Should children go to day care (yes) or should their families take care of them (no)?

  • They should go to daycare.

    In today's world, both parents have to work in order for a home to be a success. And we are also becoming a less private world because of the increase in population, and the internet. I am starting to believe that day care is beneficial to the development of children

  • Children should go to day care.

    Children should go to day care. Depending on the circumstances, with the economy, most parents work everyday. Children should go somewhere where they can play with other children if the parents can afford it. Most parents can not afford it so either one of them stays home or they pay a friend or family member to sit with their kids.

  • Yes, children should go to day care.

    I think going to day care or preschool is a very good experience for young children. At this age, children should be interacting with other children their age and learning new things. Yes, it is important for young children to spend time with their families, but it is also important for them to learn social skills.

  • Day care means social opportunities

    Day care means that children can get social outlets and the ability to grow as a person. The number of relationships within their home and family are limited and can be stifling boundaries if that is all they are ever exposed to. They need relief and the chance to learn how to get along with others.

  • Kids need to be loved.

    A parent has the duty to love their child. And that means keeping them at home until school starts. Day care is nothing more than an evil machine that robs innocent children of their childhood. They need five years to be kids. Besides, Sending a child away implies that they are unwanted and unloved.

  • Down with daycare!

    Children should have the right NOT to be taken away from the safety and familiarity of their own homes! They shouldn't even start school until they're ready for the outside world. All babysitting should be in-home. It should go without saying that the kids' needs are more important than the sitter's needs. Duhhh!

  • Daycare is evil.

    Children under 5 see each other as competition for the adult's attention. Nothing more. Even if there is only an unfamiliar adult in the equation. It's healthier and happier for everyone if the children are looked after in their own homes. They shouldn't be forced into an unfamiliar setting until they're ready to have social outlets.

  • Kids need routines and familiarity.

    It's better for the kids if they stay home. If both parents absolutely have to leave for work or errands or something, Then they can arrange a good old-fashioned babysitter. Most families aren't that busy. Think about it this way: If they couldn't afford a regular babysitter (or have a friend or grandparent do the job for free) then both parents wouldn't be working. Whichever parent is making less money would quit their job. That's just basic economics.

  • Good parents arrange IN-HOME babysitting.

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