Should children be pressured to accept Atheism?

Asked by: SegBeg
  • "pressured" is the wrong word, it equates to force.

    And force is wrong to use on any one, even children.
    But if you mean raised secular instead of religious, then yes research has shown that a secular upbringing may be healthier for children.
    According to a 2010 Duke University study, kids raised this way display less susceptibility to racism and peer pressure, and are “less vengeful, less nationalistic, less militaristic, less authoritarian, and more tolerant, on average, than religious adults.” and the list goes on........The more you know the less you believe.

  • People must accept facts.

    This is like saying kids should be forced to accept algebra or something similar to that, Get real people god dose not exist, stop brainwashing kids to make yourself feel good, thats immoral and wrong, this is why similar religious are evil they fight the trust and poison the youth. Face the facts, facts are facts.

  • For all the people who say children should not be pressured to accept religion, they should also not be forced to accept atheism.

    Bringing your kids up in you religion is fine- mine did it and as much as the atheists would want to hear, I am not "brainwashed" "closed minded" or "indoctrinated" I CHOSE to be this way. I don't agree with FORCING your kids to continue the religion though. They should be able to choose for themselves. However, I bet atheists would have no problem whatsoever with parents forcing their children be to atheists even up to adulthood. If anything, they would be delighted if that were to happen as many atheists was religion eradicated for the face of the earth completely. But the atheists will say, "you can't brainwash people into atheism because atheism is not a religion". Atheism might not be a religion but it does have some beliefs that you need to have in order to be one- such as not believing in God for example, you can't be an atheist if you believe in a god or gods. You have to believe we are here by chance and that their basically is no purpose in life. This does NOT make atheism a religion though. Communism is a belief system but is is not a religion. So therefore you CAN be brainwashed into atheism just as much as you can religion. Just as atheist think parents should not pressure their children to accept religion, parents should also not pressure their children to accept atheism.

  • This is wrong.

    Simply because a growing number of people are refusing to accept the obvious existence of God, does not mean denial of Him should be compulsory. Those who raise their children as atheists do them a great disservice, but they are permitted to do it. The same freedom ought to be granted to those who do right by their children, teaching them they are accountable to their creator.

  • No, and they shouldn't be taught a religion either.

    Whether its belief or lack of belief, things like this shouldn't even be considered teaching to someone until they are old enough to know what the difference between truth and lies are. This is especially true with religion. It should be illegal to teach religion until they are an adult. But religious people dont do that because if they did, then their kid would know what kind of BS religion is and wouldn't buy into that crap.

  • Children shouldn't be brainwashed

    Being raised in a secular or religious family is one thing, pressuring your children to agree with your beliefs is just- wrong. It should be OKAY to teach them your beliefs but I draw the line when they force kids to be of this specific religion, b b b b

  • No, and they aren't

    People shouldn't be pressured to accept anything. Children are people. But nobody is pressured to be atheist or Atheist, so everything is as it should be.
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  • Nobody would ever want this.

    The only time a child would even be able to "accept atheism" in the first place is when an adult has already indoctrinated them into believing in a certain God. Basically this question amounts to 'Should a child be forced to accept that Santa isn't real.'

    The answer is obviously no but they'll probably learn in time when they think about it.

  • Indoctrination into any religious opinion is wrong.

    Based on the OP's opinion post, the question can be interpreted as referring to the indoctrination of children, though I originally concluded it was referring to the cultural acceptance of atheists by children. As an atheist who feels the opposite pressure, I would not wish a synonymous situation onto anyone.

    Posted by: Nac

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