Should children be taught that the Gospel writers in the Bible were frauds?

Asked by: Sagey
  • Technically and Factually, The New Testament Gospels Were A Collection Of Tales About Jesus Christ Which Were Fraudulently Attributed To Disciples.

    According to genuine research by honest NT scholars, such as Bart Ehrman who stated that in the time of the writing of the Gospels, such writings by people claiming to represent who they do not represent or claiming to be who they are not were just considered as Lies, but there was no law against such lies.
    If the Gospel writers had done their deeds today, they would likely face jail time for Fraud. So they were lucky to have lived in such lawless times.


    To continue teaching that the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and even some of Paul's epistles had actually come from those characters is actually Unethical and in itself lying.
    So as the introduction to that clip I linked to states, many children, even myself, learned that the Gospels were from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, when in fact this was a massive Lie from the Sunday School teachers.
    Because the Gospels were written between 25 and 75 years after the death of Jesus, the disciples were dead before they were written, so they borrowed their names Fraudulently, to give a sense of false authority.
    Which is in itself Fraud.

    For all those reading this, if you come across anybody teaching the the Gospels originated from the disciples. Interrupt them or stop them and Correct them.
    If they are Rational, Intelligent, Humans and not Ignorant, Lying Bigots, they should thank you for correcting them.

  • New Testament is Recent

    The new testament wasn't written during the supposed Joshua's (Jesus's real name) life or by anyone that was born during it. The Bible has too many inconsistencies for it to be a real religion. And if you say we won't pick on Islam, you are really arrogant. We talk about the flaws of the Quaran, just less than the Bible as there are less Muslims here that are trying to push their BS on people than there are Christians.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • Why does it matter?

    I don't mean that in a way that they were frauds or not. I mean that, in any other case, the scriptures shouldn't be thought at all to children.

    We live here and now. Forget ancient beliefs. Humans of the modern times actually have the ability to change our minds and adapt to updated views of the world. The universe is so grand and amazing on its own that we don't need even to care about ancient books. There are numerous of options in front of us - together – upon to choose what to base our facts. While any holy scripture is merely one specific book, there are thousands of other books in the world to choose from, which can teach children so much more, about such a great variety of lessons about life than any religion ever could.

    Teach children to think for themselves and discover the world on their own terms, be it religious or not, what they can accomplish to make their own lives and the world a better place. Our five senses are capable of so much more than following a dogma. Let's not force anything upon the next generation that might inhibit their freethinking.

    It's the most wonderful tool they could ever use.

  • Children should be taught to be more critical.

    However, they should not be taught that the people writing it were being flat out dishonest, because even with the ridiculous amount of claims these books propose, it would still be wrong to make the assumption that these people were flat out lying.

    But yeah, the bible totally deserved to be criticized for it's numerous claims. Not that it ever will, because you know, every time we get around to proving that the bible is wrong, the people shift gears and start saying 'oh, the bible was being metaphorical'.

  • No conviction without proof.

    Calling dead people names who cannot defend themselves is a bad thing to do.
    "Fraud" demands INTENT, which we cannot prove or disprove anymore.
    Tell children there is dispute about it and be done with it.
    Also, disrespecting religious teachings by calling elements of that religion "fraud" is bordering a hate crime. Children should be raised as sceptics to make up their own mind, not be spoon-fed assumptions.

  • We have the original authors, they Just wrote "Formerly Anonymously"

    Let it be understood that while Bart Ehrman is a credible scholar, he's not very honest in his work to the public.

    All the early manuscripts have the titles of "Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John".
    If all 4 gospels were forged by someone, we would see it in the record from our earliest manuscripts, but we don't. Plus we have early church fathers who were contemporaries of some or most of the disciples.


  • What a stupid question

    The question is so biased that even atheists are on this side of the column.

    NT scholars have established that the NT was recorded within 40 to 100 hundred years after Jesus' death. They were written by contemporaries of Jesus and his original apostles.

    Upright people wrote the Bible and the message therein is reliable and may be communicated to our children.

  • Criticize Islam first

    If you want to teach children the facts on religion, take on Islam first by telling them about the errors in the Koran. But of course, you'd never do that. You simply want to pick on Christians and bate them and undermine their culture because you are certain they won't fight back.

  • No, the assumption of fraud is biased and unsubstantiated

    I respect that a rational person can question the integrity of the Bible and that the person has a right to instruct his, or her, children in accordance with their beliefs.

    I also claim this same right as a Christian. Religious instruction does not equate to brainwashing, as is often alleged. There are no laws, statutes, or mandates that prohibit religious instruction to minors. Parents have the right, and I believe responsibility, to ensure that their children are taught the elements of their faith. Maturation is a gradual process, at least for most, and with maturity comes the freedom to make personal decisions on religious beliefs.

