Should children be held back in school k-12?(California)

Asked by: lrmarquez32
  • You cant be passed on in life.

    The fact that people just think it is okay to push your child on in school is stupid. As adults when you fail at your job do you get a promotion. Most of the time its no. So what makes you think that your child will be able to move on in school with out the necessary foundation. For example can you lean to write an essay if you cant write your ABC, No. Others may say that the child will be social development will falter compared to there peers. Although in all reality your education is much more important than your social life. Not only that children have other ways of communication. Others may also say that the child will become a social outcast because his peers will be higher than him but if friends will not be there for him then they are not really friends. In the end it all comes down to education. Would you rather have a social child or a successful child?

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