Should children from Haiti be allowed entrance into the United States without a passport?

  • Yes, because what harm could children possibly pose?

    As long as the children coming over have sponsors and are going to be properly cared for, I believe that bringing children from Haiti over here could benefit the children and our society, as a whole. Living in a community with diversity would be very positive for the children around them, as well.

    Posted by: PetiteXavier74
  • I can't imagine why Haitian children should be barred from the U.S.

    Haiti is still in the midst of recovering from a devastating earthquake. The quality of life there was low enough in the first place and, with the disaster, things have gotten worse. Government and administration has become disastrous. Getting a passport is not always easy in ideal circumstances. I'm not for unregulated admission but, especially for children, there should be some options available to allow admittance.

    Posted by: KevonA
  • We should do all we can for the Haitian People especially the children.

    We should allow them into the country and get them some good education, because though some of them will stay some will go back. Those that go back will have the experience of a working society to draw from and will be able to help rebuild Haiti which is what that country really needs.

    Posted by: wahsfone
  • I agree that children under a certain age and certain conditions should be allowed in this country without a passport.

    I think if they are under 12 years of age, have no one to take care of them in Haiti, and have relatives in the States who can provide for them, then they don't need a passport.

    Posted by: 5hinRans
  • I agrees because today's children are tomorrows nations.

    Yes. The U.S. government should allow Haitian children to enter into our nation without a passport. We, as a social being, are responsible to help them. They are not in a financially stable mode right now. If they were, they wouldn't need to get here. We have to help them, to protect them, and to give them a chance to build a bright future. The children are not at all responsible for any failures that have come before them.

    Posted by: babyee
  • I believe children from Haiti should be permitted into the United States as we have a moral obligation to help innocents who are in danger and in need.

    Citizens of Haiti have reality of their lives there that they are in danger of harm if they continue their lives there or if they were to return. The United States claims to be the protector of all human beings in need so it would be morally wrong to turn children without passports away. Their return to Haiti would mean they would be subject to less than humane living conditions and even the threat of physical harm and possibly death. The United States needs to back up its claims of wanting to ensure the safety of all human beings with action rather than meaningless words.

    Posted by: AndonNic3r
  • All children deserve a chance to succeed.

    We are fortunate to be a part of this world, and where you're born, how you're born, should not hold you back. It's our duty to give all Children the chance to succeed.

    Posted by: ladgerda
  • I support the allowance of Haitian children to enter the United States without a passport because it is the responsible thing for the United States to do.

    As long as the children are documented at the time of entrance to the country there should be no problem with Haitian children entering the United States. These children should be offered care and hospitality until their own country can care for them again or they can be reunited with family members. They should not be allowed to remain in the United States indefinitely however so there must be some sort of documentation program at their port of entrance. Otherwise there is no problem with Haitian children entering the United States without a passport.

    Posted by: VampireShu
  • I think in an emergency as long as their presence is somehow documented this exception could be made.

    If anyone needs to be in this country for emergency or medical reasons, I think as long as their presence is officially documented in some way, then this exception could be made. It is not an open invitation to stay in this country permanently, just permission to receive the help they need in extreme cases.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • I do not think children from Haiti should be allowed entrance without a passport, because I don't feel an exception should be made for individual countries.

    If children from Haiti are admitted to the United States in this way, we are going to hear from people in other countries wanting the same treatment for their children. I don't see how we can justify not needing passports for one country, and not others. An additional complication would be that the parents and family members of the children will also expect to be admitted without passports.

    Posted by: SuddenRashad84
  • Anyone entering this country needs to have the proper documentation.

    My personal opinion is that persons entering this country need to be documented with all the correct paperwork. Take Elien Gonzales, for instance. This kid came over on a boat in the middle of the night, illegally. He was subject to major legal battles, and eventually sent back home. If someone had taken the time to bring him legally, then he would not have had to suffer though the ordeal.

    Posted by: MeatyMario87
  • Children from Haiti should not be allowed into the United States without a passport, because we have laws requiring a passport for entry into the United States.

    Children from Haiti should not be allowed into the United States without a passport, because we have laws requiring a passport for entry into the United States. There are reasons that these laws are in place. If the laws are unfair, then it is the duty of American citizens to lobby to change the law. Otherwise, enforce the law with no exceptions.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • We have enough problems as is

    if we let everyone who needed help in they what room do we have to do anything, we have ppl who have taken our jobs, ppl sent our jobs over seas, we dont even have a say in what goes on much anyways

  • I feel everyone should have to have a passport to enter the country.

    I understand that there are many children from Haiti that are in need of coming to America to receive medical care and find temporary homes. Unfortunately, I feel like allowing them into the country without a passport will create all types of problems. There should just be a speedier process in place for the children who truly need to get in the country.

    Posted by: StevyDemon
  • No, children from Haiti should not be allowed entrance to the United States without a passport, because there is no good reason for it.

    Immigration and international travel laws exist for a reason, and exceptions to those laws simply allow for people to take advantage of the system. At what point would this exception be cut off? How old must a child be before they are allowed to come over? Would this eventually be expanded to the parents of those children? These questions, and more, make the issue extremely difficult to quantify. And they raise tremendous doubt as to the effectiveness of potential implementation.

    Posted by: J Le
  • Hell no

    Unless we have a shortage of uneducated, parasitic, diseased third worlders, they should remain at home.
    When all citizens of the USA earn a six figure salary from a productive job, you may allow a few dozen in country.

  • Separating children from their parents will be damaging to the children.

    Separating children from their parents will damage the children. They will be afraid and fearful. The key is providing the immediate support to Haiti IN Haiti, allowing the children to stay with their immediate supporting family. Taking them from their homes and familiar surroundings will make them very anxious.

    Posted by: R43Shep
  • I oppose children from Haiti being allowed entrance to the United States without a passport, these children need to be accounted for so that children are not abused or trafficked.

    If children from Haiti are allowed into the United States without passports, it would mean they do not have an official record of these children. When moving children out of such ravaged areas, care must be taken to assure that the children are identified and accounted for. Without such legal restrictions it becomes easier for people who wish to kidnap and traffic these children to do so. It may make adopting children from Haiti more difficult, but those who are serious about adoption will be willing to wait for the passports to go through. Lifting the restrictions will not make the situation for the children any safer.

    Posted by: FerrCasuaI
  • No, Haitian children are still foreigners and it sets a bad precedent.

    Tragic as the earthquake was, Haiti is still a sovereign nation and has the right to determine where it citizens go without the well-meaning meddling of American "Do-gooders". We, as world citizens, can't simply go around kidnapping citizens from other nations even if those citizen would be better off here. This attitude leads to a slippery slope of intervention in other people's affairs. What next? Rescuing Rwandans? Importing Mexicans? Saving Canadians from Socialism? No. Haiti is Haiti and they have a right to control the movement of their own citizens.

    Posted by: BWade

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