Should children be taught sex education in schools?

Asked by: savannahbhang
  • Yes, but with certain rules.

    I believe there a quite lot of different forms of sex education, for example the one that takes the religious incentive and encourages children to "wait until marriage" and essentially be scared of sex because the educator, teacher or author of the course has a religious predisposition. This I believe to be a negative approach, but with a non-biased and positive, but still cautious approach, sex education could be quite beneficial to a child or young adult. What needs to be done is to go forth with sex education, but there is a clear need for rules and limitations of what may be presented during such a lesson. Religion and overly conservative incentives should be left out, just as overly liberal ideas should be.

    The problem might larger in some parts of the world, for example students in very religious countries, like the US or Sudan, might experience a different form of sexual education from what I experienced in Norway, where I received my education.

  • It's a must.

    Sex education needs to be taught in schools, as "abstinence only" education has completely and utterly failed. It's no coincidence that the states with the highest rates of STD's and unintended pregnancies are also the states that strong-arm abstinence only education as the primary, (and usually singular) educational source. Medically sound information needs to be given to kids so they can make the right choices. And if they DO make different choices, they can at least reduce the impact of these actions by being properly educated.

  • I think sex education should definitely be a part of curriculum

    Many children are shy when they want to ask their parents about sex or some of changes occurring in their bodies. It is necessary when sex education is the mandatory subject in school. Kids are free or not feel embarrassed to ask their teacher what they wonder. Instead of pretending to not to hear this issue, children will get attention and feel it is really important for solving many troubles they get. Teachers will take responsibility to ensure that their students have right comprehension about sex.

  • Sex education should be taught in schools.

    Children should not be taught of how to perform sex or even be encouraged to have sex because if that's what sex education try to entrench in our minds, then I would go against. Anyway, I think there is a need for sex education to be part of the curriculum in school so that children would be more aware and that the tendency of them being engaged to sexual act at an early age will be somehow alleviated. Also, sex education would and should teach children of the do's and the don'ts. Primarily, sex education should serve as a key so that students will not be engaged in early pregnancy and/or even early marriage.

  • No, but let me explain.

    I believe children should definitely be educated in sex education, but from what I've experienced when I was younger, and what I see now, is that you are always told "wait until marriage", and "don't have sex because you'll most likely contract an STD or become impregnated". I feel religion plays too much of a factor in sex education. You should teach kids safe ways to be sexually active if they decide to be apart of sexual acts, not tell them they are bad for having sex before marriage, or instilling fear that they will most likely contract an STD when being a part of any sexual act. If sex education was strictly informative and not biased, then I would be all for it.

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