• I like school

    I think we should go to school because you can be a major in whatever you want to be. There is a mix of social and educational encounters that will help you in the future. If you have perfect attendance you might/can get a reward for it. Also on the weekends you are home probably sleeping in the teachers are still grading tests/papers.
    When you are in school you learn basic life skills. They will learn the alphabet, Numbers, And even do some simple math problems. They also get to try drawing, Building, And problem solving. School’s also helps you with your talents like chess, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Playing an instrument, Or book reading.

  • We should go to school

    It the right thing to do and because if you go to school everyday you might learn something new in class. The other reason is that when you graduate school your find a good job for you and earn good money for you your parent and the rest of your family

  • We should go to school

    We must come to school because if you don't you will never learn anything if you don't come to school. If you come to school you will know what to do in the future. When you graduate school you will search for a good job and earn good money for your parent's

  • We should go to school.

    This is the only time to go to school because if it wasn't for schools we wood we would be find poor jobs poor life and no technology. We need to go to school because you would find a good future for your life and your family. It is your choice to pick us or those dumb ones that doesn't want to come to school

  • School; Information Availability

    Going to school can be taxing, its a lot of effort and time. Many kids hate school, by many i mean most, yet school is a small period in a child's life that prepares them to have a wide range of opportunities children who dont go to school end up like Radwan Farah. No friends and a fat forehead.

  • I think kids should go to school because they cant learn only by reading books they need teachers that can help if they needed help.

    And maybe they might learn something new that they havent known about yet if they were at home they cant learn anything and parents might not always have the time to help their kids. They can make new friends and get to know more people rather than staying at home.

  • Yes but they should not be forced

    So what if everyone is dumb like they couldn't read and write and yes I think kids should have a choice because like someone said in the NO section it makes angry, depressed, suicidal, and makes them feel stupid and its true! At this point just fuck it and get home schooled. This has been yo boy pussy eater 445 peace. In fact I'm in in-school suspension writing this lmao

  • I say yes, kid's should go to school!, Yea!

    If kids don't go to school they won't learn. And if kid's don't learn in the future it/that will be really hard for us, but even more hard for them. And if it will be hard for us and them in the future that will really effect everything. So yea, kid's should defenetly go to school!

  • They need to

    Because they need to learn and if they don't than they might be able to get dumb and they cant even say there name this is what i think that kids need to go to school thank you for reading and yeah and that is all thanks and yeah bye

  • Social aspect Key

    I do agree that children should go to school, mainly for the social aspect of schools. Kids learn how to socialise with people other than there family. Other than that I don't necessarily believe they have to go to school as there ae other ways to get educated. But for the simple fact of the social aspect, which is a big fact. I believe kids should go to school

  • They should be homeschooled

    If students go to school, they won't be foxused in class, Also teachers always have to get the students attention, All student will have wake up early morning, Which has a higher chance of failing their classes, If students need to learn, They should be homeschooled cause they can focus

  • Just because they don't have school doesn't mean they don't have education

    School environments have less focused learning. The fact that there is one teacher teaching a class of at least 20 children means that any child could easily become unfocused or distracted as well as confused and the the teacher could easily miss this. If a child was to have one on one learning such as tutoring or home schooling, They can work at a pace they are comfortable with without getting distracted by other students.

  • School can't the real education, but home school can

    School gives us education, but it makes children stressed out. They have to do homework all night, busy studying for exams. But, home school doesn't have any pressure. And students can gain a large amount of details. And they can study their favorite fields. So, going to school is unnecessary.

  • School makes kids stress about what grades they get even though there parents tell them not to stress.

    Schools put to much stress on kids and teachers, Kids need to have lots more time to think but school makes kids have to think to much. So we need to give kids extra time to think by teaching a kid 1 very useful piece of information then let them think about it for the rest of the day.

  • I think private tutors are good

    I hope my son gets home school. I’m not the brightest; I’m so concerned with teachers actually teaching him; school shootings. I pray we can send him to a private school or get a tutor or I can teach him. I really don’t know what to say. School was super hard and depressing for me. I just don’t agree with the grading and so many children and so many trachers’. I feel like we just go to college just to end up never paying it back. It’s a hard battle. I prefer online classes bear. I think as society changes we often focus on so many other person things!! I pray my son can be home schooled with me. I don’t want him to end up owing all this financial aid like me and honestly I learned absolutely nothing at school more college. I learned more from my mistakes and that I have more freedom now as a home maker to go to bathroom, eat etc...I feel like we as people get so caught up in material things; I do the same thing!! That we forget. I wish I could just spend the whole day with my beautiful child and hard working husband; but until we are rich it’s not possible. He has to work! I just pray we can home school our son; I guess my educational experiences were not so bright; please everybody hang in there.

  • Children should not.

    Children should not go to school because I feel they should & could have online classes. It's up to the student whether they want to take them. One reason is because if students are physically in a building with multiple other children , there's a likely chance a child would be bullied

  • Of course they should!

    Let's just admit it- not many people actually enjoy going to school. But what's the alternative? If nobody went to school at all, our society would completely fall apart. We would have no doctors, engineers, etc, which means we would all live very short and primitive lives. I know you'd rather play video games now, but in the long run it will be worth it.
    (BTW I count responsible homeschooling as "going to school")

  • Children should not go to school

    Homeschooling is better , why ? Because this means they can have better opertunities like traveling or just having fun , you're not a child forever so you should enjoy it at home with the people you love not stuck stressed at school , I believe at the age of 15 that they should attend school for social reasons but until then I belive they can learn to read and write at home with parents

  • Not at all

    Because it just makes kids want to stop learning and makes them so focused on test scores which they will forget a month later yet you never learn important things like tax and how to buy anhouse debt ect so the school system is terrible and n eds to be re-worked

  • The students get too stressed and tired.

    It gives them stress and anxiety which means they can't concentrate on the work they are doing anyway. They shouldn't be forced into a situation in which they have to deal with such feelings. A lot of the time going to school is hard for them because they wake up too early and feel tired despite what time they go to sleep. The teachers say that since they get two days off per week and hours afterwards that they get plenty of their own time but they give them homework and don't get to enjoy the time they get.

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