Should children be indoctrinated with their families religious views?

  • Atheist for religion.

    Though religion tends to be a form of brainwashing, so is anything else that we determine an important opinion. There is a good reason why both freedom of speech and freedom of religion are in the first amendment. Because a religion is basically an opinion and we should have the right to voice our opinions no matter if they turn out to be the wrong one.
    No matter what, a parent will at least try to pass on their opinions to their children. As long as the actions involved are not criminal I have no problem with it.
    I have a theory about religion based on their view of atheists. Many religious people tend to feel that atheists have no morals or are evil. This tells me that religious people owe their morals to their religion and without it they would be immoral. If their morals come from religion and not their upbringing, then clearly they have come from a long line of people with poor parenting skills and need to rely on religion to keep their children from being immoral. If we where to deny them the use of their religion, they would be left with just poor parenting skills that lead to their children becoming immoral. In the U.S. about 90% of the population has a religion. If we took away that religion, we would have 90% of the population doing immoral acts leaving only the 10% of atheists and agnostics to be the only ones with morals.

  • They are not being brainwashed. If they are born into that religion, they stay there until they are old enough to decide.

    If anyone has read/watched Divergent, it is pretty much the same concept. The child is born into a certain religion and stays there until they are old enough to decide. In the case of Catholics, when children are 13 years old, they get a choice of whether or not they would like to stay in that religion. It is not a brainwash because it is passed down from generations. Some are shorter than others but parents do not push their children into believing. If you ask a 2 year old what they believe, it would be inaccurate. You can always convert to another religion. That is the freedom of choice given to us. Nobody is being forced into doing anything as the child follows whatever religion the parents follow until they are ready to make a choice.

  • It won't stop the, from making their own decision when they get older

    Kids need to at least learn the basics about religion, the best way is to learn their parents religion as children, this opens their eyes to faith. This will not stop them from making their own decision, they can't be forced to believe.

    Children who are not taught any religion are deprived as they have no basis to make their own religious decisions, they have no religious education so their education is biased towards nothing.

  • Indoctrination is child abuse.

    Children shouldn't be brainwashed by their parents into a particular belief system. This, in itself, is a form of child mental abuse. We have all seen the affects of this when children who are exposed to such mental trauma develop various emotional and psychological issues throughout their development. Children should be allowed to decide on their own what they think is best for themselves as they grow and understand religion more thoroughly instead of being expose to it by their parents. However, we all know that this will not happen as religious parents feel like it's their religious obligation to brainwash their children into believing in their fairy tales early in their development. This is no different than any other form of abuse. The only difference, is that this form of abuse is protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It's not right.

  • No child should be Indoctrinated (brainwashed) into any belief system. That is Child Abuse, Their Minds Should Remain Open:

    Indoctrination (Inculcating: Instilling a Set Of Beliefs) into children's minds is actually a form of brainwashing, the usual approach is through repetitive instruction, punishing unwanted responses and rewarding desired responses until the child only toes the desired line and harbors only the desired beliefs.
    This closes the Victim's mind to other beliefs and thus reduces their ability to function as an open minded, intelligent citizen.
    In fact, it actually reduces their Intelligence drastically.
    There are many on DDO who's intelligence has been severely retarded by indoctrination into their parent's superstitions.
    Such as some extremely unintelligent Creatards, who push complete nonsense as if we should all believe in it as Truth.
    Their minds are closed to the massive amount of real evidence that they are wrong. Thus they have become Extremely Ignorant of evidence and thus Extremely Unintelligent.
    I rest my case!

  • Hell na.. Why should they

    Why should a family influence a child of push the, in the direction of a religion. It should be the childs right to decide what path, whether a religion or no religion, he or she wants to follow. I need to write 12 more words to post this. This is why I wrote this

  • The child should decide what it wants to believe in!

    If a child is indoctrinated with familys religious views , and the parents do not leave choice for child to develop their own beliefs, then the child will most probably have a lot of repressed feelings and thoughts which could result in psychological and emotional problems. Children should develop their own beliefs and be taught to have an open mind, but they should also learn how to be skeptical. No parent or family member has the right to tell that their religion is the best and the only one that's right!

  • Indoctrination is Wrong.

    Indoctrination is wrong, plain and simple. In my opinion, it is unforgivable when done to children. The term "indoctrination' suggests not only education, but the expectation that the children not question and not critically examine what they are being taught. In my opinion, those are the two most important things we can teach our children.

  • No absolutely not

    The moral progress we have comes from people who use their brains and think for themselves. As weve strayed away from religion we have become better people. We no longer punish children for the sins of the parent. We no longer own slaves. We no longer torture people for their beliefs. We are much better off now that we have strayed away from religion and i think we should teach kids to think for themselves and to question everything including religion. People are scared to question religion.

  • The worst part is that it effects the child's ability to understand reality.

    The last thing a child needs is a brain full of fairy tales and a deep rooted belief in a super human being when they go to school and study science, history and any social related subjects. Not giving a child an open mind will effect their outlook on life and possibly their career and this stems from mental abuse by religious nuts and can be continued by some extremely religious schools.

  • A child must first see the world undistorted by religion

    A child is born knowing nothing. It is wrong for a family to pressure him into their chosen religion as the boy/ girl is unable to understand or attain the meaning origin or commitment to the cult that he might be making. A parent must give the child a honest perspective of the world not one warped by religion. Then at a certain age the child can choose to break away or remain part of the cult.

  • Indoctrinated? No. Taught? Yes.

    I commented before posting this that the term "indoctrination" is poor wording. Religion is not the only thing that is indoctrinated, so this question kind of fails. I do not believe ANY belief system should be indoctrinated, whether political, religious, social, or otherwise. That means that, even if a child's parents are ATHEISTS, said child has a right to pursue religion. People tend to forget that atheism is a belief as well (or disbelief, if you will). The world needs more "freethinkers", but freethinking does not imply atheism by any means. All religious views should be taught, include apatheism (lack of caring about the existence of gods), ignosticism (which holds that "God" is an undefinable term, and we assume too much), theism, atheism, agnosticism, and the variety of other positions that can be held. Freethinking is a method with no implications (however, if a theistic position was implied, it wouldn't be atheism, it'd be igntheism/ignosticism). Children have a right to believe as they choose, even if they do choose to go against the families beliefs. Atheists and Theists need to allow children to make their own choices. The only job of a parent, when it comes to beliefs, is to challenge the child's mind in such a way that said child can logically defend their position on everything they believe, whether it be religious, political, social, or whatever.

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Pfalcon1318 says2014-04-21T15:51:16.637
I love how the question is biased from the beginning. "Indoctrination"? Really? Great verb for the question. "Indoctrination" is not the same as "raised in a specific environment". I mean, political views, gender expectations, morality and a host of other things are indoctrination when the child doesn't decide them for him/herself, but is told by a parent what is right. Regardless of what you teach them, if they do not decide for themselves, it is indoctrination, so your question is invalid. At what point did religion become the only thing that is indoctrination? Even atheists indoctrinate their children, when they tell the child why God does not exist (per their own view). Let people believe as they choose, and raise their kids as they choose. It is not indoctrination when they are also allowed to see other viewpoints.