• How would you feel if your child, who played violent videogames, became violent, because they thought it was acceptable because it happens in video games?

    According to the National Institute of Mental Health, children who play violent video games have been shown to be more aggressive or harmful but, less sensitive to the sufferings and pain of others. They were also shown to be more fearful of the world around them. Is that really acceptable?

  • Violent Games Lead to Violent Future.

    Why should kids be allowed to play violent video games? Can anyone give one good reason as to why playing violent video games is essential to life? Also why do movies have ratings? To keep younger kids from seeing bad stuff. So them being able to play the main role in a video game thats just as bad is just stupid. Plus you will never need those fighting skills unless you join the army.

  • It should be illegal!

    It should be illegal for parents to let their children play violent video games. A young brain is essentially a sponge, soaking up all new information it's given. A brain can't associate with what's real and what's not. My young brother was allowed to play these violent war games and when he had finished he would be irritable, moody and angry. Why do parents think it's OK for their children to be exposed to images of blood, death and gore whether it is real or CG? I am all for video games (even the violent ones if they are for strictly over 18s) but children should not be exposed to that kind of material.

  • violent video games

    Prepares children for the future. Its a harsh world out there. If you are selected to compete in the hunger games, violent games will help you have years of practice and skill. Maybe with help from these games, such as Call of Duty, you will the victor of the Games and bring glory to your district.

  • Yes, it can't be good for them.

    A certain amount of acting out of the normal aggressions that we all carry is not a bad way for kids to play, but they should be free to develop these themselves or to get involved in animated cartoons that do this for them. Violent video games are just too much stimulus and reinforcement for these urges.

  • Prohibit children from violent video games?

    I do believe that children shouldn't be aloud to play violent video games because i think that if children play violent video games it will alter the way they rationalize what is real and what is not and a child could mistaken the violent video game for the ways that he/she should act in the real world

  • Making children be prohibited from violent games is a stupid idea because they will eventually become jealous and forcefully play.

    To make sure that doesn't happen I believe all children should have some time to play games, But there is one flaw, Children may become addicted to playing games so they need a limit to how much they can play so that they don't become addicted and lose interest in all other things around them that they can do.

  • I am also a student and a fan of violent and fighting games.

    By violent games we know how to make our self defense. Most times girls should play this because they should know top defend and contour the attack of criminals and be away from rape cases . This only the movie dangal told . And those who says that violent games should be prohibited they FUCK!

  • This is why we should let kids play violent games

    No, because blood is a part of life and if you see blood in a game when it's a human game you learn when you get blood you learn how to take care of the wound properly and or if you have little supplies, this is why we should play violent video games

  • They should not be prohibited

    There is absolutely no conclusice evidence that shows kids who played violent videos games lead to a violent future. And its obsurd for anyone to think otherwise. There are at least 2 billion chikdren in the world, and if a brain study was done on say ten children and the results showed that five out of those ten children would grow up to live a violent future, that shows that only half would live a violent future, the other have would either be inconclusive or they would be normal. There you go not enough evidence. If a child wants to play a mature video game filled with blood gore and sex I say let him. Either that or just freeze them all until they come of mature age and burn all the toys in the world.

  • It should not be illegal you raised your kid to not know the bitter truth of the world YOU made them spoiled not games

    It is not anyone fault but your own you didn't make your kid know what is happaning in the real world some times your have to let your kid know that you are their for them and if you want to keep that promiess you have to tell them. But nope you do what most parents think is right hide them from the world but sooner or later they have to know or eles they become spoiled and start to ask for every thing and you have to end up getting it or they start crying its your fault for not teaching them how the world works

  • It's not what your child is exposed to it's about how they were raised.

    It depends on how the child was raised not on what he/she is exposed to in video games. You could have played vilient video games all your like and you could still be the nicest person in the world. If your kid loves playing games let them play them but try to expose them to good morals and have them play a different game from time to time no matter how viloent the game is, let them have fun in their own way

  • When i was a child, i play some violent games, but also some good, puzzle games.

    I just ignore on how gross is the blood, how violent, or even how bad it is, i just wanna know on how awesome are these games is.

    Until now, i am still playing video games and it didn't affect my real world, except it just wasted my time (obviously) and just affected only a little of my study when i was young.

  • Violent video games acts as a release

    Violent video games give children someplace to vent. Essentially, its role is much akin to that of a 'stress ball'. It sure beats venting in real life. If all these violence, hatred and anger that, for the sake of argument, all kids possess are released in a video game, it leaves those 'negative' emotion gauges empty. They would not run out and start shooting people - they have already done that in the video games.
    Additionally, if one were to use a metaphor, violent video games is the equivalent of Halloween. It gives children someplace to act in a manner they would not normally do.
    As such, violent video games ensures all the violence is kept in the digital world, and not in the real one.

  • Kids should play violent video games

    I see nothing wrong in having children play violent video games. It doesn't make them violent or aggressive. If anything, I think it releases some aggression they may have. Plus, its better to have them waste their free time doing that than going out and doing something dangerous and/or illegal.

  • It's the mental illnesses

    All of the shooters you hear about have a serious mental illness, nowhere does it say that they played violent video games and they were determined to be just like the people in the games. I think people should be arguing more about what to do with the mental illnesses rather than getting rid of the violent video games.

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