• Without a doubt!

    Most parents who are stoned can't possible take the proper care of their kids. Many parents claim they must get high first to handle their kids. Being stoned is not like having a beer or two to relax. One or two beers does not equal being stoned. One joint or even a few tooks, you are stoned. And, most alcoholics should not be allowed to raise kids and their kids should be taken away from them too.

    "I'm a Parent Who Smokes Pot"

    Here are the remarks from two mothers from the article above:

    "Alice, a 37-year-old mom in Madison, WI, made a recent walk with her two daughters more fun by naming the neighborhood wildlife, starting with Squirrely Squirrelerson and his cousin, Squirrelster McSquirrelstein. "My 4-year-old cracked up, and that made my 2-year-old dissolve into giggles," remembers Alice. "My kids demanded that I name every animal in sight, and I encouraged them to think of their own names too." Cute story, right? Is it less cute if I tell you that Mom was a little bit stoned?"

    "Mind you, Alice is not a compulsive pot-smoker or a checked-out parent. She's the picture of health and happiness, an athlete with tons of energy for her family. Still, she smokes pot a couple of times a week, usually after the kids are in bed. She says she does it for fun or to chill out, and, occasionally, to get into what she calls the "kid zone." "If I had been perfectly sober, I would have just taken a walk, thinking about what I needed to do next," Alice says. "I probably wouldn't have been all that engaged with my kids. But the stoned mama that I was that day made fun out of the mundane."

    So Mom needed to get stoned to have fun with her kids. I used to take walks with by grandmother on her farm and we had lots of fun; my grandma was neither stoned or drunk.

    "Lynn, a 32-year-old mother of three from Arlington, TX, would most certainly not find that story amusing. "If you have to smoke pot to get through the day with your family, there is something wrong," she says. When Lynn was a teen, her mom used to smoke marijuana, and Lynn hated it. "I knew it was illegal, and I knew it cost money we didn't have," she remembers. "It's horrible that a parent would get high when their job is to be responsible."

    That's the wild health confession REDBOOK heard from a surprising number of moms. They claim it's a harmless, even helpful, habit. Are they right... Or totally high?

    Hollywood movies (e.G., Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke) have made smoking pot and being stoned look cool. It is not. Being stoned is denying reality and not facing it.

    If you want to be stoned, don't have children. Basically, you need to grow up before you have kids and deal with reality without being stoned.

  • Yes, adopt is not all

    Parents who abuse alcohol, illegal drugs or cigarettes put their children at incredible risk. It is true many have a disease and cannot quit, but all of those behaviors put their children at risk. If a parent drinks in moderation, smokes outside and follows the same safety precautions with pot as they should with alcohol, then the issues listed above aren't as bigmouth a deal. Unfortunately, I think there are many parents who do not fall into those categories.

  • Yes They Should

    This subject is somewhat complex because the responsibility of the parent should be accounted for...In a perfect world sure, the parent could hypothetically both keep it out of a child's reach, and smoke in increments that dont affect their ability to care for a child.. But I want you to ask yourself, how many people do you think smoke marijuana? How many of them do you think are responsible enough to keep it out of sight from their children AND smoke reasonably? ...Exactly.

    Even if a parent is subtle about it (or think they are being subtle about it), there is still a chance that the child will discover what their parent did, or is doing. In this case, they are being an incredibly bad influence. The child would be susceptible to drug use themselves. Honestly, children are just too impressionable to keep around drugs or drug users.

    "Oh, but if alcohol is legal around children then so should marijuana!" No. Alcohol has the same case. Hypothetically yes, alcohol could be consumed by the parent in increments that wouldnt impair their ability to care for the child. This is rarely the case. You have to look at this practically...Substances that handicap your ability to judge and preform simple tasks should not be consumed when near something as fragile or impressionable as a child. It is a danger to them and a bad influence.

  • Can't parent when your high!!

    Alcohol, pot, drugs..... Its all the same. It effects judgment, and responsibilities. I don't care if it's only one parent. Eventually one of the parents would be left alone with that child, and what happens in a emergency. Passed out on the couch while little ones can get in a bad situation. Not only the threat of something going wrong, but just communication would lack intelligence. I know MANY that smoke pot, and their so high, you can't carry a normal conversation with them. Kids need a happy, healthy home. If people want to get high, then they shouldn't have become a parent and ABUSE their children, by not giving then your all over drugs, alcohol, or whatever.

  • Yes! Without Question!

    Pot smokers are the worst parents imaginable. I know a few pot smokers myself and by God if they ever had children I would ring the police faster than they could rip a spark. Pot is the most dangerous drug out of all of them. It's a gateway drug and eventually it will be a Coke addict parent. Pot today contains chmicals that could kill someone in even small amounts. The main one being mercury. Pot smokers will bring their children up hungry (so the parent can pay for their pot), confused (as to why their parent would want to do something like this) and lastly, the child would grow up thinking drugs are okay. They will see nothing wrong with drugs as they will have been brought up in a house of mental illness and immoral liberalism towards drug use. Children are never safe with drug users, regardless of what class the drug is.

  • It's not a good example for them!

    My uncle smokes pot and has a 12 year oldd boy living with him. And my family and I have tried to call social services, they did nothing! And he wants to now cut himself! He says "our family is tearing apart!" ... I don't think it should be legal for kids under the age of 18 to live with parents who smoke pot or do drugs in that matter.

  • A mother should not do that!!

    As a soon to be father, I would never want me child growing up with a pot-head mother. That is not a safe environment for a child to grow up in and certainly not healthy.