    To assert that the gospels' authors were guilty of fraud is biased and absolutely unfounded. It is inappropriate to level an unsubstantiated accusation of fraud, even if divine authority and authorship are questioned. The fact that these books were not written during the earthly life of Christ has no bearing on the discussion. Accurate accounts of specific World War II events have been given well into this century. I am fifty four years old and I assure you that I can give reliable and accurate accounts of childhood events in the 1960's. These time frames are comparable to the time frames accepted for the books in question. Oral tradition should not be underestimated, particularly in ancient cultures who relied heavily upon it. We often hear of inconsistencies between the gospels. It is my belief that they are remarkably consistent, just related from different perspectives.

    Christians, at a minimum should not teach that these books are fraudulent. We should teach our children that they are the words of truth that we believe them to be. Finally, none of us should underestimate the abilities and intelligence of children. They are capable of understanding much more than we think. I can only speak for myself but no, I do not think we should tell children, or anyone else, that they gospel writers were frauds.

  • No those are religious matters

    This is a terrible thing to even consider if that child hasn't decided their religion then that school should not be able to put these ideas in their head. Not just because i am a christian but this will cause a rebellion among the schools which defeats the purpose of school to academically learn.

  • Absolutely not at all!

    You would necessarily have to criticize the Koran and all other holy books of all religions. I would say that you need to present the evidence of both sides. The question of whether or not the man Jesus existed is disputed. There is evidence showing that he existed. Now we can choose to ignore that evidence or accept it. But at least present both sides of the argument and let the children decide for themselves. Otherwise we are indoctrinating them a certain way and that is a horrible thing in and of itself.

  • No, because I don't recommend lying to our children's faces.

    All of the Gospels were written within the life time of the eye witnesses of the events. The names on the books are uncontested; meaning no one else tried to take credit. The names are unlikely candidates, why Matthew? Why not Peter for instance. Only John was famous. People involved with the Gospels, Mark and Peter his source were both Martyred, ended up dead or had miserable lives. James didn't write a Gospel but a letter and he was martyred as well. There was no earthly reward, no payoff for these people to lie.

  • People need to be able to decide for themselves

    I believe that kids should be exposed to the content, but not told that this or that is true or false. Because it is a religious text that would be criticised, children should be able to make conclusions based on their own thoughts. Plus, why single out the Bible? Why not the Koran, the Torah, or the book of Mormon? Kids should be exposed to a wide variety of religious material so that they can form their own beliefs

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Sagey says2014-02-10T08:14:17.583
BTW: If you listen to Bart Ehrman in the next clip, he tells how the Gospels were so inconsistent that they could not have been written by anybody who was actually a witness to the life of Jesus Christ. They are certainly not evidence for the deeds of Jesus.
Sagey says2014-02-10T08:57:17.557
It appears that we are likely to be opposed by a deluge of people taught by such liars and deluded into believing those lies.
There was no written documents found to be authentic documents written by any people who even knew Jesus Christ.
There was a 'Q' document which some of Matthew was supposedly plagiarized from, but it disappeared and has not been properly researched. Apart from that, there are no manuscripts written by disciples, in Aramaic, which is the language most of the followers of Jesus spoke. The well written High Level Ancient Greek that the first Gospels were written in, could not have come from the illiterate disciples whose names they borrowed, Fraudulently. Even if the information from the disciples was handed down by Rote learning, it would still be highly distorted and incorrect after 25 years. Rote is not reliable in any culture.
The differences in the Gospels accounts of Jesus life is proof that they cannot be trusted as truthful.
If they were truthful, there would be better constancy. As there is nothing Consistent, apart from his name was Jesus.
Sagey says2014-02-10T12:05:58.407
Sagey says2014-02-10T23:01:03.083
Because the Gospels were not created or Authored by the Disciple's name they took, they are guilty of Identity Fraud. Thus they are still Fraudulent, regardless of how Christians try to spin it.
Sagey says2014-02-11T00:21:22.743
Scapegoat just asserted that the Gospel Author names were merely Pen Names and thus not Fraudulent.
That is Wrong, because if a Pen Name is used that copies an important real person's name in an event, in order to give the appearance of Authority, then it certainly is Fraud or attempted Identity Theft of an Authoritative Figure!
Had they adopted Pen Names like Alf or Noddy, there would not be such Fraud.
Sagey says2014-02-11T10:10:44.430
Some NT scholars go further than calling the Gospels Fraudulent, and assert that they are entirely Mythical.
Sagey says2014-02-12T02:36:29.547
I found this movie quite amusing, so might yourselves???
Enjoy! :-D~

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