• Immunizations Prevent Spread of Disease

    Children should be immunized in order to prevent the spread of diseases. Without vaccinations, things like polio and smallpox would still be prevalent. People live longer and the quality of life is higher thanks in part to immunizations from debilitating diseases. In terms of schooling, immunizations are important to keep public school children healthy.

  • No reason not to.

    Scientifically, there is no reason to NOT immunize a child; every child. The amount of good immunizing does is astronomical as compared to the risks of not immunizing. Some would say that providing immunization to a child increases the chances of autism. This is false scientifically, factually, and morally. Immunize your children.

  • Yes

    It can help solve a lot of problems that come down the road. If kids are immunized than there are less chances that they catch the disease. This also helps because they will not miss as much school and we will not have to worry about them spreading disease in school.

  • YES

    Children should be immunized to keep them safe from the harm of illness that is floating all around our atmosphere. Clearly immunizations have been approved and known to work and people should not be able to choose whether or not to utilize them for a child. The children need to be immunized instead of taking the risks of harm.

  • Yes, they obviously should

    If there are immunizations available that will ward off a disease for many years after the immunization, then yes, obviously children should be immunized. This will prevent the disease from not only making the child sick, but it will prevent the disease from spreading to others. This is a no brainer.

  • No reason not to find another method

    People shouldn't just rely on immunization . They need to eat healthy and prevent themselves to not get fat and get unhealthy . If you take the immunization every time it wastes a lot of time and money . You shouldn't pollute your environment . This also prevents diseases .

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