• Home schooling is great for all children.

    However it does depends on the parent and the child of course. Is the parent/s responsible and organized enough to relate to the subjects and afford the time? Of course there is always tutors for certain difficulties, and always activities around for increased social skills (kids and adults). And is the child cut out for school? This excludes a high percentage, such as slow learners, fast learner, hyper active children, ones with particular interests or skills, etc. Including undisciplined children such as foul mouths, bullies, or any inappropriate behavior is far too much for teachers to keep on top of. Do you even know the teacher/s? Are they capable? Regardless teachers cannot educate the children on their own (parents must have a lot of involvement).

    Our future (children) don’t need school for friends, learning, and fitness. If there were any benefit towards schools, it would have to be as a daycare, and a poor one at that. Bottom line is the benefit from quality attention from home schooling.

  • How can children be properly socialized in an atmosphere of fear and chaos?

    Peer dependency is also an example of negative socialization. It often prevents students from maturing, developing their own individual personalities, developing a moral code separate from that of the group, becoming self-reliant, and developing an acceptable work ethic. One wonders about the viability of a system wherein most admit to cheating regularly and trying to get by with as little effort as possible.

  • They can.

    There's nothing wrong with homeschooling. Homeschooling, public school, and other methods of education all have their own pros and cons. The pros of homeschooling include being able to learn in the way you think works best. Public schools only have a generic education system designed to work for most people. Another good thing about homeschooling is that your schedule for other things is extremely flexible since you can model your school work around other activities. There may also be other reasons for choosing homeschooling, such as bullying being a problem, or the local school being a failure. The main con of homeschooling is the student's social life. Although this could be a problem, it can be avoided by joining other groups, such as Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, 4-H, sports, and any other little club the student may be interested in. There's nothing wrong with choosing public school either though. It has its benefits. The choice really depends on the student and what would work best for him.

  • i do think they should be home schooled

    parents can save money buy not have to buy school lunch and school feas
    lot of kids feel left out and they get bullied
    and if there parents teach them they don't have to take class they want like PE. and musical classes and plus kids move at different passes
    and if the kids finish the school work the kids have time to make are commutie better by picking up trash helping the old people or there grandparents

  • They shgould not

    Like Jouaquin said,kids are going to be lonely and they are not going to engage with other kids a nd they will not be exposed to a class room environment and they are not going to know how it feels like to be part of a team and no recess.

  • Yes if it is necessary

    Most children have situations in life that affect whether they should be educated in school or at home. There could be various reasons why a child needs to stay home. The number one reason is because parents are afraid of their child living with the outside world. They can be easily influenced by other people who have are not taking school seriously and become like them. I think if a parents(s) feels more secure with their child being educated at home then nobody should criticize them.

  • Yes, homeschooling is the best for your children

    I am in grade eight, at a public school. But my two little brothers are homeschooled. They are in grade five and six, and are doing work at the same level that I am! They go on lots of educational field trips where the actually learn things. Unlike public schools where all we do is go to the pool, or the beach, or walk through a crowded museum, where we don't learn anything.

  • Get to select what they want

    Since they have a flexible timetable , they can went on field trip every week . The more places they went, the more experience they get . They could also study the things they ' re interested in not like public school u need to study what they ask u to study . Home schooled children can also focus on their interest and not wasting time on the things that they don't even like

  • No kids should have to endure these things.

    Peer pressure, bullying, and feeling left out won't happen to children. Too many kids undergo these things. It rids them of courage, happiness, and sometimes friends. Also, kids need to be able to concentrate on what they are learning. They have a better example being around family and their parents. They will learn better.

  • I wish every kid could experience home schooling.

    Home schooled kids have more time for friends because they aren't wasting time sitting in school waiting for the class to be quiet enough for the teacher to explain the lesson. My kids have been in public school, charter school and home school. School friends are great but there is very little time in school to enjoy them. Which is why my children have more friends through home schooling programs, sports, choir, scouts, church and 4-h than they had from school and they have more time to play with them. They play a lot nicer too because they aren't stressed out about their day in school. We take field trips every week. We organize them with other home schoolers and meet up for educational and fun field trips that are even better than public school field trips because there are less kids to push and shove and more freedom. Our field trips usually have a group of 10-15 kids and so we get invited into places the regular school kids don't get into. It's pretty cool. The quality of education is indisputably higher than all other types of schooling. A kid who is struggling in home school doesn't have to have their confidence smashed because the rest of the class is moving ahead. They can get extra learning on something and even try different ways to get a concept. A child that is ahead does not have to be held back by the class. Children have more time to explore their own interests. Home schooled kids have a lot more confidence in their own learning process and are more willing to figure out something on their own. It is amazing. Kids who can't behave in school can find a learning passion when home schooling. Learning is too confined in the current school model. Nobody can break away from the basic model because the current system is designed to deliver a certain type of education at the lowest cost per person just like widgets are made in factories. That is not the best learning environment for the many bright minds of the world.

  • I don't think so.

    Children be educated in school can be more convenient for the education management by the government. Children be educated in school is easy for our government to know the study level of our student and adopt new method to improve our education system, which can offer a better environment for children’s education.

  • Not good for children

    They shouldn't because how do your children get social skills they wont have any friends. How do you know if there even working with there child the parent could just be watching to and the child could be playing games until lunch or dinner time that's what I think about.