    A mother is supposed to be a role model for the child and when a child has a mother that abuses drugs, it will likely do the same.

  • Yes, for the welfare of the child

    The children's welfare is the most important priority. The parents may be incapable of caring for the children. That will count as child abuse in most countries. Later on, the children might resort to crime because of a broken family. A few of the most basic rights of a child is to have shelter, food , and loving parents. A sane loving parent wouldn't smoke pot.

  • Kids go with out

    As a product of parents who smoked pot around me while I grew up, I was in a world where I didn't think anything could be illegal and if it was I didn't have to listen to the law. These are the kids that end up doing drugs of all types, breaking into houses, dropping out of school, working at McDonald's and abusing the system. Parents are suppose to be the people we look up to and learn the difference on what's right and what's wrong but what do we learn when we know our parents are doing something they shouldn't. Kids go with out in these situations because parents feel like its ok to get high. In most cases, these are the parents who are also on state assistance and "need it" because they are broke but still find a way to get $50 for a bag. I feel like people who say kids should stay with these types of parents are high and stuck in a diluted reality. People really do need to grow up.

  • Drugs are terrible.

    Pot can be a bad influence on children because it is illegal and should remain illegal. Getting addicted at an early age can totally ruin a person's life. If children get addicted to it then there is a very good chance that their future will be gone or severely hit because of this. Stop marijuana legalization!

  • Read the accompanying article and you will see how dangerous it can be.

    Marijuana alone is not a sufficient reason to take a child away from their parents. The issue at hand is whether or not a child is in danger under the care of the parents. While I would argue that parents should not use marijuana around their children, I cannot see how using it recreationally OR medicinally when their children are not around endangers that child in any way. I would argue that it is more important to start cracking down on alcoholic parents than pothead ones, as these tend to be the people that are both abusive and neglectful. I'm sick of marijuana users being branded as criminals. The recent story about the parents whose child died in foster care after being taken away from them for smoking pot (WHILE SHE WAS SLEEPING) is absolutely devastating and heartbreaking. This type of stuff should NOT be happening in 2013.

  • What a shame that would be!

    Chances are your parents did pot before you were born. Could have had it in their system around the time you were conceived! They turned out alright, and so did you. When will we stop demonizing marijuana, but that's another topic This country is far too invasive in how people raise their children. If they are not hurting them, leave them alone. Congress is working to pass a Parental Rights Amendment - does that make it obvious enough? Parents need a law to raise their children? The human race has survived this long without a law, we don't need it now. And we don't need children taken away from good parents who might need a little stress-reliever now and then, partially from their children!

  • No, I really don't think so.

    I don't think that if one or both parents smoke pot when their child is away for the day with a grandparent or something like that. As long as they, obviously keep it somewhere that the child can't get into it. Then it is absolutely no reason for the child to be taken from their parents. I agree with chrumbelievable. I think people should be a lot more concerned about the parents that are getting $h!Tfaced around their kids and becoming hostile and violent. I never saw a person stoned and hostile in any way.

  • NO: Absolutely not.

    1) parents that smoke pot doesn't mean they are smoking it around their child

    2) marijuana is used for medicinal purposes, so if they are prescribed marijuana then they are technically classified as parents who smoke pot.

    3) It boils down to responsibility. If the parents are responsible, and keep the pot out of the reach of their children and don't smoke it around them, there is absolutely no reason to "have their children taken away from them".

  • That sounds rather stupid and cruel.

    I don't see a single reason to believe that cannabis makes you a bad parent. 'You can't parent when you're stoned' implies that this parent is going to wake up and immediately blaze themselves into a stupor, which is obviously not how normal users of cannabis behave, particularly if they had children to look after. There's simply no evidence in favour of this proposal, whereas there is clear evidence against it - losing your parent / child is very traumatic, and I can't see what negative effect would be avoided by inflicting that kind of damage to people.

  • Abuse is taking a kid away from his parents

    It's abuse taking a kid away for pot smoking parents. If you get your kids high that's abuse. You don't take kids away for a parent taking pain pills or drinking. It's also been around and legal longer then laws in America. Besides you can't over dose like you can pharmaceutical meds.

  • Children who smoke weed

    No, children do stuff because they want attantion and have a problem and don't know were to get help. Parents must give more Love and attention to there kids and must have an open relantionship with their kids. Be an example to them and give alot of love and show tell them how special they are

  • Why would they

    I have never seen a smoke pot but I guess some kids parents use them so I don't really know why they should um I think my gramma used to have one when I was a baby but I don't remember but it didn't hurt me so why should other people not get to use smoke pots? Kids need to eat food and it
    F there parent scant cook it In smoke pots then what else r they sposed to cook it in

  • Read about the Foster System

    Children should only be taken from their parents when the government is confident the foster system will be better than staying with the parents. After you are a baby you can no longer go through the adoption system instead children go through the foster system. From everything I've read or heard about the foster system this is a horrendous system. While Marijuana sounds horrible it is really fine. Only take children from their parents if something very serious is happening. Like repeated beatings major drug problems etc.

  • No, in that case you should take children away from parents that drink alcohol too.

    That smoking pot is illegal and drinking alcohol isn't, is already ridiculous. Alcohol can be more dangerous for it makes some people aggressive. I think that the consequences of using alcohol can be more harmful than marihuana. (which is not a harmful drug like heroine, and also doesn't naturally leads to addiction or the want of harder drugs, like people say) But the main reason that children should be taken away from their parents should be when the parents lack care for their children even after receiving help.

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