Should children be taught about contraception in sex education class?

  • Yes, depending upon the age.

    Sex education class is for teaching children and young people about their bodies and about their options. That is why contraception needs to be included in the program. If the children are younger, it should just be mentioned in passing. However, if they are older there needs to be more examples and instructions.

  • It should be taught.

    Hey, parents? Your precious little babies are very curious about sex, and how pregnancy happens. They're going to have sex soon, whether you like it or not. Now, I don't know about you, but I'd rather have my kids knowing the dangers and responsibility of sex, and make sure they're prepared for it by teaching about contraception in sex education class.

  • Absolutely, they should learn about contraception

    Sex education should be educational and informative in a non-judgmental way. Children should learn that sexual relationships have consequences, and they should learn about STD's, pregnancy, abstinence and contraception. Contraception is a part of the whole picture. Just learning about it will not be enough to prevent them from having sex, but it may be enough to make some of them safer and more responsible in their approach to sex.

  • Yes please yes.

    When they are old enough, probably around 7th or 8th grade, students should be taught about contraception. Sure, they need to be taught that they need to wait and about all the other side effects of sex, but kids have sex. They just do and they need to know what protection is there for them.

  • Children should be taught about contraception in sex education class.

    Children should be taught about contraception in sex education class. They should learn about everything about sex that they can to prevent diseases and we should be teaching them everything that we know. Abstinence is not going to work because eventually everyone has sex and they should be prepared to do it.

  • Yes, children should be taught about contraception in sex education class.

    Children need to be educated in all forms of contraception in their sex education classes. Sex education classes should go even further and provide free contraception to every student in the class. This is just one of many steps that need to be done to stop unwanted pregnancies. It is a lot easier solution than to argue over the abortion debate.

  • Yes they should be taught.

    I think abstinance is the best method for young people. They are just too curious and permiscuous that this would not work. The next best thing is to teach them about safe sex. Teenagers and young people can't take care of themselves much less kids. It is too expensive in the world for medical care and good living for this.

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