• Yes, we should spank

    Look at our society today, are we better off now than we were 20 years ago? No we are not! Our schools are a war zone because parents refuse to let the school paddle their kids when they are out of control. Kids are getting away with murder because parents didn't spank their child and let them know right from wrong. My parents spanked me and their parents before them did the same. Did they have the problems in society that we do today? Once again no they didn't because parents taught their kids to behave or else there would be severe consequences. Wake up people! Take a stand and take back control of your kids. Its legal to spank those out of control kids. Do it now before our country is in ruin.

  • Yes

    As a child that was spanked, I say spanking is completely acceptable. To a certain degree a parent should be free to discipline their children as they see fit. I do believe, however, that spanking should never be done out of anger. It should be done when the parent is in a completely emotion-free state of mind and it should be stressed to the child that it is being done for their own good and not out of anger.

  • yes

    I think that spanking is not hurting. It helps to keep the child under control. If a kid gets spanked they know not to do what they just did. Words do not always work. Look at the world now most kids do not listen to words, there needs to be a lot of spanking done in my book. It helps the child to understand its pain not to do it again or I will get spanked.

  • Discipline is a Personal Choice

    Parents have the right to discipline their children as they see fit. Spanking is a form of physical discipline. Its effectiveness is a matter for another debate. Spanking is not abusive in and of itself. The lessons learned by kids from their parents may be harsh thanks to spanking, but the method makes a clear statement. I don't like seeing kids spanked in public as much as anyone else, but parents have the right to do so.

  • I've never regreted being spanked by my parnets

    I'm glad my parent's spanked me. You've gotta man handle some kids to get them on the right path. There's still people who crave boundaries as adults. Each child is different. Looking back I'm glad my parents spanking me with a board or by hand. I have no grudges for it at all. Ofcourse you shouldn't beat a child until they bruise and you shouldn't put any hate behind corpral punishment, But it is a great tool.

  • Spanking works well

    Children should be spanked for respect, to teach them how to make good decisions, to teach them self control, and to show them strength rather than weakness. I've seen so many parents who want their children to be "free spirits" and try to use positive reinforcement and their children are the most unpleasant I have ever met.

  • Yes, They Should

    I support spanking because it has a shock value that other forms of discipline do not. I do not think it should be a first resort for discipline, but I do firmly believe it is a tool that should always be available for parents to use. I think it can be a good tool to educate a misbehaving child and other children in a family they have done wrong. I don't believe in using objects. However, sometimes taking down the pants and spanking on the seat of underwear sends a big message. Children need to learn right from wrong and spanking can be an effective tool for teaching them that.

  • I was spanked

    At first my parents didn't believe in spanking. But when I was misbehaving, they eventually decided to give it a try. My mom spanked my bare butt with a hairbrush and spoon, mostly. As a preteen and young teen, it was embarrassing and hurt like hell. But I slowly learned to behave. Now I'm successful in life, and while I wish I didn't have to go through that pain, I don't think I'd be the person I am today if my mom hadn't taught me by beating my butt. If I have kids, I will not hesitate to spank them.

  • Children should be spanked more when they misbehave

    When I was a kid if I lied or disobeyed a felt a very brief sting on my rear. That never lasted more then a millisecond. When it was over I was fine and it taught me right from wrong and not to do the bad behavior again. If more kids were spanked it would really I improve their bad behavior better, you'd have better behaved children and better behaved respectful adults when they are older.

  • Yes, it is discipline.

    Children should be spanked when they are not listening no more. If a parent has talked to them, took away some of their privileges or possessions, then it is time to spank them as the last resort. Don't hit a child while angry, or with every minor demeanor. Loving them is disciplining them.

  • "I was spanked and I turned out ok" is not an answer.

    Say we take a random person that was raised with spanking. If that person was not spanked how would they have turned out? We will never know, But what if they turned out even better than they are now? The fact that someone thinks they turned out ok is not evidence that spanking is the thing to do. When a parent spanks they are teaching kids to fear them, Is that really the kind of relationship a parent wants with their kids? If kids fear their parents, They will hide things from them. They will not come to their parents for advice when they are being bullied or someone touches them in a bad way. The only way to parent is to have an open relationship based on trust. Spanking does not establish that kind of relationship. Not spanking is not a sign of weakness, In fact it is a sign of strength, The strength to take responsibility for your emotions and parent with compassion and patience. This does not mean you let your kids do anything, You still give them boundaries, But you enforce them with compassion, Which to me takes a lot more strength than spanking.

  • You will regret later.

    I'm 35 now, and I was spanked very well in my childhood and it's very norm for my parents in where we lived. But now when I tell this to my parents even they are not proud of what they did, sometimes they are in complete denial to the level that they never spanked me.

    The point I make is it's no use. There is no guarantee that spanking would mold the child in the way you want to be. All it can give is temporary relief now and a grave regret afterwards. Because your children won't forget the spankings for life.

