Should children compete in competitive sports

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  • Sports are fun

    They are fun because they are fun because they are fun but they are fun because they are fun why are they fun idk but they are fun and fun is good why is it good well its healthy and fun and even more fun than fun why is fun so fun?

  • Yes they should

    Good for them. Helps with school. Health benefits. Reduces pressure. Don't get made fun of at school, because they play sports for a competitive team. Sports help boost your kids self-esteem. Prevents them from becoming obese. Helps them learn at a faster and at a higher rate. Teaches them life lessons

  • I think that children should compete in sports because they get to have a good time and nobody can judge them for who the are

    The reason I think this is because Kids get to have fun, they get to take their minds of of things, and nobody can judge them for who they are. Also another reason I think this is because I know that some kids forget about their education but it does not matter because they have time to be who they are instead of going all over the place and listening to teachers for 7 whole hours

  • Yes yes yes!!!

    Honestly, I understand the other side of this argument. Severe injuries are a possibility when playing competitive sports although, you can get injuries doing almost anything. Also, playing competitive sports teaches kids several important life lessons like team spirit, perseverance, how to handle a loss, etc. Yes, you can learn these lessons elsewhere, although a child can learn this while having fun and cultivating a passion and relationship with their team members.

  • We Should Do it

    We Should do it because its like healthily for us. It decreases the chance of diabetes. Plus you can get new friends and Learn a lot from it. Like we can Improve our body joints. Basically I mean by that I mean its like taking work outs. Its really good to do sports.

  • We Should Do it

    We Should do it because its like healthily for us. It decreases the chance of diabetes. Plus you can get new friends and Learn a lot from it. Like we can Improve our body joints. Basically I mean by that I mean its like taking work outs. Its really good to do sports.

  • Have you heard that competitive sports are really good for children mentally and physically?

    One reason kids should play competitive sports is it promotes a good lifestyle.For example sports helps you out if you are in a competition(cbs news,2015). This means if you have a competition that's sure to help you have better teamwork or help you work harder. Also people who play sports have better manners(readingandwritingproject 2012).This demonstrates that when you're playing sports you will be more polite and say please and thank you and will say excuse me . In addition, “Kids who play sports are eight times more likely to become active young adults by playing competitive sports” ( recmedia 2015).In other word you will be playing running and having a lot more fun. On the other hand some people say that kids get more and more injuries every year this point of view makes sense because teens have been reported for getting hurt for playing sports too soon after getting injured ( cbs, 2015).However according to ted ed kids who play sports are going to have healthier joints. Therefore playing competitive sports does lead to a good lifestyle.
    Another reason kids should play competitive sports is that it keeps you healthy. For example builds muscles and keeps healthy joints(recmedia 2015).In other word you will be a lot more stronger and be able to do more things. Also less risk of stroke and heart problems(TED-ED 2016).This shows because when you're playing sports and moving you're strengthening your heart. In addition controls weight and lowers blood sugar(tended 2016).This shows because you're burning off all the sugar that you eat from unhealthy foods.Finally “when we work out are brains are produce endorphins this natural hormones pain pleasure and responses in the central nervous system which sharpens focus, mood, and memory”(ted-ed 2016 ).This is significant because then you are able to remember things a lot better and stay focused in class or stay on task .
    The final reason kids should play competitive sports is that it helps in education. For example improves classroom behavior(recmedia 2015). This is important because then you will be more participated in you're learning . Also helps them stay focused (cbsnews 2015).This is important because then you can listen better in class and have good concentration . In addition “those that play sports are more likely to attend college after high school”( recmedia 2015).This is important because then you will get a good job and make good money.
    All in all kids should play competitive sports because they will have good health wellness.Kids should play competitive sports because promotes good lifestyle keeps you healthy and most importantly helps out educationally. Others may think that kids should not play competitive sports because kid who play sports get more and more injuries every year.But according to ted ed kids who play sports are at less risk for joint problems. So why don't you get out there and try it out because it will help you out..

