• Vaccines help protect us

    I believe that vaccines do help us in many ways. Although there are many beliefs that vaccines cause autism, I believe that those accusations are false. I believe that we are allowed to have our own opinion but, Tests were made and prove that vaccines simply don't cause autism. What do you think?

  • How else are you going to prevent the spread of a potentially fatal illness?

    Yes, Needles are painful, But the long-term benefits greatly outweigh the pain in getting vaccinated. Vaccines help the body's immune system fight against contagious, Deadly illnesses like the flu and prevent epidemics from occurring in the first place.

    Age should never be a reason for not getting vaccinated; in fact, Children should be prioritized for vaccination as their immune systems are not fully developed yet (hence children are more prone to falling sick).

  • Vaccinations improve the lifespan of a society

    Without vaccinations, Eradication of common diseases before vaccination such as measles and mumps would be virtually impossible-- the recent rise in cases within the US alone are evidence on what happens if vaccinations are not required. In addition, Vaccinations among people who are able to be helps protect those who are unable to obtain vaccines-- those who are allergic to a component in a vaccine can still have a minimal chase in obtaining a disease if all of their peers are vaccinated. Especially vulnerable groups, Such as children, The elderly, And those who have never experienced exposure to common diseases as well benefit from this. Vaccination is not something that should be left up to choice in order to obtain-- they need to be required by law in order to ensure the safety of society.

    Posted by: Khoi
  • Kids can't decide because they're too young.

    The parents/guardians decide for the children. While the elders may have prejudices against vaccines, I believe that it is unjust to let kids suffer from various diseases that could've been prevented, Had the kids been vaccinated. Don't be foolish, Think objectively and know that this wouldn't matter if you lost your kid to a disease that could've been prevented by vaccines.

  • Vaccines Should Be Mandatory.

    First off, Id like to start by saying that the lies about vaccines causing autism was completely a lie. There is no proof that they do and the person who posted it stated that they did so to prove that anyone will believe anything they see on the internet. I also think that vaccinating your kids will help kill off many diseases that were deadly years ago, But thanks to vaccines, They are no longer a threat. At least until kids start dying of measles again because of anti-vaccers.

  • While I will always vaccinate myself and my (future) children, I'm not going to force other people to do it as well.

    I will always support vaccines and I will always get them (no matter how much I don't like needles) because I recognize the importance of vaccines to my health. But I don't want to force my friend or his/her children to get vaccinated. I'm going to respect their choice, I may try to convince them otherwise but in the end it shouldn't be my choice.
    I also think that teens 16+ years old should be allowed to get vaccinated on their own.

  • Vaccines give you dumb dumb

    Listen here you uneducated imbecile, I have 5 children and they are all unvaccinated and they are all fine. On the other hand, I vaccinated my slave who I adopted from a Vietnamese prostitute who had unprotected sex with her pet dog, And now it has autism. This is definitive evidence that vaccination gives you AIDS. You should breastfeed all your children with your soyboy man tits, You millennial snowflake. Vote Mitt Romney 2020

  • Vaccines are really Da Kine

    I think vaccines are bad because blah blah blah, Some reason about autism or somethin, Blah blah blah blah, Its better and you give your child less health, Blah blah blah, This question is dumb, Bla blah blah, But really though I think vaccines should be required for children, Unless you want them to die.

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