• Children should read!

    It is vital that children read books, I think it is key to a good education both in school and socially. All children should be positively encouraged by schools and at home to read more books. There are clear links between the children that read and the highest achievers. Lets all attempt to change the current generations attitude towards books.

  • Children should read

    Children should be required to read more in school. With technology has come the decline of the English language. Most young adults coming out of high school can't spell or use proper grammar. Language is important for communication, and society functions well when people can understand each other. Books also provide children with ideas, knowledge and imagination, all of which are required for a society to advance.

  • Reading: Too important to be left in the hands of children, parents

    In a time where many school districts are left with limited budgets and dwindling enrollment, implementing an increased reading requirement would serve to benefit students and the school districts themselves. Many can agree that reading is beneficial - increased reading levels correlates to higher test scores (statewide tests). It is often the case that the higher the scores, the more funding school districts receive from the state and federal government.

  • Reading is the Key to an Education

    Children should read more in and out of school. Reading is the key to getting a good education as it opens up the path to everything else. If kids can't read, they don't learn science, math and health. Children need to be able to read to broaden their minds in class, at home and on the Internet.

  • Reading is important

    Children these days are exposed to a lot of media that is not particularly intellectually stimulating: TV, movies, pop music, and so on. It is essential for the growth of a young mind to counterbalance all this with something that is likely to promote critical and creative thinking, as well as illustrate proper spelling and grammar. Reading-- actual reading, not reading a text message-- does all of these things.

  • Children should read more

    I've found that reading has really been relaxing as a student, Between sports and academics reading has helped me calm down. I read about a 750 pg book in 2 days and read for about 2 hours every night not including reading after tests in school. Reading has brought up my English grades and my reading scores. Reading has also made me happier because it gives you a new perspective on the world.

  • Books are awesome

    I personally think that books are very awesome and amazing. Yes, we should be required to read more books (just not non-fiction too much non-fiction books because they're boring sometimes but history is also very awesome). Besides, books are way much better than movies because they're all supposed to be based on books but there are a lot of things wrong with them.

  • Reading is great

    If you read a lot, you will have increased focus, set goals, spend time wisely, memory skills, educated, and relaxed more. You will be creative. You will be part of an endless conversation, and itjust makes you think, nobody can tell you how to read a book. If you use you imagination, great things will happen.

  • Yes! It should be required

    It should obviously be required for students to read more because, not only does it help improve vocabulary, but it also helps with speech, writing, focus, memory, tranquility, analytical thinking, and prioritizing goals! Why would somebody NOT want to read. Also, it can take you somewhere else without having to pay for the trip. Lastly, it keeps you from playing video games is spare time, which, though video games CAN help you learn, books are better at teaching. Video games also are corrupting young minds such as many people in my school who are all like "Video Games this!" and "Fortnite that!" Seriously!

  • Reading can help increase your vocabulary

    I think children should be required to read more, as doing so will improve their vocabulary, reading, and comprehension skills. However, I understand that they should not required to read a book that they do not want to (except for the case that they do not want to read any book at all), because then they will view reading as a mere annoyance and will not find any joy in it.

    P.S. I'm in 7th Grade

  • Why we shouldnt

    I think we should read at night but not for an half an hour. I think we should read for at most 20 mins. We should only have to read for 20 min because of the way we think of time. See when I think of time i think that an half an hour is a long time and thats what makes me not wanna do it but if i think of 20 mins then its more motovativing to read. Most of people think an half an hour is so long but if you think of 20mins it feels so much shorter. When people are more motivated to read the get about 2 or 3 hours a week. At that rate you should be able to finish a book each week. When you finish a book every week then you will reach your ar goal. When you reach your ar goal then your grade goes up when your grade goes up then everyone is happy!!!!

  • Takes away video gaming

    Kids play video games and they love that and reading is taking away from that. Kids need more video games to play. I am just kidding this is all a joke for fun because i'm bored in English class everybody help me with life right now i'm going to die of boredom in here helppppppp.

  • Why They Shouldn't

    Kids shouldn't be REQUIRED to read, they should want to read more. Forcing kids to read isn't good for them. I'm just saying that they shouldn't be FORCED to read, not saying that they shouldn't read. If they are not forced to read, it will be better for their education.

  • Kid should not be able to read more

    Kids get to over whelmed plus they should live life to the fullest i know that i dont like having to read that much it adds more stress to kids life that why i think kids should be kids instead in being kids then being adults they need to be kids

  • Kids should not be forced to read.

    I am in 5th grade and I feel as if it is not fair that we have to be forced to read. I like to read but only for the fun of it. It is not encouraging to be forced to read. It shows us that reading is something that is not our choice and that we have no freedom to read for fun.

  • Key Word: Required

    I don't think that children should be "required" to read more. I believe that they should read, because it is good to, but if children don't want to read, don't make them! If someone tries to make a child read, and that child doesn't want to, the child would just hate reading even more.

  • Um i dont think so

    I used to read a lot in 5th grade, i mean a lot. Everytime my parents told me if i wanted to go out, i told them no i have to read. I didnt even have time to go out or work on other important subjects. I think kids should read but not a lot like i used to do.

  • If you read, great things will happen

    If you read a lot, you will have increased focus, set goals, spend time wisely, memory skills, educated, and relaxed more. You will be creative. You will be part of an endless conversation, and itjust makes you think, nobody can tell you how to read a book. If you use you imagination, great things will happen.

  • Children should not have to read because its there life and they chose what they want to do.

    If children don't like to read, forcing children to read will make them oppose reading more. If children don't want to do something why should we force them to read, it's there life and there choices and it's there life. This is there life they should live it how they want.

  • As a 7th grade student doing a persuasive essay on the topic

    I believe (After reading both sides of this debate) that reading is not to be enforced. Yes I understand that reading more extends you're vocabulary and I'm a major reader myself. But around me many students fall behind in reading and get lunch detention, demerits and after school as a result. I'm fightin for the others who I believe should be punished because they can't make time at home because of their probable busy schedule. Thats just my opinion though it doesn't have to agree with your's.

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