  • Blah Blah Blah

    Not as educated Students who are home schooled dont have as much education or social skills. People usually dont make friends being home schooled then the students that are homeschooled usually wanna makew friends and go a public school to learn social skills and make friends for a long time being home schooled they cant do these things on there own and depend on there parents there whole life.No that's not good for the children. No children should go to school where they can learn what they need to learn. This could make the students have lack of opportunities with collage because they did not go to public or private school.
    Children should not be homeschooled because they need to be with kids their own age so they can be more social around people.
    How kids learn new things from home? As you can see, this is why kids should not be homeschooled. Children need to learn to socialise, work in groups tolerate others.Kids need to be with other kids they can learn better.Parents should have a large influence on their children's studies and should be actively involved to ensure the child's success, but it is equally important to allow the child to be exposed to all kinds of people.Can parents do the job the teachers?
    The academic focus could be narrowed because parents are only going to teach them is required for them to know.The teachers go to the university for 4 years they learn how to teach students will understand. Teachers get practice in real classroom to see what work best students. Most parents have full time job so they can’t teach them everyday like the teachers.The teachers teach the students seven hour. Students will not able to do extracurricular activity because they are not registered to a public private school. The kids would be shy all the time because they did not learn how to talk in public.I don't think so. I think that if children were home schooled then they most likely would not be so social. I mean kids would be kids, they probably wouldn't get as good of an education. But if they were home schooled for the ones that get bullied or have other problems at school they maybe wouldn't be bullied or have those problems.Children should not be home schooled because it is unregulated in most of the country. This allows parents to hide crimes against their children which can lead to more cases of child abuse. On September 9, the parents of Hana Williams, an Ethiopian teenager living in the state of Washington, were convicted of killing her. During the last year of her life, court documents show, she had lost almost 30 pounds as she was beaten, denied food, forced to sleep in a barn, and given cold outdoor showers with a garden hose. Much of the time she was kept barefoot, although she was allowed shoes if there was snow on the ground. Sometimes she was given nothing but

  • No, children should go to public schools and spend time with others their own age.

    Children should go to public schools where they can learn what they need to learn. Home-schooled kids do learn the government mandated curriculum and are tested for that knowledge, but they miss out on what schools don't plan to teach but kids should learn anyway. These things include profanity on the school bus, how to survive cafeteria bullies and making out with girls during recess. Home-school kids do not develop critical social and survival skills as the rest of us do.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • No

    The point I am trying to make is that parents do no need to home school their children. This could make the student have lack of opportunities with college because they did not go to a public or private school. The academic focus could be narrowed because parents are only going to teach them what is required for them to knew. Lastly, student will not be able to do extra curricular activities because they are not registered to a public or private school.

  • Not in most situations

    Unless your child has a learning disability, or special needs, I feel he or she should be in school getting social skills and an education by qualified professionals. Parent's beliefs and values are being taught to the children, which is great....But they also need to hear opinions of others and see what the real world is like. If they are sheltered in your bubble, they will not have the opportunities they need. In real life, there is peer pressure as well as other cultural happenings in which they need to know about. Or are you preparing them for the SHOCK they will get when they go out on their own? Yes, I realize you go to the zoo & have other fun activities with other children you "approve" of letting your kids associate with...But that's not enough. Good Luck to you and your children in the future. I hope they can speak for themselves & what they believe, and they need to find a boss who can coddle them when they need it.

  • Socially better for children

    I strongly disagree that we should be taught at school with teachers than at home with technology we have today.
    As my first argument I would like to say that school is a place where we learn new things, meeting new and old friends and being social. Students studying at home with technology won’t like as they will usually want help and computers are not always helpful. As i see in my life i can see that class mates prefer a more of a social, enjoyable environment.
    To my second argument is that Schools are communities that not only emphasize collective learning but also encourage sports and creativity in the form of extra curricular activities; such activities as societal values into the next generation.
    There is another issue when teaching at home is when students have to be vaccinated which all schools can provide as immunisations cannot be provided at home. The required immunizations not only have concrete benefits but also teach children that their actions have consequences on the greater whole.
    Another crucial part of an education outside of the home is the interaction amongst the students that is used to prepare them to have constructive activities with fellow citizens when their schooling is over. Interacting with other children who may be taught different belief systems and come from different social-economic statuses and religious or ethnic backgrounds prepare students for their future, where the potential of having to deal with someone who is different is almost predictable. While there may be attempts by parents to socialize their children through other means (such as joining sports teams or youth clubs), these organizations are centred on similarity and all the kids that enjoy the same thing or believe in the same values congregate.

  • No kids should not be home schooled.

    First of all kids like to see their friends. I am a kid and the main reason I actually want to go to school some days. Also the kids will never have fun on field trips or anything. The kids wont be put in EXCEL or any other advanced classes. So kids shouldn't be home schooled.

  • No parents should Home school their children.

    Kids don't get 2 have as much friends and they can't learn what they need to learn about. My opinion is that u should not home school your child because they wont have friends and the knowlage the need to have 2 learn the right stuff. The parents need to do everything they need to while thier kids r at school

  • Children should not be home schooled because it is unregulated in most of the country.

    This allows parents to hide crimes against their children which can lead to more cases of child abuse. On September 9, the parents of Hana Williams, an Ethiopian teenager living in the state of Washington, were convicted of killing her. During the last year of her life, court documents show, she had lost almost 30 pounds as she was beaten, denied food, forced to sleep in a barn, and given cold outdoor showers with a garden hose. Much of the time she was kept barefoot, although she was allowed shoes if there was snow on the ground. Sometimes she was given nothing but a towel to wear. If Williams had been in school, someone might have noticed that she was underdressed and emaciated.But, since she was homeschooled, nobody noticed and, unfortunately, the parents were able to do anything they pleased. She died naked, face down in the mud in their backyard. Williams is far from the only homeschooled kid to be tortured or murdered in recent years. It was found that almost 70 victims since 2000—and those are just cases that made the papers.

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