• He is just one person who can help children.

    Well, why not. Now a days a lot of children in below poverty areas in the world are suffering from lack of shelter and Ozzy osbourne with his wealth can be one of the generous people to help these children who are living below the poverty line, But the fact is NOT Ozzy Osbourne help on this matter a lot of healthy people can cooperate and help over this matter.

  • There are far greater threats to children than Ozzy Osbourne

    The Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, and people like that are who kids should be sheltered from. Ozzy is an aging rocker who if you really think about it in today's age really isn't that shocking. But when kids are thinking that the Kardashians are a positive influence that is when the problems start. The kids these days are in need of major help. And I can guarantee if you asked teenagers these days most wouldn't even know who Ozzy Osbourne was.

  • No, I don't think children should be sheltered from Ozzy Osbourne.

    I think as long as the child understands that they can not emulate the behavior of Ozzy Osbourne then I see no reason why children should be sheltered from him, Ozzy Osbourne in general is an entertaining figure and can be enjoyed by all ages who enjoy that style of entertainment.

  • No, why should they be.

    Ozzy Osbourne is a musician. A brilliant one at that, too. He is one of the best British artists to ever emerge, and it would be a pleasure for me to see children listen to music that good instead of the garbage being pushed out now-a-days. Do not shelter children at all.

  • Not at all

    No, he was one of the most famous musicians of all time, and there is not a thing wrong with them hearing one of his songs every now and then. He is one of the best people to ever form a band and start to play the rock and roll.

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