  • Kids should be playing competitive sports for future reference

    Dealing with stress in competitive sports can help for future with stress. Stress usually gets worse when not knowing how to handle it. Sports give a mini class on how to deal with stress. When someone loses in a big game they either quit, or try harder. Kids that try harder will know how it feels to get knocked down.. They pick themselves up and work harder. The kids that quit wont know what to do when they face stress and will probably continue falling. The problem is that too many kids are quitting too soon.

  • Winning is Fun

    U ppl say it can get boring if u play to win ur worng if u play to just play it not trying or playing right and winning is not boring it is a goal and that make s the game fun I always play to win win win no matter what

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  • What will you rather?

    If kids play these competive sports they get their mind off of all the things that has been happening to them at school or at home. Also if kids do not play sports they will get bored and that will lead them to either playing video games or even selling drugs out in the street! So what will you rather your child to do..... Play competive sports to have fun!!! Or to stay at home playing video games

  • No way, why?

    Children do not need to have the stress of having to win,children want to have fun otherwise they get bored. There are many types of sports weather it is football,soccer,dance or basketball, as well as there been many competitive things too like debating, well sports, speeches and much more.My point is that as well as been competitive and and fun it can get boring if its all about winning

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  • Kids are getting hurt

    Kids out an the playing field are experiencing more violence then ever. In the heat of the game kids get into fights with the opposing teams and don't show good sportsmanship are also being hurt mentally, Coaches yell at players for not making the goal or not catching the ball, Parents verbally abuse kids to for not making the goal. According to new evidence "Recent research suggests that as many as four in 10 emergency room visits for children between 5 and 14 years old are for sports-related injuries. " this shows that kids are getting hit and hurt out on the field, So parents if you want to keep your children safe and unhurt then don't let them play!

  • Kids being stressed before

    A night before a game kids can be stressed and not sleep right and then have to hold back on sports. And they say there fine when they are not and then they go to the game and then they get hurt because they are tired which can lead to bullying

  • I'm not saying they shouldn't i'm just saying they should think about the cost , literally

    Some parents cant afford such a high cost in sports . Its not fair for only the people who can afford to play and people who can't afford it not to we should all be treated equal as a group a team and an individual because sports can help but also damage

  • No Way Jose

    Imagine you are an 8th grader, you’re walking home from a long day at school, your shoulders slumped, every step you take sinks you deeper into the ground, almost like wet cement. On any other normal school day you would be able to relax, and give your tired body a rest. But today is different, you have a softball game. The argument of competitive sports for young adults has been an ongoing conversation since 2012, Competitive sports, by definition,“includes all forms of competitive physical activity or games which, through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants, and in some cases, entertainment for spectators.” (The Complete Sports Dictionary, George Sullivan 1979) The questioning that some people bring up is mainly focused on the young adults, and if they should be playing on competitive sports teams. Although some people say that competitive sports are good for kids, evidence shows that they are bad for kids because they can receive serious injuries from experiencing extreme physical pressures and because of the overwhelming stress.

  • Brain is not ready for so many injuries like a concussion in football.

    Kids brains are not fully developed. The can have a higher risk of brain damage later in life. Compared to adults they have a bigger brains. Still these adults have bad injuries to there head or some other part of their body. Giving them Altimeters later in life. Competitive sports can be really dangerous to kids

  • The fact is not

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  • It's more important to be smart.

    I'm the kind of person who is a nerd and typically gets very good grades. I don't think sports are important for your later life. There are only about 2000 pro athletes in the USA, and lots of high-paying jobs (about 99% of them) require a good education. You might say that sports build team spirit, but other activities can do the same thing. Same with fitness.

  • Kids Getting Hurt and Distracted

    Sports can be fun, although it is not safe. Kids can get very hurt and it can take time off of school. Medical bills can get high and kids will not have the money to even go to school. It can distract them and over stress them. Injuries and high stress levels could effect grades. Losing could cause them to lose ether very small shred of self confidence. So why do it?

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