allowed to have them.

  • No no no

    Waste of time for them its not giving mobile phones to children below 15.Using mobile phones excessively leads to problems like headache and eye sight.They believe what they see is only true they stop reading and keep on playing games and use social medias like fb and waste their times

  • Should not be given

    Actually it depends on how they use mobile phones.If mobile phones are given to children they may keep on wasting thier time looking that harmful stuff .They may misuse mobile phones.They may always keep using mobile phones and give up studies .So i say mobile phones should not be given to children

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