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  • Allowance should be allowed.

    We need to teach our kids to earn money, save it, and spend it. We could use an allowance as an incentive, or ,even, teach kids to invest. If we could get our future leaders investing early, then our country has the potential for a much better future. I myself wish that I had started investing at an earlier age, so I could've bought a good car, and maybe a rent on a nice apartment for when I was in college. I think allowances should be allowed

  • Allowance for chores shows responsibility for children

    I believe that children should be given chores around the house all throughout the week and that, in exchange for this work, they be paid a small but fair sum. This teaches children to work towards something and shows that there are positive reasons to work hard. It is a great life lesson, i think.

  • No, it sets up wrong expectations

    No way. Chores are a part of life. As adults, this kids will have to do chores, and guess what? No one is going to pay them for it. Very likely, no one is even going to appreciate it and say "thank you." What do we have as the result? A resentful person who hates doing chores and thinks life is unfair to them.

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Bopinalik says2014-10-30T14:06:57.367
This was awesome.