Should children be pressured to accept their parent's religion?

  • Yes They Should.

    Yes, I agree because the parents gave birth to the child. So they should listen to whatever they say. Anyway, the child automatically starts believing in a religion if it's in their parents' genes. Parents have the responsibility to teach their children about their religion. Just like teaching them how to use the toilet.

  • Yes they should go what their parents did.

    They should be able to follow in their parents footsteps, it makes no sense if you and your parents and you do not have the same religion it will all be different. For example if your parents go to church and you do not its a little bit weird. And parents usually choose for you at a young age. I believe that parents should chose for you.

  • I wouldn't call it "forcing" there more like teaching!

    Parents do not force their religion on their children because when their teaching them their ABC’s they’re educating them so its similar with religion, and as children grow older when they are more mature they can explore other religions, but when you’re a child its their right to teach them about their beliefs. If people think its ‘forcing’ then why bother being a good example, teaching them hygiene or nutrition habits? Why bother with religion, honesty, and good values or even morals at all? Why not let them wonder the streets naked, making up their own minds? Oh I know because you’re teaching them something not ‘forcing’! You see there’s a huge difference between the words teaching and forcing…try looking it up.

  • Yes and it's not forcing or pressuring

    At the end of the day, it was the parents who brought the child in to the world, so the parents have the authority to raise their child in any way they want. Secondly the children are not being forced or pressured, they are gradually being taught the way of their religion.

  • Being a teen

    Realising as I child of my religion growing up with the culture I see is as an amazing religion and I do believe you choose your parents... If your parent is stable they know what's best for you even if it is the easiest option as they want to see you in the gates of heaven with them not from a far distance in the gates of hell...

  • Yes and its not forcing or pressuring ... Its called presenting and teaching

    Parents have the complete right to present what they believe to their children as they have brought them to the world and it's their job to help lead their children's life. If the children understand and think following a religion is what they'd like to do then that's GREAT. However in some cases children will question religion and god ,they won't feel like they should believe in it or that it should be followed. Parents and family can then educate their children about religion and their beliefs, this may result in the children changing their mind and start following a religion. If the child still doesn't agree or accept their parents religion then parents should just leave the child to what he/she thinks and not pressure them into following their religion. BUT the child MUST at least respect what their parents believe and not mock them, parents have the right to keep following their religion even if their children don't.
    I follow a religion and believe in god, this is what my parents taught me when i was younger and when i was a child i thought it all made sense so i carried on believing, i wasn't pressured.. I was TAUGHT and EDUCATED.

    People who don't follow a religion should at least respect people who do, everyone has an opinion and is different. There is a time and a place to question someones beliefs and religions, if you really want a debate then get yourself on this website, there is no need to be rude to anybody about it or start questioning. Yes I know that this part had nothing to do with the debate but I felt that I just had to write it.

  • Parents have a right to make children follow their religion.

    I agree because God says that it is a parents duty to ensure that the child follows the parents faith. If the child doesn't then the parents will be disheartened because they might not see their children in the after life. Therefore the children should follow the parents religion because the parents are the ones who know what is the best decision for the child. I know that others may disagree with me but I'm just stating my opinion and the opinions of all the other religious people in the world. Furthermore I would not take the word 'pressured' into consideration due to the fact that not all children are being pressured into accepting their parent's decision. If anyone disagrees with my opinion then I suggest you just ignore me.

  • They are helping us not forcing us

    I don't like the word pressure. Then we are accepting everything else from our parents because they have to they are our parents. Like help, guides, protection and etc... But when it comes to helping us find God or even tell us about their religion we don't agree. Well it doesn't work that way. I believe that partners should make the kids understand religion and not force it. But at the same time everything in life is hard at first so partners need to encourage the kids to start practicing it slowly and not pressuring them to anything . There is a thin line between pressuring them and make them learn the religion. They need religion in their life. Everyone does. Just the way to introduce it the key.

  • Think of the children

    I am afraid that my children won't discover the right religion on their own so I make them do the right thing. This way they are saved from eternal damnation in hell because only one religion is true. They don't need a choice because I already know what is the right choice for them and I do not want them to be fake Christians, immoral agnostics or atheists. If my child did not follow the true faith like me I would disown the sinful heathens but if I make them the right way we will be together forever in heaven.

  • Praise the lord

    God wants us all to be drawn close to him & he will reach out to everyone at some point in there lives, teach children religion & if they accept it then that is great, but if they reject it then leave them to it, god will reach out to them again at some point in there lives and try and draw them closer. It is up to them if they reject god. All you can do is pray for them

  • Baptised by force

    I'm 13 and have been forced to go to church for all my life now and have finally stood up for myself and now I'm grounded??!! And they know that i hated it all my life and they say well you've been baptised so your now a Christian and that I cant choose another religion how is this fair?????????

