• Home schooling is a perfect Idea!

    The reason why I say home schooling is a perfect idea is because when your at home you are confident like I am but when your in school you can become one of the quiet ones and no one notices you like me. Also if children were homeschooled it would boost their confidence and trust also as a parent you know all about your child and how they struggle which is an advantage as they could learn more most home schooled kids are very clever due to there parents knowing how to handle them without all this detentions. So I say it a terrific idea!

  • Learn at your own pace

    Home school is a wonderful idea! Children can learn at their own pace and even take breaks in the middle of class to relax. It is an easy way for children to learn with out distraction. The only bad side to this is not getting to meet new people which is something needed in jobs or in life even. But home school is not a bad idea.

  • Kids Shoud Be Homeschooled

    They will do better if they learn at their own pace, an without all the stress of seeing other kids finish faster than they do. Also, they cannot get into fights, no bullying, and no getting up early. Also for parents, there are no transportation or field trip fees to pay.

  • Yes and No

    Whether or not to homeschool depends on the child and the situation. Homeschooling does have multiple benefits, but if the child is irresponsible or the parents can't teach their kids for whatever reason, then no, that family shouldn't homeschool. However, if the circumstances make homeschooling a possibility, then the family absolutely should homeschool their child. It may be a bit more expensive, but it's worth it. Also, if parents are worried about their child's social skills, they shouldn't. There are plenty of homeschooling programs that allow kids to socialize with other homeschooled kids. Benefits of homeschooling include the child will learn responsibility by controlling their own learning, can choose what they want to learn with certain classes and with limits, will get to spend more time with their parents and family, will be able to sleep in longer, and can work at their own pace and time.

  • Homeschooling was the original "education choice".

    Homeschooling is a legal option in all 50 U.S. States and was the educational choice of many of our great leaders such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, & Theodore Rosevelt. All children and families are different and therefore have different needs. Homeschooling is one of the many freedoms we in enjoy in our country and a family's choice to excercise that freedom shouldn't be up for debate any more than that families right to vote.

  • Friends and clubs

    I go to a public school. Its just been build it cost 37 MILLON.
    I know most of my friends from school.
    A few from nursery. I know nobody that is home schooled. We have a jym, a dance studio 2 games halls.A good sciences labs and home ect.
    All the teachers are great and teach well. In less your mum/dad was/is a teacher then I feel you are not being taught everything RIGHT.

  • The question is ethically wrong -

    It does not matter. Children "should" not be homsechooled, as it is entirely the child's and the parent's decision. The word "should", suggests a lack of decisive freedom for the child and the family in general on whether he/she will be homeschooled or not. To take away one's freedom of choice in life, is to take away one's individuality and basic rights as a human being. To all those who say it "should" be implicated, to you I say its is preposterous. Some children learn more efficiently art home than others and vice versa. As many advantages homeschooling brings, there are equally as many disadvantages, where lack of social interactions with children/people of their age is already a major drawback. Math and science is not the only important lesson in school, as social skills are equally as valuable in our society, where I believe, school is of paramount importance for the establishment of those fundamental skills in one's life. However, some children do not need anyone in order to live a happy life, so again in depends. I therefore say this - no child nor adolescent "should" be homseschooled, however, if deemed favorable, homeschooling should be in their rightful grasp. It is entirely up to the person, as neither conventional school nor homeschool should be enforced.

  • School is just better

    A) The child will have trouble making friends and not all parents have access to curriculum documents
    B) Home schooling does not use teachers- that went to teacher college
    C) Not a good prep for university
    D)Textbooks get expensive as heck.
    E) Siblings are enormous distractions
    F) Parents may not know about changes in curriculum

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