Should children be given sex education in schools?

  • Yes, it will get them ready for the world

    They could be aware of all the STDs and how to protect themselves in sexual intercourse. Also, they could learn the meaning of sex and the importance of protecting yourself. The statistics of STDs are high in our community, especially in the black and Latino communities, so yes I do think it is important to have it. And you should teach the kids about it in a early stage of their life.

  • Only to older students.

    If sex education did not exist, I believe there would be many children pregnant from experimenting and there would be a LOT of STIs around! However, I don't think that anybody in primary school should be taught sex education. Especially not children who are meerly five years old as recently been discovered! The innocence of children should remain!

  • Children should be given complete sex education in schools, according to what is appropriate for their age; it will prepare them properly for realities in life and protect them.

    It has been clearly demonstrated that kids who are taught abstinence only are more likely to get STDs and have abortions. In order to prepare young people for their own sexual development and urges and how to deal with the sexual advances of the people in their lives they must be educated in a matter of fact way and instructed how to protect and prepare themselves. Abstinence only education results in ignorant, not innocent kids and adults.

    Posted by: SingBentl
  • Yes! we should!

    I think that schools should be given a sexual education class in schools b/c some of us actually want to learn about sex and all the consequences that come with it. We need to know all the diseases that come with having sex and not using protection! Its easy to get a disease!

  • YES! It needs to be taught somewhere

    Not enough parents are teaching their children, and the rise of unplanned pregnancy is ridiculous. I had sex ed in school and it was needed and I am thankful that I had that class in school. The children of today need to be educated. STD prevention is important, along with being provided with the essential information regarding sex.

  • Not Enough Parents Are Stepping Up

    If parents aren't teaching their kids, and if kids are too shy to talk to their parents about it, then why not offer a class where they can sit in, freely.. maybe not even ask questions, and learn about the dangers of STD's, how to prevent pregnancies, and other things they to can to be cautious of their sex life. It would prevent a lot.

  • We are not taught enough!

    As a group of teenagers, we defiantly think that sex education should be taught in school and also taught in more detail. We learn that STD's are bad, wear a condom but that's about it. We are not taught how to take care of our genitalia and how to check for infections.

  • Yes, it needs to be.

    Even though teenagers are not having sex they need to take caution in what they might do one day. People think that Sex Education encourages sex but is does quite the opposite. Sex Education encourages abstinence. Sex Ed should be taught at all high schools. Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs help but don't specifically state anything about STD's or birth control.

  • Of course

    Kids need to learn this because it's almost time for them I mean it sounds wrong but that's how you make the babies and get pregnant sex ed should be a class thing. But sex ed should be taught around 5th to 12th grade. Kids need sex and sex should be lowered to either 11 or higher.

  • Abstinence is Taught

    People keep saying abstinence needs to be taught, but that is what is being taught. Truth be told its not working, kids are wanting sex that is just the reality of it. In order to make sure that kids are doing the safe thing when they do choose to involve themselves in sexual activity they have to learn what is safe and what is not safe. Where else are they going to learn that but by taking a sexual education class.

  • Countries without sex ed has markedly lower teen pregnancies and STIs.

    It is the duty of parents preferably of same sex, girl should get from mom and boy should get this education from dad. Surprisingly, teen pregnancies and STIs in teen are very low in a society where no sex ed is given in school compared to the society where it is provided in schools.

  • Children should not be taught sex education in school.

    The parents should teach there children about sex. It is there child. In schools they show a video that is basicly porn while they are un the fifth grade! They are to young to learn at that age. They will also what to have sex afterwards. Sex education is wrong do not let you kids learn from school.

  • Inadequate research

    The research supporting this is dogged by ideology and is of very poor quality. I go to the primary sources have yet to find a decent research study that is not beset by huge methodological problems and poor response rates. What kids need is good parenting, not more sex education.

  • Abstinence should be taught

    That is what is wrong with teens, and much younger. With an explosion of sex in the media, there are no morals for our students. Throwing yourself at a member of the opposite sex has become excepted, but instead it should be spoke against...of course this should start at home!

  • Sex ed is bad

    Abstinence ed is a preferable alternative. The only reason you would want to have sex ed is if you want people to have sex. There is no such thing as safe sex; all sex carries an inherent risk of negative outcomes (pregnancy, stds, etc.) as there is nothing that fully removes all probabilities of any negative outcomes occurring. That's why we need Abstinence Ed: Teach people to not have sex.

  • Why should schools be parents to ALL?

    How do we know that ALL children are ready to hear/see sex? This introduction may be enticing and put thoughts in a child's head that they either are not ready for or would never have contemplated for a few more years.
    I wouldn't tell a primary age young person the safest ways of taking illegal drugs, or point them to the best drug pusher selling pure illegal drugs. Sex is made to look like the be all and end all, when it is not.
    Sure teach about the changes in body and reproduction - but why is anything else necessary? Why does a 12 year old need to be shown how to use a condom, if having sex at 12 is illegal? This is a mix message. Children are now more and more seeing underage sex as the norm - because they are given contraception including dangerous morning after pill and can have abortions without the support of their parents.
    If they are bad parents out there - deal with them and help there children, but don't impose a blanket set of legislation/laws or whatever for ALL, when ALL isn't bad.

  • Parents obligation and right not the schools.

    The degeneration of society and degradation of social morals have led schools to teach sex-ed in schools. This should be the right of parents, not schools. Do you think that schools are trying to demote sex? NO! By teaching sex-ed they are only encouraging it by saying "practice safe sex". This is just sick. Why do you think there is a rise in teen pregnancies and STI's? Make your own conclusion.

  • My daughter ochallissa

    I don't want my daughter to learn about sex until she is in high school because it does not matter what school is going to be teaching it, I just don't think that they should teach kids about sex until they get into high school. Its just not right ok.

  • No drugs, no sex

    Sexual education in schools is encouraging (in youths and adults) an acceptance for young sex on a whole. If some schools can have daycare programs for pregnant teenagers, then why cant they have rehabilitation centers for young heroine addicts? In the same way that schools take a ZERO tolerance stance on drugs, they can adopt a ZERO tolerance policy on adolescent sexual activity and not only decrease pregnancies and STI's amongst youth, but also lower the acceptability level for premature sex on a whole.

    Hey so I have a debate and this is the topic, and just my luck I ended up on the against side, is this argument effective?

  • no

    Sex education should not be taught in school ever because since the schools started adding it to the curriculum there have been more teen pregnancies

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Anonymous says2013-03-06T03:49:22.923
Yes students and teens should be taught about sex. Not only because it will teach them how to be safe while having sex but also teaching them what could happen when having sex. I honestly in my opinion, abstinence is NOT the only way because teens will have sex either way because they will not know what the consequences are for having sex. I am a teenage girl and yes i am still a virgin and will wait till marriage but that does not mean I am with the idea of abstinence because like i said we're gonna do it sooner or later. So yes i think sex ed should be taught in school and abstinence is defiantly NOT the only way or should it be that way because our hormones make us want the urge to have sex.
yunicielo says2014-12-03T13:44:46.587
There is nothing to support the arguments of the negative side. They are just simply spouting opinions not justified facts.