  • Pain does not do anything but encourage violence.

    Apparently hitting a woman, man, or animal is frowned upon. But not hitting a child. Why is that? That just shows how messed up our society is. We can hit a child to puckish them or out of anger when they are young because why? Do children not have rights either?

  • Causes violence in kids, and fear

    If you get spanked a lot that would be bad because they could start getting violent and start hurting other people. It would also start fear in that children because they couldn't be man enough to take a punch or stand up to a bully
    thank you for your time

  • It's absolutely Unnecessary

    Time-out, taking toys, grounding, all of these suffice without needing to get violent with children. Think about the emotional implications of physically harming a child. I think its morally wrong to ever hurt a child in-order to show them they were wrong. Purposefully inflicting physical pain is necessary and cruel.

  • Spanking, like beating your wife, should be relegated to things of the past

    There are many things done in the past which are no longer necessary. Beating a wife or a slave were acceptable at one point, but beating your wife will end in a jail sentence and slavery is no longer allowed.

    While one who thinks spanking is acceptable, they probably believe it is for their own good. It was likely to be done to themselves as children and they think they turned out just fine. They see a generation of children who seem beyond control and point out it happened when spanking was disapproved. And some think spanking a toddler is different than spanking an older child.

    Parents want to do right by their children. Most parents would go hungry to make sure their kids are fed. Many work more than one job to see the child has the basics. They send the kids to a school to be educated and make sure they hang around only with good kids. That is the ideal for most parents.

    We all want what is best for our child, but spanking is not best. It creates feelings of hurt and hostility in the child. They cannot reason why they are being hit and equate being hit with being unloved. They are more likely to lie about things than to risk being hit. Any dangerous behavior for which they are spanked will go underground and that might get a child hurt or killed. When we spank we create psychological harm, mistrust of others, and learn that violence is acceptable.

    Slavery was once upon a time acceptable. It is even directed in the Bible and other holy books that slavery is okay. It further tells that slaves should submit to their masters or risk being beaten by the master. We don't do that now because it is wrong.

    Beating your wife was once acceptable. Like slavery, holy books approved of this behavior. If someone slaps, beats, or hits their wife they can be charged with abuse. You would be hard pressed to find someone who disagrees with that unless they are misogynistic.

    In the case of the slave or the wife, we don't hit other adults to force them to submit to stay in their place. Children are people with rights and as such should not be hit to force them to submit and stay in their places.

    Spanking is lazy parenting if that is your first line of control. Even if you use other methods to punish, spanking only teaches worse behavior. If a child feels disrespected, the behavior is not curbed, it just becomes secret or turns into lies.

    There are other ways to discipline a child without spanking that focus on changing the behavior and creating a loving way to learn. Getting the child to acknowledge wrong doing and get them to remedy their actions by correct action goes a longer way than taking the easy way out. Changing behavior habits takes longer than spanking, but it creates more of a lasting effect.

  • Should be no more spanking

    Psychological and Social Consequences I grew up in an elementary school where teachers were allowed to spank students this occurred from pre-k to 5th grade. My own parents wouldn't beat me because I already knew the difference between right and wrong from age 6, but because it was a Christian school they were allowed to beat me with a wooden ruler. I saw students get spanked for the most frivolous things from missing school when approved by a parent, and not memorizing a review question. What was even worse was the spanking for one bad apple's decision. The only way out was to tell on the other student(which was the road I took). I was so afraid when this happen that always would be the one, and soon people would stop trusting me and I would try to stay away from them and become shy

  • Harder jobs for parents

    There are plenty of better methods to discipline a child rather than spanking them. It causes depression anxiety and social problems by the way it's a fact after reading that what sort of person would spank a child. No child should be hurt in any way. Spanking a child is abuse and if it's verbal or non verbal it's wrong. If a parents spanks a child it isn't teaching the kid a lesson it's proved that it makes them more aggressive. It will just make the parents life harder.

  • Different child different methods.

    Different kids have have different personalities. So basically I believe some kids are able to be reason with but not all kids can be. Just like doing science experiment we can't expect the same results with different components using the same method every time. Not every kid wants to do the right thing, they can understand the concept but some simply just don't care. Some kids are scare of getting their toys taken away, some are scare of time out and while some are just scare of getting spank.

  • Spanking is harmful to a child's health.

    Spanking a child causes fear, not understanding. It only teaches the child to avoid the punisher- not what they did wrong. Spanking is damaging to the long-term mental health of children as well. Studies show that children who were spanked are more likely to develop depression and anxiety, as well as more likely to become aggressive and anti-social. I was spanked when I was younger, and I can say that today, I have regular anxiety attacks and don't enjoy being in environments where I'm expected to socialize. There are other ways to discipline your child that won't harm their physical and psychological health. Kids shouldn't be expected to learn by being hurt. It's unacceptable to hit our spouses; we don't hit in the military; why is it acceptable to do so to our children?

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