Should children below the age of 18 years work to support their families?

  • Yes, but only if they want to

    I just really do not see how the state can ban people below a certain age from working. Personally the hour limits should be no different to that of adults. It should be up to the child when they should work (as long as it is outside of school hours).

  • They Should Not

    I worked part-time since age fourteen to help my family who has had financial issues. Nobody should have to do that, much less someone who is still in K-12 school. Fortunately, I still managed to do relatively well in high school. Education is very valuable and should not be given only a fraction of the student 's attention. Unfortunately, it is often unavoidable in poverty and some students still manage to succeed even while helping support their families. Students dropping out of high school to get full-time jobs is not a good solution because that, forever, condemns that person to never succeed in life in the future. They cannot go to post-secondary education, get good jobs that require at least a high school diploma or a GED, or get the respect that someone gets with a full education.

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