Should children be penalized because of bullying?

Asked by: RanelNino
  • They should be.

    It affects the kids being bullied. Sure one little tease in a middle school hallway is one thing but bullies nowadays are taking it to a whole new level. They are completely sabotaging innocent kids today over irrelevant and stupid things. This could lead to that kid's depression and, heaven forbid, suicide.

  • Even bullies are unique.

    Even if some are counseled they can continue to bully. I am an ex bully and used to be bullied, my reason was to show what being mean was like. Without penalization I could have become a terrible person. My parents and counselors both did the job to set me straight. I am a supporter of BOTH that it is ok and also not always the solution to penalize bullying.

  • What is the point of discipline?

    If children are not punished in proper fashions that they fear, they will continue to perform outrageous things such as bullying. The nice and lovely approach has failed in only a short time. It is necessary to head back to stricter rules. Just like spanking, if children are given a simple talking to they don't "fear" what will happen if they continue. They just go "oh okay, so nothing really happens" and keep going on with unacceptable behaviours, bullying and otherwise.

  • Bullying has come to the stage where bullies have to be penalized

    In my opinion bullying should definitely be penalized because the bullies will finally get what they deserve. Hurting innocent people isn't a accidental thing and is done on purpose. When bullies are penalized victims will relax to know that their bullies are being dealt with in a extremely serious manner. Hopefully bullies will learn their lesson and won't do the terrible thing again. Parents will also find out how tragic bulling has come to and will to do something about it that will stop their child from hurting innocent and helpless children.

  • Its wrong and harmful

    Bullying is harmful both physically and mentally. It can cause serious issues in kids. It can not be allowed to affect a student's education. Bullies need to be punished fast and hard before their torment can continue. Help needs to be given to both the bully and the bullied. Also, the punishment has to fit the offense, it cant be too light or too heavy. Kids need to be taught to stand up to bullies and defend their friends against bullies. Bullying is wrong and it is up to the teacher and parents to help combat it.

  • Without punishment caused by bullying, children can think you are encouraging them to fight.

    Should children be penalised because of bullying? Well in my opinion, they definitely should be penalised. Why? Well if we do not punish bullies they won't learn for what they have done to their victim. They won't learn how their victim feel, thus continue bullying. Bullying is a serious matter, it can change ones live, a world without bullying is always better than one with bullying. So why not try and stop it by punishing bullies.

  • No they should not be penalized rather confronting them friendly and discussing the issue with them can solve the problem

    Children are immature and hardly understand the ill-effects of bullying. Sometimes just to dominate their fellow mates they try to physically hurt them. Punishing them for this act could have an everlasting psychological impact on their life. Proper teaching and consultation with them should be the way to make them understand.

  • It dosent work

    This shit dosent work if a kid billies another kid and they get punished they will be more violent next time. By the way marajuana works I like pie deez how ant loyal no no no ohhh oh deez hoes ant loyal I like pie and I like hoes PEACE

  • Difference between counseling and penalizing

    Kids who bully others, casually will have some type of family and/or personal problems of some sort. Therefore, instead of focusing on penalizing one should rather care for the counseling of the kid(s) who do bullying. One needs to focus on the root of the problem rather than just slapping the hand of a bully for his wrong doings. One should firstly counsel a bully with his family and/or personal problems and check frequently that the bully stopped his bad actions. Counseling rather than penalizing will focus on the inward more than the outward. Let's remember that it is within a person will things change.

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