  • Strong Atheist in the hood

    I strongly disagree with parents shoving religion down children's throats. They should have the to choose for themselves. However, this is the AGE OF SCIENCE. People need to get with the program. There is no mythical creature in the sky. Learn to live with it. That is all. Hail Atheists!

  • Definitely not, children have the right to choose these things.

    I'm a twelve-year-old. About a year and a half ago me and my mother were watching tv, and Long Island Medium or something was on. I told her it was a stupid show and that ghosts don't really exist, and she said they do because they have unfinished business and God sent them to do it. I told her that I don't believe in God. She is a christian, and she freaked out. She literally told EVERYBODY IN THE HOUSE, and I got very embarrassed and upset. She even posted it on Facebook, I think. No child should have to go through that level of shame for having their own opinion and thoughts on a subject as important as religion. Almost none of my friends know, because I'm afraid if I tell them, they'll freak out and hate me like my mom did. It sucks to be afraid of having your own opinion shared, and no child deserves that. Parents should be more open, and just because your child isn't exactly like you doesn't mean you freak out. Children should not be pressured to follow their parent's religion.

  • Unless it is for Shrek

    I think that the only religion (because it is the only true religion) that we can force our kids into is the Brogrehood. We need more Shrek in our lives. After they took it out of school our kids became violent and anti-ogre. The atheist government does not want us to praise Shrek and the Illuminati will win. 1v1 me m8.

  • My personal experience

    I think it's alright for a parent to teach their children the religion they practice but should let the child make the decision to follow it or not. That's the mistake my parents made. They are very religious Mormons (or Latter Days Saints, same thing) and although it's great for those who are members it feels extremely suffocating and time consuming when it's being forced upon you. Mormons believe that every aspect of their life (and I do mean EVERY SINGLE ONE) should be centred around Jesus. This gives my parents the perfect excuse to control anything I do. I'm not allowed to be friends with anyone that isn't straight, I have a limited amount of time to hang out with people that are not part of the Mormon church, they can go through all my social media, texts, and emails, they can control the kind of media I look at, my dress and appearance and basically everything and anything. I'm also forced to take religious classes every day before school for 4 years, attend church for 3 hours on Sunday, attend activities for 2-3 hours every Wednesday, a summer camp for a few days, and the occasional conference, stake activity and temple trip that can take from 2-7 hours. The worst part is that if I ever quit the church I will be shamed and pitied because "I fell into temptation" as most members see it. Most members won't do this but my mother is not the kind understanding type so I'm guarantied to be kicked out of the house and disowned by my family. I'm currently 17 and I'm saving up so I can move out. PLEASE DONT EVER, EVER PUT YOUR KIDS THROUGH THIS KIND OF TORTURE

  • I can't live like this

    I am a 13 year old kid who is pressured to accept my parents religion. I don't like going to church and I have told my parents this but they make me. They say that they will take my electronics and that i would get grounded. They also tell me that I can't hang out or talk to my cousins and with the people from the church because of this! The funny thing is that they don't care if I fall asleep in church, all they care about is what the people at the church think. My parents want everyone at the church think that were religious, when were not. My family has a lot of problems. They tell me that I can decide when I'm 18 but I cant live like this. Help me

  • It is a violation of religious freedom.

    I'm 18 and I've gone to church for most of my life. I've developed my own spiritual beliefs that my parents do not accept. When I go to church, it feels hippocritical of me since I do not share the same beliefs as the others in the church. Parents who subject their children to beliefs that the children do not share are violating their religious freedom, especially if they are legally adults.

  • It will only make you look like the bad guy.

    You should offer your children options, and let them decide, if they choose your religion willingly, they will be more cooperative anyways. If they dont, well they will end up leaving the religion the moment you dont have control over them. They will end up hating you more than liking you because you took control of a life that wasn't yours, if you gave birth to them, you don't own them because you wont provide for them for their entire life, they will live their lives long after you are gone, do not attempt to force anything on children. No kid should be told they are going to hell for not doing something. Educate your child, then let them choose. I'm 17, and being forced into a religion cause me to hate it. I know i can't get out of my situation now, but please, parents who are reading this, i know you care enough to find out, and i can tell you as a person on the other side of this fence, that you should not force them, you should let them choose. My parents are from a country where children and women don't have much say, but you are here, don't make the same mistakes.

  • No, parent shouldn't force their religion on their child

    I'm not going to lie. I'm a child, posting this from my phone. My parents have forced their religion on me, saying they'll take things away if I don't do certain religious practices. Children should have the right to choose their own religion, there is no law saying that children have to follow in their parents footsteps. I haven't told them yet that I don't want to worship their religion, because I'm scared of the consequences. Other children could have been forced to worship their parents religion too. So no, I don't think that parents should put pressure on their children to worship their religion. It's unfair to the children.

  • I believe that Religion is not essential in life

    I also believe that they shouldn't be forced to go to church when they could be doing things they love. I was once Christian because of my mum's beliefs but as I got older and left my church primary school, I became less interested and now I don't have a religion.

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