• It allows more time for after school activities.

    I agree because, if you have more time in the afternoon it will allow you
    to be available for more after school activities. When there is more time after school you can be done with sports, tutoring, and homework earlier. This allows you to be able to spend more time with your families and friends because there is time after school.

  • Kids deserve to be free.

    Kids should be free. They also need time to do sports and do homework and, sports cost money. It isn't easy to get money you know. You need to work alot for the cash. Work is very frusterating, same with school. So please, let students get out of school earlier. Thank You for reading

  • School should get out earlier.

    I believe that school should be let out earlier than what time it is let out. We are basically sitting down for 7-8 hours a day working and have no breaks. We have to long of classes and the teachers don't give breaks. What happened to recess?! Also school basically is our lives now in days because of homework. If you are just going to make us work then let us out of actual school earlier. We also have lives outside of school like sports and other activities, so it is making us stressed out and we aren't getting enough sleep.

  • I think school should start in the late morning (11:00) and finish in the late evening (6:00) in the WINTER SEASON.

    The amount of people arguing how children hate school only because they hate waking up for school. I think that in the UK during September to December time, the government should shift the time abit. I just feel like students perform so much better in the late afternoon when they've had good amount of sleep and are feeling very happy, ready to learn. After christmas holidays, the school should start normally the usual way from 8-3.

    But in regards to children getting out of school earlier, i disagree with this. If they start should at 9, they should get out of school at around 3 so that's about 7 hours of them being in school and only 5 and a half of learning due to lunch and break. I think that the goverment should extend the amount of time to 8 hours with frequent breaks.

  • It's our education.

    I disagree with this statement. I think that the hours that we have for school now are just fine. If you have too much homework then get a study hall. We are old enough to not have recess, we're teenagers. We can deal with school. A majority of people don't get enough sleep because they're on their phones until like 11 at night. That's their fault.

  • We need to learn

    We would have to get the start time pushed back if this were to happen. The brain sets off something that makes you drowsy when you are about to go to bed. I feel like we should just leave the school time the way that it is. Suck it up.

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