• Could Shift the Human Debt Problem

    I've always wondered why schools teach everything but money management. Most adults only learn money management the hard way, after improper consumption of goods. Why? Because the majority of us are not taught (big business loves it too). Children should learn the "art" of consumption, that way they don't have to drive themselves into debt in order to learn how to consume.

  • Children should be taught how to be consumers!

    We should teach children how to be consumers because most people do not know or understand money management. Most Americans owe more than can pay, and it is due to over spending on credit cards or taking out loans. If we teach our children how to be consumers, that could keep them from getting in to much debt, and be able to purchase items they want or need without the creditors calling.

  • Absolutely, children should be taught to be consumers...good consumers!

    It's a necessity for children to be taught to be good consumers as the economic health of our country depends on consumers and their ability to make wise and prudent decisions as to what is purchased. Our country's economic health depends on the wise consumer.

  • Definitely not!

    I do not want my child being forced into a system that teaches it to spend money. Children do not need to be taught to want things, it comes quite naturally. I do not want my child to be forced into a system where children measure their worth by how many items they have acquired, like in a World of Warcraft video game. No thanks sirs, I want my child to be free.

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