• Yes, They need choice

    Children need to learn their interests and develop them, Not be a slave to what the schools say they need to know and be. Each child will go on to a career in their own interests, Not what they schools want them to do. They need to be allowed the choice to develop, Learn from mistakes, And learn to act and think like adults. Responsibility for what they learn is a good way to do that. Providing them to manage their own time and schedule will help them to be more responsible and be ready for the workplace, And what will be relevant for one student won't be for another. Children are different and unique, And the current schooling system doesn't account for that. "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, It will live its whole life believing that it is stupid" - Albert Einstein

  • Strictly exclusive of all other cases besides abortion.

    The child's mind is not yet fully developed until some time in their twenties. They still need an authority to teach them moral values and wise life decisions. However, all children are still valuable and priceless regardless of intelligence, age, or actions. Even a child not yet born is priceless according to these noble and egalitarian standards. The mother choosing whether or not the child should live infringes on that child's right to life. Drawing an arbitrary line is terrible, for lines (such as a heartbeat) cut off already born members of the human race (people who either have pacemakers or who are heartless like myself). Life is a right ALL children/fetuses have.

  • No, most need guidance.

    Children need parents to guide them until they're old enough; that's what parents are for. Children especially 11-15 are in the risk of getting influenced by bad children, so they definitely should not get decision making during that age or around- decision making can only be trusted to them when they are mature enough. But it also depends how much understanding the child is. If they are trustworthy, decision making should be allowed for them more as it will be a part of their growing up.

  • Kids should be allowed to decide on issues that affect their quality of life.

    Children should be granted more decision making autonomy because of children's rights. This is because when it comes to life choices, kids should be more involved and have a say in what happens to them. Issues such as which parent to live with in a divorce situation, whether to go to school or be home-schooled, and perhaps even choosing which medical treatment they get should have a lot to do with what the kid chooses him/herself.

  • No They Shouldn't

    Children should not be granted more decision making autonomy because of children's rights. Children generally have laws in their favor to protect them from different types of abuse, not to give them rights. Children deserve proper care and it has been shown that children who have to make big decisions get frustrated and have a hard time. It is the parents job to figure out what children make decisions on and when they make those decisions based on their development.

  • No, children shouldn't have more decision making autonomy.

    I do not believe that kids should be granted more decision making autonomy just because they have children's rights. I think that giving children too much rights in terms of decision making will affect how parents are able to raise their kids. I think that such an idea will be trouble.

  • They don't have judgment.

    No, children should not be granted more decision making autonomy because of children's rights, because they do not have the good judgment to make decisions. The children should be allowed to make decisions that they can handle, like what to wear. But the future should be left to the parents who take care of them.

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